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  1. Lily... I seccond dat... Plus I don't understand why those of us who drink coffee consider flavored coffee (valnilla or so) a coffee... dat takes the taste out of it... coffee should be made with no other flavor..well, except if you are Maryooleey Zanjabiil, qorfe iyo heyl..hhmmm don't remind me hooyo macaan ii samayso ma'ii joogtee
  2. Maskiin Macruuf and Dul-Qarnayn (magacaa i dilay... Do you know the aayat that is mention your name "Qaaluu Ya dal Qaranayni inna yaa juuja wamaa juuja mufsidaani fil-arli fahal najcalu laka kharjan calaa antajcala baynanaa wabaynahum saddaa" beautiful aayat ) Thnx for the info guys... On the picture of A/aziiz the street looks paved and clean but that isn't the case now... With the will of God things will get better than it was... as he has to say is "Kun Fayakuunu" "Be and it will Be" Nabadeey:)
  3. Yes Masjid A/Aziiz, Built in the 17th century (will verify for you thought) and I will contact some somali historians as well
  4. Help is here sis. First Locate the Menu Button (it should be in front of the monitor). Click, then use the arrow left to right untill you get to the icon (it will say H. position and V. Position, H stands for Horizontal and and V stands for vertical) that has 4 arrows going to the 4 different directions.... then adjust accordingly. Hope that helps if you didn't get help already by now.
  5. Try Somali Coffee (Qaxwo) Well, you ain't doing bad as I see a lot of us (maryooleey) dringking more than coffee..hhmm Try drinking water sometimes and sooner or later you will minimize as I did recently I, myself am Starbucks addict, infact as I am writing this I am drinking plus the yesterday's cup still in the trash can as the cleaners didn't come around yet. But I don't drink as much as I used to dring a year ago, kudos 2 me! by the way I didn't know they have Starbucks every corner in Canada; I thought Seccond cup and Tim Hortons was the dominant
  6. Very Funny That they can add as they desire It is very much questionable
  7. Caano Geel Afkaada Caana lagu qabay... I got ya buddy Nur Good point Aaliya416 Well taken. Most Married Somali men are stuck with one wife... One shouldn't judge just cuz there are few who abuse it Femme Very good point sis... here is some thing I would like to add Sister the bottom line is; one (Muslim) shouldn't challenge Allah, as Islam isn't common sense. As a Muslim woman you have the option to stay with him or leave after he finds the 2nd wife. But some sisters Married & Unmarried are challenging based on the conception of what is desirable or ought to be... That is not to say those (man) with wrongful practice shouldn't be penalized for their abuse, unfortunately there is not single Muslim country (ruling with Islamic Law) in the world today. Only God Can Judge Best
  8. Those whom we call non believers are fighting to legalize polygamy. Us (Muslims) whom we are given permission to practice as long as we are following Allah's guidelines are condemning (A lot of us, unfortunately see having more than one wife as negative or unfair and ignore to listen the Qura'n and Hadith by interpreting just the way they want to see it ) FYI Here is an Article from Washington Post Polygamists Fight to Be Seen As Part of Mainstream Society Polygamists Fight to Be Seen As Part of Mainstream Society By John Pomfret Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, November 21, 2006; A01 SALT LAKE CITY -- In her battle to legalize polygamy, the only thing Valerie hasn't revealed is her last name. The mother of eight has been on national TV; her photo along with that of her two "sister-wives" has graced the front cover of a glossy magazine dedicated to "today's plural marriages." She has been prodded about her sex life: "He rotates. It's easy -- just one, two, three." Quizzed about her decision to share a husband with two other women: "You really have a good frame of reference when you marry a man who already has two wives." Interrogated about what it's like to live in a house with 21 children: "Remodeling a kitchen, that's no small feat with three wives and a husband involved." All the while, the petite brunette with a smile as bright as Utah's sky has insisted that she's just like you and me: "I'm a soccer mom. My kids are in music lessons. They go to public school. I'm not under anyone's control." Valerie and others among the estimated 40,000 men, women and children in polygamous communities are part of a new movement to decriminalize bigamy. Consciously taking tactics from the gay-rights movement, polygamists have reframed their struggle, choosing in interviews to de-emphasize their religious beliefs and focus on their desire to live "in freedom," according to Anne Wilde, director of community relations for Principle Voices, a pro-polygamy group based in Salt Lake. In