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  1. Enuff tomfoolery, Somali politics is not as straightforward as u guys may think! In fact, I am still confused and debating about which party I should support
  2. Why are we so quick to judge? How come we give no benefit of a doubt for anyone? You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don't trust enough. Crane
  3. Afro, I am sorry u have to feel this way, but I am not ashamed to be a Somali and u shouldn't because Almighty made u one. Just accept the facts and move on, life goes on! Seeing a shrink perhaps my solve your problem, what say you?
  4. “The City Planner†has his constrained schemes of who should lead Somalia and an unrealistic way of presenting it: Some of you may recall his articles like “Does Adow’s presidency means a reincarnation of the Barre Regime?†Is Colonel Abdullahi Yusuf Next president of Somalia? Mr. Roble is a recognized and familiar to those who follow Somali tribal politics. He has been the wrong side of whole lot and is known misquoting, misrepresenting, and maneuvering the past of known politicians to endorse his fatal, baloney and shallow objectives shared by Samatar brothers, A. H Hussein and puzzled Galydh, all living in the STATES in the hunt of attention! Anyways, complex issues can’t be solved by depicting some as a champion while degrading others!!
  5. ^^Is that the only part of this article that you're disputing? Is it me or does this article put things in perspective? Did it take the dreams of Landers of what they thought was their own, fundamental aspect of their vision? Funny isn’t?
  6. Lunacy is kick’n again! distinctive nomads will never be matured, it runs in their blood! "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts" Sayidkii
  7. LOOOOL. He can't even send Ramadan Greetings? Are we that divided?
  8. I believe this administration should inform its citizens about these trade agreements. It should be discussed in an open and public manner instead of behind closed doors. How come the citizens of the country have no voice on these agreements? Why the administration is not making these agreements civic? The people of Somaliland support fair trade agreement; yet Khat/port trading seems to everyone one sided deal. It is obvious that it will only weaken our economy and have major effects of our health and environment. Strong national economies are necessary to our development and should be thought about it nattily.
  9. Does anyone know wether or not the president is going to make a tour through the Somali communities in North America. MAY BE NOT, LET US JUST WAIT AND SEE WHAT HE DOES NEXT! Posted on Mon, Sep. 19, 2005 Somalia's president meets with Minnesotans ASSOCIATED PRESS ST. PAUL - During a visit to the United States, Somalia's new president met with hundreds of Somalis living in Minnesota and spoke with Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., about bringing order to the African nation. President Abdullahi Yusuf spoke to a group of 300 to400 Minnesotans, who traveled to New York to meet him, Friday night. "He said that once rule of law is established in Somalia, hopefully they will come back," said Omar Jamal, executive director of the St. Paul-based Somali Justice Advocacy Center. "He also thanked the people of Minnesota for hosting Somali immigrants in the state." The Twin Cities is home to more than 25,000 Somali refugees, one of the largest populations of Somalis in the United States. Somalia has had no functioning central government since clan-based warlords overthrew dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991. Warlords then turned on each other, plunging the country of 7 million into chaos. The transitional government formed during peace talks in neighboring Kenya is now divided, after the president and prime minister set up operations about 60 miles northwest of Mogadishu, saying the capital was unsafe. Coleman spoke with the Somali president by telephone Saturday, said Tom Steward, Coleman's spokesman. "The senator pledged to continue his efforts to try to find common ground with all the factions involved there and urged the president to bring all sides together," Steward said. Yusuf was in New York to address the U.N. General Assembly on Saturday.
  10. Plenty of activities are happening in this part of the world that contributes the well-being and stabilizing Somalia in the long run. For example, there is a (SOY) Somali Youth Organization in Kuwait City that gathers aids and sends it back home to help school students/orphans in Somalia. SOY invites Somali businesses owners and other donors in support of teachers and their students in Somalia. Their members visit parts of Somalia and provide financial and moral support to different regions in the country; they offer trainings to new teachers and promote community involvements. Apart from SOY’s strong involvement to Somalia’s education, they’ve contacted directly to Sabah al-Ahmad, Kuwaiti’s Prime Minister, to help Somali’s new TNG and Somali people in general. Good things are in store for Somalis insha’allah! M.I.L.K sxb to answer your question, I am a proud member of SOY!! Kurtun, sxb I would like to think of myself a productive member of society, NOT FADHI-KUDIRIR!!
