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  1. Salaams sis... "Iqera" is really nice, mashallah....thanx for that! I could understand some arabic words but when they are formed into a sentence I just don't get it.....really frustrating......your probably right.....I should expose myself to more arabic literature......inshallah one day I'll speak fluently.
  2. Real's a pity I don't understand arabic! I had to get my mum to translate it for's a sad nasheed
  3. "We vigorously deny discrimination. We have a very proactive equal opportunities policy." They're so full of it! Poor guy.
  4. WHY?! Why do MUSLIMS gotta be like that?! It makes me sooooooooo mad and helpless to hear things like that...uff I swear.....dua is a powerful thing. Ya Rub may you hear their cries and lift this misery off them.
  5. .....please tell me that was a joke!!! Why would someone leave their baby with a snake??? Even if it had no venom or teeth. Weirdos!!
  6. .....I got goosebumps......makes you reflect doesn't it? Bless them
  7. FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC is all I gotta say............I absolutly adore khalid Yasin!!!! You got to listen to him preach, mashallah. Check it out
  8. ^^I found that bit to be hilarious!!! I was laughing soooo hard! My mum was born and raised in Sudan and she always comments on how well a bride glowed due to the 'scrubbing sessions' she
  9. Those girls were stunning........but I feel as if they're just contradicting themselves! I don't call that wearing hijab!
  10. I never knew it was that common in eritrea!!! Shows you how little knowledge I have about my own country...
  11. Mashallah......that was beautiful!! I'm a big fan of khalid yasin. I hope I'm one of the strangers.
  12. Assalamu Alaikum ppl! Sorry for the late notice but there's going to be islamic lectures on at Melb uni. Try and attend if you can. It's for your own benefit. ==================================================== Lecture 1: Why don't you Pray?! Speaker: Bilal Dannoun Date: Friday, March 30 Time: 7:00pm - 9:30pm Lecture 2: Who are the real Superstars? Speaker: Abu Hamza Date: Saturday, March 31 Time: 7:00pm - 9:30pm Venue: Melbourne University, Copland Theatre, Gate 12, Royal Parade, Parkville. Melway 43-F3
  13. Fantastic NGONGE....I really enjoyed reading that!
  14. I would tell her off so bad!!!!!! Reading those emails made my blood boil. Your friend shouldn't think that if she speaks up that the prof will get her back! She should have no fear, toughen up and either go talk to someone superior to the prof or go talk to her directly! If that was me, I would go to the prof directly and set her straight!!!! Then I would approach someone higher. I'd screw her over hard core. Update us on what your friend decided to do! Khair inshallah.....
  15. ......I always have breakfast. Just can't miss it! All those points are so true.
  16. ^^That's the way! Have no shame in admitting you 'just don't know'
  17. Aisha

    Greys Anatomy

    Arabesque, both made me laugh!! I must admit, I am addicted to that show! And your right Arabesque, I do love the way they represent black men! Berk is my fav. I like izzy too. I hope she doesn't leave though, I have a feeling she is... But lately, I've been feeling bad about watching T.V so I'm trying not to watch it anymore. Yes......I's going to be soooo hard!
  18. Good on them!! Hope they win inshallah. What excuse did the airline give for removing them off the plane??
  19. ....I've been around, maybe not as much because uni started recently and it's slowly eating away any time I have.....soon, I'm not going to have time to sleep! lol I could so see that coming...
  20. I came across this and though it is really important and would be a good reminder for everyone! ================================================== Speaking without knowledge is a dangerous matter. Allah said in Surat al-Isra’, Ayah 36: Do not act or give judgements in the Religion without knowledge. On the Day of Judgment one’s ears, eyes, and heart will be asked about their deeds. The Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, also advised in this matter. Both at-Tirmidhiyy (in his book Al-Jami) and the hafidh, Ibn Muhammad Ibn Abu Bakr al-Qurashiyy (in his book, As-Samt, which means "The Silence") narrated from Prophet Muhammad that he said: "Say something good or else keep silent". This advice is important to follow because giving judgments in the Religion without knowledge is among the ways which lead a person to be a loser in the Hereafter. Indeed, this matter is among the top reasons leading people to enter Hellfire. The one who says something is "halal" (permissible) or "haram" (forbidden) in the Religion without relying on a valid religious permission to do so is sinful and deserves the severe torture in Hellfire. The pious, knowledgeable people said it is a very good act for the person to say: "I do not know," when it is applicable to do so. If one does not know the religious judgment on a particular case, he should not venture his own opinion on it. Once, when Imam ^Aliyy was asked about something which he did not know, he said, "I do not know." Then he added, "How soothing it is for me to say ‘I do not know’ when I do not know." Imam Aliyy meant that he felt comfortable not to answer a religious question when he did not know the answer to it. We should take heed and follow the words of Imam Aliyy in this matter. He was one of the most honored Companions of the Prophet--known for his high level of knowledge and comprehension in the Religion. Once, when Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, was asked what the best and the worst places were, he answered:"I do not know. I will ask Jibril." When the Prophet asked Jibril, Jibril also said, "I do not know." After a period of time, Jibril returned to Prophet Muhammad with the answer which Allah revealed to him: "The worst places are the markets and the best places are the mosques." This is a sahih hadith related by Imam Muslim and others. The Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, taught us a very important lesson by his response. It is not shameful for one to reply, "I do not know" when it is applicable, but it is shameful to speak about religious matters without knowledge. Only Allah knows everything. For the Muslim to be safe on the Day of Judgment, he should speak only about what he knows. If one needs an answer to a Religious question, he should ask one more knowledgeable than himself or a trustworthy Muslim who can ask another pious, knowledgeable Muslim. This is the way the knowledge of the Religion is taught, and this is the way the knowledge is preserved.
  21. ^^Thanx for explaining that to her Mantra! umm zakaria, was a simple question...but don't worry about it.
  22. So rudy.....what pill is it going to be? The blue or the red?