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  1. ^^^ Horn on a serious note, what happened since that quote? Did your principal or position on Ethio change? If yes, why
  2. Stoic...Mambo As a frequent traveller,mostly to U.S on Business trips, I am also faced with the same predicament more so in personal trips. In some cases the oficers (aMERICANS) intentionally try to provoke a reaction so they can impose there authority on you. How to react? I stay calm, be polite and answer all there ****** questions. I cant afford to be banned from travel to U.S. and this I believe is there intention. Like Lazie said whenever i travell for business I get my firm to write an official letter indicating my trip is strictly business. I book my hotel in advance and have all the info ready in writing. In your case, I think you were too passive. You were not travelling for one and I assume you are not guilty of anything, atleast you should have eddemand to know who he is.. But if you are travelling and you are a Guy....they will try to provoke a reaction and if you want to continue your Trip, just be polite and answer the damn question.
  3. Warsan; Next time just put a lid on the pan, and that will take care of the fire.
  4. You guys are soooo gullible, its beyond believe...except for Waterlily.
  5. ^^^So you needed such an explanation to give the poor girl the benefits of the doubt??? In my city Somali kids most of the time are victims of bullying....even though I don't support her violent reaction, I had the feeling she was driven by something.
  6. Qoute: "Sleazy local newscasters also seem to avoid the younger or more learned members of the community when looking for interviewees" I believe its more of the above. Somalis in London should take the personal initiative and start writing to media outlets about your frustration. In the late 90's in Canada Somalis had an image problem in the media, and noting that the community was an easy target me and a friend met with some of the editors and expressed our concern, and everytime we read some biased news we will write and complain. I understand its good to have a community spokesman but knowing Somalis I think we are a decade behind becoming such sophisticated.
  7. ^^^^^Indeed. The fact that a lot of women came out to support them is a testimony to extent of support they can rely on. Somalis (in somailia especially have sufferes significantly under the warlords and the Wadaads with all there down faults (soorry Naden & Socod Baden) have proofed to be the best alternative. Any thing thats good for the average Somali in Somalia I will support it un equivocally, whether it meets my sense of politics or not.
  8. Born and raised in a small town of 1,800 people in rural kenya and now calls Canada home. Stoic I feel you. I have been through the same feels some years ago but I have somehow dealt with it and now It doesn't bother me anymore.
  9. Cowering!!! I think not. He is actually trying to educate Bush (your prophet). Go and read about the contents of the letter before your pull out your pompoons and start kicking high like a basketball cheerleader.
  10. Naden and Good Xiin. good discussion you guys have there and I apprecaited the manners of your engagement minus JB non-sensical blarbing. This is the kinds of discussion we should encourage among the believers, Naden by all means seems to be sincere believer trying to learn and understand her Diin better; just like most of us I just wish those who are not believers to respect our quest for furthering our knowledge by staying away from such discussions.
  11. This is a response article trying to critique the premise of the initial article. I agree with Joseph Massaad on this; that Israel is acting according to American interest henceforth the influence of there lobby. http://weekly.ahram.org.eg/2006/787/op35.htm
  12. Go here if you want to read the full text. Nothing knew to those who are independent minded and follow world news from non-american sources. But for new comers to this affairs its a good start. http://ksgnotes1.harvard.edu/Research/wpaper.nsf
  13. ^^^^^^Not water down but change of style. Westerners like to hear it different, they are not as emotional as ppl ME and us. Basically they should just tell the other side of the story, this is what is missing with the status quo.
  14. Bank teller??? Whats that??? I do all my banking online, I get my pay direct deposit, pay my bills online and if I need cash I use ATM'S or credit cards.