  11. Why do humans in general like lie about why they like/dislike something or someone? Hamm, for instance, I tell the woman in my life the reason I like her is a merely her intellect and not her looks: of course she knows I am lying! Where am I going with this? Well, ladies and gentlemen of the room please let me go on a record here and say (I think someone is lying again why they don’t like someone as its the scenery of this forum)!! Anyways, who are we kidding here? We all know that there are numerous Bin Laden and other terrorists Sympathizers in Somalia and Islamic world; some of them happened to be my family members. It is true! Experts suggest that if the status guo don’t change in Somalia, it will ultimately fall into the hands of extremists…… heaven for terrorists! Oh yes, I know some of you would like to flip the coin and quarrel who is really terror in here? Well, that is you to decide!! Anyhow we should stop hating and respect our leaders. Our communities should be a hate free zone. Behaving in accordance with what u blv is the most powerful statement of who u are. Islam teaches love, respect and tolerance towards other cultures and religions! Go figure
  12. Folks, the question I would like to put on you is what exactly are you (personally) doing about Somalia’s situation? Those of you in diaspora, do u have a plan for your country? Are you talking to your Imams, governors, MPs, Senators about Somalia? Be specific about exactly what you’ve done or trying to do and let us know!
  14. An excellent and very informative aricle!
  15. What we see here is completely and utterly absurd below-the-belt affront. It is improper rudeness to us members; we should not sit here and watch grown men calling each other names, such as prostitutes. I demanded actions to be taken immediately. I’m pleading you moderators to keep your promise and take actions right away. This is utterly intolerable and ought not to be taking lightly. bullies should have never ever have a say in this forum period!
  16. ^^ hey Abshir thank you very much for taking us 30 years back in Abdullah’s biography up to date (something none of the people in SOL knew nothing about it)! Perhaps u should distribute your tale to all Somali websites, this is new & interesting report; it should make the evening news!!
  17. Pay attention to this all of you Waxa-la-yidhi and I can’t confirm my source but feel-like I’m obligated to tell ya anway kinda people… There once lived a young boy in a small town who liked to tell false stories. His mother and father had attempted to stop this behavior, with no success. The little boy had caused so much embarrassment for the family, that in desperation they went to their Sheikh for advice. The sheikh gave the young boy an assignment: “Take this bag of feathers and place one feather in front of each house in the town.†Two hours later, the young boy returned. The Sheikh then told him, “Go pick up all of the feathers!†The young boy exclaimed, “That is impossible, they are floating all over town.†The Sheikh then stated, “That is the problem with telling stories about other people, once they are out of the bag, you can never take them back.†Now,,, I don’t want to hear anymore of “Kutiri-Kuteen†Period!! Not sure about the “Waxa-la-yidhi, or can’t confirm the sourceâ€, then you should never embark on the trade of lying is that simple!
  18. ^Suldaan Subhannallah yaa akhii. Bille Ceynshe waa Sunni-Muslim oo Somali ah. Mad-habkiisuna yahey Shaaficiyo, dariiqadiisuna waa Qaadirio (Sheikh Abdulqadir Jeylilah Oweys Ahmed Waliyu Allah…waa ragee’dii dee!! Bille wuxuu Kudhashey waqooyiga Somalia ama Somaliland. M.I.L.K…sxb I couldn’t find my respond article on Hussein’s. Almost same reaction as Bill’s though… Anywho, u should check Bill’s daily work at Btw he is a member of SOL so watch it
  19. ^ I, by no means tended to single out to extol an individual, other than, Bill is not like any other. He is no new to Somali affairs of state; you would’ve known had followed it closely. He has written numerous articles since early 90s; his style was restrained, his delivery authoritative, and his demeanor calm. He on no account overlooks opportunity to make himself coherent and adores reprimanding those who do as its the case of the x- premier (Mr. Hussien). That is what we like to call political genius!!! Don’t hate the player, hate the game
  20. What is the big deal people… we have to be honest with each other; we all know that Somalia doesn’t really have oil its soil…and if it did, let us first find the it and we talk about how share the money later or should I say “Finders Keepers†my favorite childhood game should apply here!!! Haha hehehe
  21. Well-written article and excellent analyzes by Bill. He has proven time and again that he is political genius. He is so brilliant according to some foreigner Somalia’s political observers; even those who support the warlords are warned by pundits ubiquitously not to mess with guy! Ladies and Gentlemen of the room plz give it up and show your support for the one and only Bill Ainshe I gotta tell tell ya, there is no shame on his game!!!!
  22. ^ we can't watch it here in the Arab world either!