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  1. who actually takes this shit serious, the damn urchin was just kidding.
  2. what is INTELLECTUAL and who is considered one?
  3. I denounce all the warlordz who everyone knows have blood on their hands. They suck but the main thing is that they got the support of the masses and that makes them leaders. Qabiil is a **** *n illness. Garamgaram ppl rock but one thing i dont like about 'em is that they ask you is that a ....... when they know that, that is a ........ hehehe@livt farrey.
  4. caaqil i agree the pics only show the darker side and not the brighter side. Why are these people lobbying for human rights of animals such as camels when not many value life itself in many parts of Somalia.
  5. I would say that beauty outweighs the brain so thats my decision. Look the whole body vs small delicate skin tissues no contest. Beauty all the way.
  6. lol thats funny it could b true but its still funny i wonder what contract he was getting may b he was paying them to keep him alive lol