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    RIP King Fahad!

    To expose and criticize them is an obligation. Leave the dead!!
  2. Brother Shams, Jazakallah Akhi. When departure nears and they are certain That the bond of proximity is about to loosen, There's only a last stand for final farewell: now for allah are the eyes that swell. and for Allah are the heavy hearts that turn Beautiful Signature!!
  3. Salam, This article is basically saying that for one to combat terrorism and its kind, we have to adopt the Islamic way of the past. Conquering minds by spreading justice and education. Caliph Omar was used as an example due to his humbleness and his stance on justice for all (Non Muslim/Muslim). You can't expect justice and yet have a conflicting policy. How can you expect terror to be fought by Muslims when terrorist aren't aiming for Muslims in particular?
  4. ^ I think you should seduce and flirt with Taqwa as much as possible. The wife will certainly be pleased. Think about it...Her eyes filled with joy knowing her man is having a permanent affair with Taqwa.
  5. Miyaad is tidhi...Taqwa wa nin? Lool Don't make me call the wife.
  6. OG, wa caadi walaal! Athena...., if you can't take the heat, don't tickle the dragon.
  7. I kindly accept it but knowing your an intelligent man, your calling me dear to poke at me. Very funny indeed.
  8. ^ Lool Wan qoslaay saxiib! It's only words on a screen, words on a screen! Plus I think I said, "Of course like you am speaking in general terms." Never finger pointed at you directly. In my eyes though, Taqwa should always feel uncomfortable by my words, Taqwa should always protest and question, Taqwa should be afraid that some of this might apply to her/him. Or else, Taqwa will not be worthy of the name. I suggest you look at how many post I've written in 3 years. Silence is gold if you have nothing to contribute right.
  9. I guess studying all that Islamic Shariah isn't doing you justice. Calling the beloved of Allah a perverted tyrant isn't a disagreement but more like an insult to your religion. If you had an ounce of love for him you wouldn't be calling this women cute but rather expressing your displeasure. As for my insult towards her, I think its valid considering what she said. Wa Salam
  10. I think when she said that the prophet (pbuh) was a perverted tyrant, I had to stop watching and turn it off. Nacala Tuala Caleek!
  11. Many of these Skinny Somalis are dogmatic bigots, easily excitable simpletons, and hypocrites hiding behind big beards or, maybe they’re the type that avoids trouble by not airing views that might upset the majority of pretentious half-wits. NGONGE, the great adherent of human rights, the campaigning voice of the less privileged. The pious Muslim who leads by example. He who accuses others without valid proof of hypocrisy is one. Of course like you am speaking in general terms.
  12. ^With my temper and your fist fights..you can only imagine the offspring! Only reason we where made a match was because you pushed my buttons more often then needed.
  13. ^Alhamdullilah thankful and well. Didn't you tie the knot by now old foe misee weli wad af-dheer tahaay.
  14. Wondering where brother Mujahid, Motor Cyle Cruiser is. Also Macruuf? Salam All BTW! P.S. Hibo these days people average 200 post in 2 months I assume. Lakiin time is of the essence.
  15. NGONGE, First accept my apology for the insults and secondly I would have responded to you but silence is gold. To be honest, everything I would say is coming from Ayoub Sheikh. Maybe when I have something worthy to say, I'll take the initiative to post it. Wa alaikum Salam
  16. Insha'Allah I heard Allah tests those he loves and those with high imans in this dunya, where in Akhirah they will taste the sweetness of jannah and forget they ever faced hardships in this dunya. May Allah help our brothers and sisters in Islam all over the world who are suffering at the enemies of Islam hands. Ameen. The future belongs to Islam! Mansha'allah, well said. Ameen to your dua.
