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  1. Your English writing skills are piss poor, I could not really make sense of what you have wrote. However, from what I gather you want Somalis to build a nation state based on Ethno-nationalism and Islamic ideology? How can Islam be reconciled with nationalism? Nationalism and nation states are a purely secular ideology were as Islam is a faith based system with little regards to secular modern living. You want to teach Islam and make it the law of the land, but how is this any different from Al-Shabaab ideology? People need to think hard before they write up their thesis. Somalis are generally an uneducated population with superstitious beliefs that don't serve them in the modern world. Whatever society we build it cannot be done without first address the backward culture we currently have. Looking in the mirror and seeing how f*cked up our culture is should be the first step.
  2. HSM is making "business" deals with his "friends". Leave the poor man alone..I doubt he has the intelligence to run a corner shop let alone a country. Let the man make his ill gotten gains in peace.
  3. Buntland is a state sponsor of terrorism this why the international community is not buying the social media nonsense from the harti fools. Somaliland is a real state with laws and those that broke the law will be dealt with in time. Laascaanood is a Somaliland city run by Somaliland politicians and not outsiders. We are no laughing matter nor are we playing games with Buntland a state started by an old colonel slapped by a xbashi general. Yaab!
  4. I would like to also add that we are not a failed state like Somalia where their politicians cannot even walk down the streets of Mogadishu without being assassinated. We will deal with Puntland who are known to fund Al-Shaabab by supplying weapons from the port of Bosaso.
  5. The D-block and its sub clans are pure trash. They say Ina Biixi is evil with clan hatred but how do you explain destroying your own property and blame it on warfare? Such wickedness...
  6. The next step will be to build Berbera into a world class city.
  7. Somaliland is a nation state with laws that protect its citizens from violence and civil disorder. Therefore Somaliland has the right to restore order to a city in open revolt. Look at Waco Texas or the IRA terrorist in U.K; Do you think a state will allow its national security to be comprised by a bunch of tribal chiefs? This can only work in lawless Somalia which is not a nation state but an Amisom protectorate.
  8. Classic deflection from those without self reflection (which is typical of your kind). You are a power hungry clan with no talent. lol
  9. No. The D clans want to return to power badly and they want to rule every area of Somalia like they use in the 1970's. You can't hide behind wadaninimo and fake patriotism to try and achieve your goals again. Too many Somalis have seen your "leadership" and what it brings. Keep Somaliland free from kacaan oprahs...
  10. wow you southerns are looking less and less Somali these days....sankaagu way sii weynaanayaan.
  11. Tough talk from a man protected by A.U troops...HSM cannot even go outside into the nearby streets of Xamar without full protection from A.U troops. Who can you force back into Somalia? lol...joker.
  12. I think you underestimate the people of Somaliland. We are not a three city clan enclave as the southerners like to think. We are a former British protectorate than joined Somalia in 1960. Xaaji is right about one thing, we don't share a similar temperament, with the south, when it comes to running a country. The corruption and mismanagement of Somalia is squarely on the shoulders of the D-block in Mogadishu. Somaliland is peaceful because we made peace a priority were the south descended into barbarism do not confuse the two.
  13. Haha. I have a British passport but this does not mean I love England. I want Somaliland to be a U.N member which is what I mean by limbo.
  14. No need to play dumb we all know who killed innocent civilians in Mogadishu. You cannot hide the shame of your clans infighting and sense of foolishness.
  15. Haha. The U.K are a ruthless country and I know because I spent 30 years living there. I wish reer koonfureedka were good honest god fearing people because Somalia would have been a safe country today and I would not be living in limbo.