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  1. This will be my last post on this forum and after that I will not return. I will make two points regarding the future of the Somali people and the fate of both Somaliland and Somalia. The first point is a very simple one and every Somali can understand this and will be able to agree. Somaliland will not get a seat on the U.N NOT because Somalia deems it so but the United States and Europe will make sure it never happens. Which also means whatever natural resources that Somaliland has will not be used well to improve the "country" but looted by the corrupt clans and foreign companies. The war in Laascaanood will continue and spread into other parts of Somaliland until Ina Bixii loses control of the "country". Once I bury my father in Somaliland I will wash my hands with Somaliland and move to America were some of my cousins live. Without a U.N seat Somaliland has no future and I can see this from afar and will make plans to adjust for this. If BAALA XOOFTO and Xaaji Xunjuf think they are going to retire in a peaceful and prosperous Somaliland like some kind Dhabi or Maimi lol...they are in for a quite a shock! They most likely will grow old and die in the U.K. Point number two. Somalia as a whole has no real natural resources that the world needs. Why do I say this with confidence? Because no Somali government passed or present has made moves to extract those resources. South Sudan had a recent civil war and is now exporting crude oil. Why hasn't Somalia done the same? This is a clear sign the country does not have resources worth extracting. Ontop of not having any resources Somalis are not evolved enough to ask long term questions about the future of their country only a few academics or learned people have asked but on the whole Somalis are more interested in keeping certain clans from power who may advance ahead of them.. What a sick culture. Maybe it is fitting that climate change finally removes the arrogant Somalis from the land to which they have refused to use productively. Don't blame God but blame your useless leaders and sick culture. I am done. Nabad gelyo
  2. Somalia made some big mistakes in 1970's and 80's. The chief of these mistakes was joining the Soviet Union and the Arab league. Somalia should have been content with just joining the U.N and leave it at that. If Somalia had any natural resources it should have used them before the 21st century as trying to extract fossil fuels today is not going to be welcome as the world is moving beyond fossil fuels. Places like Nigeria and Angola will collapse economical as these states rely heavily on oil exports and both are members of OPEC. Even Saudi Arabia the world's largest oil exporter is looking elsewhere for future economic growth. Saudis have trillions of U.S dollars to spend on investments that should keep them afloat for sometime but even they are facing a new reality. I don't think SSA will fare well in the 21st century and I do believe there will be more wars and disruptions to come.The crises in West Africa is just the beginning of a massive wave of chaos that will hit Africa hard. You could see 10's of millions of people dying in that part of the world.This is a doom of largely Africa's making and you reap what you sow as they did not use their resources to put their people in a good place. Even South Africa (The highest GDP per Capita in Africa) will largely fall into economic and political chaos as the white populations move elsewhere because South Africa becomes too dangerous. The world is changing fast and I am surprised how effective the Wagner group have been at destabilising SSA countries. So what do Somalis want in this world of climate change and increased competition? Do you want to remain divided and continue to fight amongst yourself and squabble over politics while the world moves on? We are doing everything in our power to make Somalia go extinct and maybe even Somalis as well. If we have natural resources that the world needs, now would be a good time to clean up Somali politics and make the country attractive for western investment. Otherwise we are heading towards a doom of our own making and the world will not save us. Somaliland or Somalia we have no future until Somalis get serious about our state of affairs or maybe we were never meant to be on Earth in the first place?
  3. What else is there? Somalia cannot even control its current borders right now. Somaliland does control the Red sea border and the land border with Ethiopia. This thread is not about Somaliland but why Somalis don't want to end their doom. We can talk about Somaliland another time.
  4. Ha dhaco? Soomaali caynkee tahay ayaad tahay? If you are from the south keep those people in check. Well your people allowed them to get out of control. You reap what you sow. I don't think this is the case. Otherwise we would see them in Puntland, Somaliland and even Djibouti. They are a small community in the South East state.
  5. It could be like when that general talked about shelling Muse Biixi house but then got paid off and settled in Turkey? HY are one of the founders of Somaliland.
  6. There are only 600,000 Bantu living in Somalia against a population of 22 million. Nothing to worry about. There are more Somalis in Kenya than Bantus in Somalia. Relax.
  7. It would be an easy answer for me since I have been around clan politics all my life. So yes I would in order to keep Somaliland from falling apart or even help Somalia move on. I think in the coming years the world is going to force Somalis to either work together for a better country or perish in this global fight for survival.
  8. Somalia is know globally as a failed state but this does not have to remain. Even if Somaliland is given the green light to join the U.N it will not be the end of its problems but only the beginning as running a state needs educated people. Somalia since 2012 has had a "government" of sorts but the reality is this government does not control the whole country hence why the use of fragile state instead of failed state would come in. Do Somalis even care about restoring their nation and moving forward? Why don't the Somali elites from the Barre era help the nation? I know we have been in doom since 1991 but the doom can end. The whole world is becoming increasingly more racist and tribalistic just look at "advanced" Europe moving towards fascism everyday. And America the land of the free becoming more divided and talk of "civil war" is beating louder by the day. Somalis living in the west will face racism and death as the whites lose control of their emotions. Research World War 1 and 2 to find this out. The clock is ticking and I for one do not want to be stuck in a warfield. Somalia/Somaliland could be a decent place for our people if the population understood we have no other home. I am in the UK and my family is from Berbera but I too understand I will never be British even with a passport. Somalia needs to turn the corner and it needs to right now before it is too late.
  9. We would lose our democracy in the eyes of the world and destroy any path towards U.N membership. You need to think carefully before changing the system and what this could bring.
  10. Somalia's primary institution is clan allegiance. HSM is being exposed everyday as a corrupt man (even by African standards) by ordinary Somalis. Something has to give.
  11. Somalia might be on the verge of whatever is happening in Niger, Mali, Burkina faso, Central African Republic. Somalia could start experiencing these things soon. Hold onto your seats.
  12. I understand that but he is still a Somalilander which means he could have represented us on the world stage if Somaliland as a member of the U.N. I know Somaliland is going through some ugly episode but ina Biixi will be gone and a better group of people will come. Don't lose hope in Somaliland as we are not as low as Somalia.
  13. The man responsible for turning Mogadishu into a lawless anarchy city. One thing to remove a dictator but a totally different thing to destroy a once beautiful city. Him and Al Mahdi should burn in hell.
  14. Which is why Somaliland needs to breakaway from the hellscape called Somalia. Mo Farah is from Somaliland and this is proof that Somalilanders can complete on the world stage with dignity and class.