recent months, polygamy activists have held rallies, appeared on nationally televised news shows and lobbied legislators. Before the Nov. 7 elections, one pro-polygamy group issued a six-page analysis of all Utah's state and local candidates and their views on polygamy. "We can make a difference," the group told supporters. The efforts of Valerie and scores of others like her are paying off. Utah's attorney general, Mark L. Shurtleff, no longer prosecutes bigamy between consenting adults, though it is a felony. Shurtleff and his staff have established an organization, Safety Net, to bring together at monthly meetings representatives from at least five polygamous communities and law enforcement officers. He has arranged to have representatives of polygamous groups address Utah police. And three years ago, he wrote legislation to reduce bigamy between adults from a felony to a misdemeanor, although pressure from Utah's county attorneys derailed that. In an interview, Shurtleff, a tall man who favors roomy suits and dark green shirts, said his office now treats bigamy between consenting adults much like fornication or adultery, laws about which are still on Utah's books. "The thinking is this: This is a big group of people. They are not going away. You can't incarcerate them all. You can't drive them out of the state. So they are here," Shurtleff said. "What do we do about it?" In their quest to decriminalize bigamy, practitioners have had help from unlikely quarters. HBO's series "Big Love," about a Viagra-popping man with three wives, three sets of bills, three sets of chores and three sets of kids, marked a watershed because of its sympathetic portrayal of polygamists. The U.S. Supreme Court's 2003 decision in Lawrence v. Texas, which voided laws criminalizing sodomy, also aided polygamy's cause because it implied that the court disapproved of laws that reach into the bedroom. Since then, liberal legal scholars, generally no friend of the polygamists' conservative-leaning politics, have championed decriminalization. One of them is Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University who has written two op-eds for USA Today calling for the legalization of bigamy -- and same-sex marriage. "I find polygamy an offensive practice," said Turley, who has become something of a celebrity among polygamists in Utah. "But there is no way its practice among consenting adults should be a felony." What Shurtleff has vowed to do in Utah, rather than enforcing the bigamy code, is go after members of polygamist groups who break other laws, especially involving children. In April, Washington County prosecutors in Utah charged Warren Jeffs, the 50-year-old head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with two first-degree felony counts of rape as an accomplice on suspicion that he forced a 14-year-old girl to marry her first cousin, who was over 18. Jeffs, who was apprehended during a traffic stop in Las Vegas in August, is facing similar charges in Arizona. His next court appearance is Tuesday. Shurtleff's office has also moved to dismantle a communal property trust owned by Jeffs's sect in Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz. His office also is investigating the Kingston family, including seven brothers accused of incest who are thought to have fathered more than 600 children, informed sources said. Shurtleff has secured commitments from four polygamist groups that they would abandon the practice of forcing underage girls into marriage, end the widespread practice of welfare fraud and create a more favorable environment for women in plural marriages to report domestic violence and child abuse. "The things I am going after are crimes against children, rape and other types of abuse where there is a clear victim," he said. Shurtleff persuaded Utah's legislature to pass a specific law in 2003 on child bigamy, making it a second-degree felony punishable by one to 15 years in prison for a married adult to take as a second spouse anyone under 18. Polygamy has deep roots in Utah's history and in the history of the Church of the Latter-day Saints. Many mainstream Mormons once believed, and many fundamentalists still believe, that only men in plural marriages will get to heaven. But, to ensure Utah would get statehood, the Mormon Church swore off polygamy in the 1890s. Even so, polygamous communities continued to exist through the American West and in Canada and Mexico. And in recent years, authorities in the state adopted a "don't ask, don't tell" stance, Shurtleff said. One reason was that the politically powerful Mormon Church, while officially opposing polygamy, did not want the bad press strict enforcement might bring. Another reason was that law enforcement was worried that isolated polygamist communities would erupt in violence if raided. An internal memo at the Arizona attorney