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  1. Although same may not agree with her methods. At least she is out there doing something. I mean helping people unlike the fadhi ku dirir judging her. I say thumps up to Waris
  2. Originally posted by Sky: [QB] ^^^ You mean Cabdiweli, he's just the arronboy of the bros? You should see his brothers, the real big dogs like Xiis Cali Taar. They look like 100+. I've seen Cabdiweli a year ago, while he was running Taar City Hotel. A really nice guy, we got everything for free. Yeah him because their older than him..he gotta respect the elders the make the decision..hehe but you know its all business age ain't nothing to do wit it...
  3. Thanks yo haven't seen my abti in like ages He got old. Now I have a pic he sure is a business man.
  4. Libaax that picture walaalo is breath taking mashallah. DO you have more.....Please share... thanks
  5. Originally posted by BOB: Hasna aka Pacifist, You are a special gift from Allah to all of us and a bonus to our Somali race and a pillar of strength, one that friends and foes alike can always rely on simply because you are an ANGEL of MERCY. May Allah Bless You and Your Loving Parents Insha Allah. Peace, Love & Unity. Amin to that. Walahi I tell you she is one in a million. We miss her so much here in Joeburg and Zam. She trully is a Pacifist and I can only hope more like her existed. Baby girl hurry and finish skool and come back home coz their is more duties waiting for u here. I hope those people in the states appreciate u like we do, if not let me know and I will send u ticket back home Ewe call this weekend okay. I will be in the cape
  6. أن لله وأنا أليه راجعون لا حول ولا قوة ألا بالله May Allah almighty grant him Paradise.amin Og I hope all gives strength to go through this inshallah.
  7. In A lifetime you get only a few friends like you Oh how we miss you. I miss the way you listen and try to understand even when I am not making much sense. I miss the way you encourage my crazy dreams. I miss the way you make ordinary day seem extraordinary. I miss the way you picked me up when I am feeling down. You showed you cared and in so many ways. You are the sister I never had. Even though miles separate us, you still find ways to show you care. You are the one person who stood up for me when I couldn't stand up for myself. You were there thick and thin, when I was at my weakest point. You were so ever patient with me. You touched me with your kindness. You guard my secrets like a precious gifts. you are like an inspiration to me,when i've lost all hopes, and you bring out a world inside of me,that i never knew i had. When I was walking the dark streets all by my self lonely and cold, you were the one Allah sent me to see at the end of the tunnel. You were my light and you showed me the path. I am all that I am because of you. They say that Allah Almighty will make a shade for the people who become friend for the sake of him. I hope I can proudly stand by next to you on the judgement day. You are my ever bright star. Full of love and caring like mothers are to their babies. I pray everyday that Allah grants you Janatul Firdos. Amin You are the trully a gift from Allah. I hope all your dreams come true. I hope you find the one who deserves you. May Allah be my witness I will move mountains for you. Anything and anytime you need me I will always be here for you H. I promise never to disappoint you. I treasure you for the person you are, and that’s the pearl you are unique and kind. So you see I will be there until the end This is a promise I can make If you ever need me. Just give me a call I will be there just as you were there for me. I thank you for all the things you have done for me baby. I appreciate you and I hope you know we miss you every single day for that beautiful smile of yours. I love you always.143 04-27-95 10 years later this is to you. That afternoon you found me will never be forgotten. Sincerely N
  8. Originally posted by Caveman: Interesting list. But it seems out of reach for Somali culture here is one close to home 'Top 10 things that drive Somali men/husband crazy' 1}. War aroos baan aadayaa ee caruurta caawa hay, oo midka yarna Diaperka 3 mar ka badal. 2}.War faraxoow horta aniga ima jeclid, maxaa yeelay xaawo ninkeeda gaari cusub iyo fadhi cusub buu sanad walbo u soo gadaa. 3}. War kaalay horta adiga hooyadaa bilkasta lacag bay rabtaa in loo diro. 4}. Ringg Ringg(phone)..hello.hello00w. war heedhe guriga Batuulaan filin ku fiirsanayaaye, qado noogu sii tuur. 5}. War Qolka guest roomka, edaday iyo walaashay ayaa xalay soo dagay (with out an advance notice). 6)}. walaashay baad maanta magaalada ku aragtay si fiicana uma aadan salaamin. 7}. War adiga horta gacan adagidaa, mushaar badana waad qaadataaye. 8}. Waxbaan soo bartay baad tiraahdaa, goormaad Texi fuulidiisa joojindoontaa..heblaayaba ninkeeda shaqo fiican buu haystaaye. 9}. War faraxoow..Markastoon guurno oon guri/magaalo cusub degnaba waa in aad ii gadaa aqal iyo kuraas cusub, oo wax kasta laturaa..even fargeetooyin. 10}. Last but not the least...war aabahay, eedaday, walashay caruurteeda,habar yartay, eedaday Muxibo dariskeeda..waaa in aad biil joogto ah u dirtaa. Caveman wow walaal does this really hit home with you?????
  9. GuinaVere


    Yes I do it and I am loving it. Orange and Lemon mixed together is my Fav Banana Grape and Apple with Jasmine ohhh the wonders...... I think am Shishaholic I do it every weekend ....a weekend without it is trully painful... Puffs and then Puffs more blows it in circles and then hmmmm am hitting the wonder zones
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    These genders wars are becoming so taste less in Sol nowadays......No offense to bisharo So sis where did you get these studies or findings.
  11. Pacifist Legend of the falls u still remember that. The most romatic movie that moved me thanks to that overhorendous girl hasna aka pacifist thanks macaanto I loved it I wept all the way got to be The Notebook But as u said the book was so much better I seek my own Noah everyday.. Cold mountain was classic ohh weee Jude oky time to get shah
  12. Me personally if that happened to me I would like not to be on life support or Vegetative state. And think about shiavo is that she was on vegetative state ever since early 1990s I heard. Bisinka
  13. Well am feeling happy today. Alhamdulilah but the weather here in Joeburg is crappy and gloomy. Me and my cous were trying to go out earlier today for a stroll in the city but it kept raining. May be tomorrow. If the damn girl Hasna or her so called other name Pacifist see's this ewe we been trying to call you but u freaking don't ever answer ur celly. Calls us Na and me wanna talk to you. Oky u really pissing us off. Damn go get a calling card :mad: Oky girl sorry but we miss u back home and its a damn sad that i have to post something on here for u to call us..... If u see this call usssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :confused: ohh yeah hasna guess who is getting married this summer not me hint hint kafue river u won't believe to who
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    ERRRRRRR Wow why we so judgemental.. Its between her and ALLAH. At least what she does she is not hiding it. There are more worst than her out their in the wild jungles. Instead of Saying May Allah guide her to the right path. Some are condenming her to Hell. Shame Shame Shame
  15. Originally posted by LayZieGirl: What does it matter if you are called somalis or somalians? Poohoo for y'all crybaby's, get over it. At the end of the day, in the eyes of the white man, y'all still a bunch of lousy immigrants who have no place to call home, and y'all have the nerve to question what other pple ought to be referring to y'all? Go on back home, start building the country, gain back whatever sense of decency y'all lost all those yrs ago, then debate on what other pple ought to be reffering you & those other pple, instead of just sitting and talking about it. DO something, PLEASE. Just a question are you not one of the bunch of lousy immigrants too???? May be you should practice what your preaching go on home and start building home and try to get back our decency we lost!!!!! Then maybe you can start debating too.... Excuse me of your are not a somali.....