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  1. Are you not from the mentioned desert?
  2. ^^ I think we will trust a neutral body like Netblock than N&N (one N now) mouth piece. The independent evidence is that the internet was blocked on purpose.
  3. What kind of life can they expect/have in that desert? Genuine question.
  4. It would be much much better if they only trained NCOs and Officers who in turn train the infantry. The basic Somali infrantryman should be trained by a Somali NCO.
  5. There are 20k+ at least foreign troops in the country. Interference??
  6. I am predicting Mahdi Guled as the PM until election time. I see no way Farmaajo can survive under HG prime minister. He will be under house arrest as soon as he appoints him. .
  7. He is angry, yes but he has shown courage under fire. It is Farmajo who looks desperate today. I suspect for him it will be a case of ‘from the frying pan into the fire’.
  8. Its conjecture on my part but suddenly the Djibouti meeting now sort of makes sense. Not the tree planting photo op session but what has been happening afterwards behind the scenes.
  9. Possible. Mucarads (Madasha, Hassan Sheikh garab) are expecting Farmaajo to appoint one of theirs for the PM post in exchange for extension. That is why they supported Kheyre’s ouster today. But I think Farmajo has outsmarted them again. The PM post can go to Guled and still be in line with 4.5. Its all a game of musical chairs.
  10. I suspect this Mahdi guled will stay much longer than expected. I think he is the pm for the foreseeable future. Old man Xashi i expect will be sacrificed next. There are no rules. Waa turub sharci laan eh.
  11. The factories are still owned by the same people just in different countries. Its all a game.
  12. Isn’t Galmudug 1.5 State which is less than the 2 gobols needed for mamul goboled. But it is still a state despite what the constitution says. Same thing with the new senators of banadir.
  13. Muse bixi is the winner here. Independence is closer today than ever.
  14. Wow. Everyone calm down and why is the moderator not enforcing the forum rules to stop the back and forth personal attacks?
  15. Don’t forget they also planted trees.
  16. They are learning propaganda can only take you so far.
  17. Mr X


    Jubbaland leader rejects “recognition” deal. Round and round we go.