general's office in 2002 spoke of a "Waco-level problem" among the polygamous communities along the Utah state line. Shurtleff said he decided to confront polygamy's darker side and leave the more mainstream communities alone. In 2001, one of Utah's best-known polygamists, Tom Green, was prosecuted for and convicted of child rape for having sex with his first wife when she was 13. "That's what really started my focus on this," Shurtleff said. "We can't really allow crimes to be committed against children in the name of religion." Some polygamists said they welcome Shurtleff's prosecutions. "Jeffs needed to be stopped," said Bonnie, a 20-something in a polygamist marriage who, like Valerie, declined to give her last name. (She said she has lost three jobs because of her polygamous background.) "I am glad they are prosecuting him." Bonnie, along with her husband, Nat, and his first wife and their three children, are members of the Apostolic United Brethren, which says it has 7,500 members across the West and in Mexico. Bonnie's family lives in a suburban subdivision containing about 50 houses -- all inhabited by members of the sect. Bonnie's family has been polygamous since the 1860s. Nat was raised in a monogamous household but converted to Mormonism and decided to become a fundamentalist and a polygamist. Bonnie said that what attracted her to polygamy was the chance it gave her to bond with women as well as with her husband. "I always had an inner feeling that I'd be a plural wife," she said. "I was very excited to join his family. I had a really good feeling with his first wife." Nat said he needed to be convinced. Far from the stereotype of the patriarch, he appears bookish and perhaps a tad meek. "Usually the women tend to be the biggest advocates of this way of life and men enter it more timidly," he said. "If you are going to do it right, it's a huge responsibility."
  9. Nothing Islamic? Islam is based on the word of our Lord and his beloved Prophet SCWS. Sociology has no place in Islam, fundamental values to specific people or culture have nothing to do what Islam taught us or stands for.
  10. It is wonderful place to visit (which I had the opportunity)but wouldn't live in ther since there is no future for Blackman Oooh yeee did I mention money talks over there and jack walks
  11. Am amazed most of peeps are jumping to the wagon. Is this discussion based on Islamic view or Common sense? If It is common sense I rest my case and it ain't worth commenting. Islamically? If a Woman/Man reach their puberty it is allowed for them to get married and have babies. Case closed.
  12. Cool, She is marrying a Muslim man, Congrats to the sister. Some sisters are living with non Muslim man these days or claiming the man they are marrying reverted to Islam. Also perhaps the hall is free since it belongs to the church. I have seen people using Jew halls and so on for the purpose of saving money and don’t care what is written on the walls. I do pray one of the study rooms of a Church on Fridays since the Masjis is far away from us and can't get back with in an hour. Some of us who work around here gather pray Jum'a and ain't nothing wrong with it. Laterz:)
  13. I thought bout it but found out I was too old 4 it. Good luck 2 ya sis Perhaps i will be the baby sitting while u working
  14. Brothers I seccond that. It is QADAR It is comes with 2 differnt ways 1-Kheyr 2-Sharr and we don't have a control, and should take it they way it comes to us. Warsan I understand it may seem confusing but a good example is the traffic by Hizb-UK
  15. Germany Argentina Germany will win. I like the Argentina, however if they play the way they played against Mexico, the Germans will win, since they don't hold the ball like the Mexicans, as they fire from all directions Italy Ukraine Ukraine will win. It is time the Luck of the Italians to end. They may wear beautiful shirts, however they play ugly/defensive minded game and it is time for them to go back home. England Portugal Portugal will win. England has not played a legit team so far except Sweden, they lucky to win against Ecuador, If Figo doesn't get suspended for head putting look for England to back their bags (oohh yeee did I say their garbage bags, have u guyz ever seen Rooney wearing a suit however holding a black garbage back with his cloths on). Brazil France France will win. As alwayz Brazil is the most talented and favorite, however Rolando will not have an eazy access on the French defense like the Ghana's. Henry wasn't getting the ball where he wanted and look out if he gets those. If Zidane plays and runs the field the way he did against Spain look out. Ronaldino needs help cuz he will have to deal with Vieira and company Finals Germany France France will win. Germans are playing with energy plus the 12th man, however the French experience prevail at the end.