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  1. Originally posted by Cabdulmalik: Their is now hundreds Somali website and the number is increasing. Which 3 Somali websites do you think have best design(not information) write your list. My list 1) (colorful and simple) 2) (advanst with allot grafik images) 4) ( allot of table rw but still organized) I have noticed that almost all somali websites are divided in 3 colspans 2 small and one big in the middle. I just have one thing to say, Isn't it 1,2, then 3 not 4
  2. when he was fighting Jama Ali Jama (a traitor) for control of Puntland Waryaa Jamac Ali Jamac was not a traitor but a "freedom fighter" for his sub-clan. The man was tired of the old coons totalitarian mentality, and he wanted to bring freedom and power back to the original rulers of SSDF-land. Jamac Ali Jamac and Cade Musse are the leaders for the minority in Bari.
  3. omali patriot, when you say the family does not care do you mean the Chief of Polices family or your own? [Wink] Ina adeer, me and the "chief of police" are in the same family. We all have one common forefather so we are all in the same family. Do you think we seperate eachother as you and your likes do? Beside, aniga iyo Ina Loyaan waxaan kal tirsanaa 6 odayaal
  4. “Madaxweynaha, ra’isul wasaaraha & Xuseen Ceydiid waxey isku yihiin SRRC, marka qaabka ay dowlad SRRC oo Itoobiya saaran ay dhulkaan uga dhisi lahaayeen iyaga ayaa laga doonayaa†by Wasirka Amniga Qaranka Oanyare Afrax Ina adeer there is your answer. The SRRC and Ethiopia are the problem.
  5. First stop copying and pasting from other sites. Who are you kidding?We all know that you didn't write this. •A sure way to save Somalia is to stand in single file behind the federal government led by President AbdulahiYusuf Ahmed Is he not one of the biggest warlords, or are we supposed to turn a blind eye to that little fact? May the want-to-be-tyrant fall, and the nationalist rise to power. May we be blessed Allah with a real government, that treats all Somalis eqaul that has no clan mentaility. May our kids be born in our motherland as we were allah. May we a have free-A/yusef government in Somalia allah. May the cheerleaders (some on somaliaonline) of the want- to -be -tyrant put their pom poms down and become nationalist instead of qabilistics.May the traitors (mainly from ssdf-land) become patriots AMIIN AMIIN
  6. ********PLease stop posting tribal names on our website************* Final warning. [ May 19, 2005, 07:33 PM: Message edited by: Admin ]
  7. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^lol, the other names where not highlighted I guess. at least you reacted to it, how clever you are Well, ina adeer forget about me the whole family doesn't care about that position in this corupt government. My big mouth will be here for quite a while, and to give credit where it deserves YOU ARE VERY GOOD AT PROPAGANDA...I GUESS IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY SINCE THE WHOLE "MAHBAR" FAMILY KNOW HOW TO LIE VERY WELL.
  8. Well this is what happens when one is abused and misused. The abused from bosaaso.
  9. The greatest danger to peace in Somalia are, the occupiers of land, the drug dealing warlords, the charcoal merchants. The Scrap merchants, the divisive clan propoganda media. The people who destroyed a generation of youth You just described PUNTLAND and A/yusef regime.
  10. It's funny that you highlighted the chief of police, was that a way to say to some members here TO SHUT UP.
  11. Originally posted by SOO MAAL: quote: Happy May 18 reer Somali-land (meaning Berbera-Hargeisa-Burco triangle). May you inshallah stay working for peace, and eventually work for the peace of Somaliweyn and all uumma muslimiin. Amiin Amiin Why did you change my thing up ina abti. Well obviously I'm not including sool iyo sanaag. Sool iyo Sanaag are part of puntland.
  12. Hatred isn't needed, give respect to those who deserve it. Happy May 18 reer Somali-land. May you inshallah stay working for peace, and eventually work for the peace of Somaliweyn and all uumma muslimiin. Amiin Amiin
  13. and believe me you I have seen at first hand the side effects of a civil war I pray that no Somali person is condemned to undergo that stage again. Is this a little hint telling us you were part of the USC in the early 90's, which place were you at kismayo,galkacyo, or Gedo. However much I respect your criticism I would , on the other hand, kindly request not to be biassed in future observances. Ina adeer,I apologize if you thought I was biased, but I didn't countflow was my fellow kinsmen.