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  1. Nobody wants the headache of dealing with an degenerate population of evil doers. Russia should recognized Somaliland and the Horn will have a decent Somali run country. FACT!
  2. No Somalia's people to comment on the continuing humiliation by Amisom on those southerners? Damn!
  3. Arming rival clans in that cesspool called Somalia is a bad idea. But then again Somalia itself is a bad idea to begin with. Somaliland does not have any problems with terrorism or corruption of the state. Time will tell if this "strategy" will work..lol...I don't think it will.
  4. I have. Which is why I stated "I have free speech"...now piss off.
  5. No, I will not. I have the freedom to speak and no animal from the south is going to stop me.
  6. I don't have southern "brethren" and I do not care for Somalia. I am from the Somaliland town of Berbera and have relocate from the UK since 2019 and I live there permanently now.
  7. Dadkani ma rabaan dal nabad ah. Waa maxay xoolaha ay yihiin. YAAB!
  8. We have our own country called Somaliland which we took back on 18th May 1991. Your people are facing starvation of your own creation. Your Somalia is a cursed place and the sooner we are free from your doomed reality the better. Somaliland ha noolaato.
  9. You are right. They do not want peace and they do not want government. Time for the world to come to this realisation and free Somaliland from this curse called Somalia. Time for that U.N seat waxaan nahay dad wanaagsan.
  10. Somalia nigis on full display. ....Somaliland is the only government with real strength.
  11. Qatari/UAE funded terrorist groups reeking havoc on Somalia? Nah HSM is on the job!
  12. We don't have any grievances as we have taken back control of our country and aim to build it into something remarkable. While you are blow to pieces by Al-Shaabab a jareed infested terrorist group.
  13. Yaahuu? Waryaa behave yourself before Al-shabaab eats your city. I am safe in Berbera the new Abu Dhabi. lol
  14. That's close to 20 to 30 billion U.S dollars. I hope this investment does into infrastructure and turns Somaliland into a modern country.