  17. NGONGE, Inaar dhagaayso, weligaay man arag nin dhaan oo doonaya ino siyasaad ka hadlo isagii oo dhareerku sida caruurta kaa socoto. Ninkaagan isku sheegaya critic orodo ka hadal wax maskax gaal aah. Miyaad ilowdaay intii oday,hooyo,gabdho iyo caruur u dhimatay dalka Somaliland? Mise waxad tahay burcaawi ingiriska lagu ilowbaay. Ciyaal casir waxiid, mahad garan. Weliga miyaad aragtaay oday iyo islaan hortada ku dhintaaay? Weliga miyaad aragtaay hargeisa iyo Somalilad sidaay oo eeg tahaay? Iska dhaaf Somaliland ee, weliga miyaad aragtaay Somalia sidaay oo eeg tahaay? Adunayada waxa jooga dhad oo maleeya midnimada iyo wannaago inaay bilaash tahaay. Wax'anaan kuula yaabayn, qof asalkiisu UNKNOWN yahaay ayad tahay. Habeen burco sheego, malin naah Khaleej sheego, lakiin ogow weliga baah fish and ships ayad tahaay. Abtiyo orodo abaha ku dhee micnaha siyasaad ii baar. Mid labbaad naah soo baro waxaay Somaliland Independence Day tahaay. It is certainly beyond your scope of thinking because the likes of you will be a critic not for genuineness but to amuse the gathering that doubts its soon-to-be recognition. Cynicism may run in your household but leave Somaliland for its believers. BTW, the JFK slogan or saying is a perfect example for you. If all you can do is sit on your behind and condemn any initiative taken by these poor people, I suggest you dwell on other hobbies. Some of us work for our country while others like you sit behind and build this ideology which you claim will live forever. Why don’t you try sending an orphan to school in Somalia/Somaliland or even better sponsoring one. Action speaks louder then words inadheer. Ilaahay Somalia haku soo celiyo quruxdii iyo wanaaggii. Calankii Somaliland, quruxda xural cayn oo eeka ayaan wadanaha ka taagay. Calankii xidigta lahaa, cirkana oo eeka ayan tageeraay. May we live in peace! Calaa kulli xaal Malin Wacan
  18. They say that Allah Almighty will make a shade for the people who become friend for the sake of him. I hope I can proudly stand by next to you on the judgement day. Mansha'allah Awesome!
  19. Ms Word, The fact that there even communicating is a sin, forget courting or even dating. Laba jirka aya garanaya inaay xaraan tahaay inabtii...wa ku sidee. Seeker, If it's mind boggling then why not throw away traditional and western culture. Just dont' see how they will aide you in the near future.
  20. Seeker, If I showed you Hell you would instantly drop to the ground out of fear. If I showed you your siblings dying of hunger, you would grieve out of sadness. If I told you exactly what date you would pass away, you would prepare for it. What if I told you, that you will die with no exact details of the date? What would you do? It could be a weak from now or even a year from now. Why do you let your youth fool you into believing that you have another 40 to 50 years to go? Why do you dwell on endless drama about a man who would not take the initiative to marry you after 3 long years? Why my dear sister, are you blinding yourself in seeing the reality of life. When you’re smart enough to know your inner self, why do you require an advice from people you've never met? Allah swt, runs to those that walk to him. You my dear are committing the graves error in your life by indulging in a superficial romance that has no khayr in it. It is bound to fail! WHY? Because anything that is not for the sake of Allah is bound to fail. You want an advice? Go to this brother and inform him that you either want marriage right now or you should end it. Is your so called Jamal capable of delivering you from Jahanum? There will be a time when all of humanity will be running in circles and even your own mother won’t give you 1 Hasanat for you to enter Heaven. Wake-up walaalo and don't let the death of someone close to you, open your eyes to reality. Death only becomes a reality when a close beloved one dies. The reason I shared this with you walaal is because the messenger of Allaah (sallahu alihi wa-sallam) referred to death as 'the destroyer of desires." Maybe the remembrance of death will be the best advice I could give you. Advice is for me first adn then you...etc.
  21. OG Walaal, sakarat al-mawt haqq. So make dua for your father, he is going through a tough test at the moment. Samir iyo imaan.
  22. We have being together now for close to three years. I agree with Classique, exist time. Three years of Haram is enough.
  23. I agree certain things should be left for Scholars but in this case, it is common sense to know the ruling. So listen to brother Salafi since he has provided you guys authentic hadiths. Arguing is far worse then making a mistake unintentionally on a ruling. P.S. The point is not handshaking in interviews only but handshaking at all with Non-Mahrams.
  24. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool@OG Your Adorable, awoowgaay kulahaa.