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  1. The Maymaay are very useful agriculture based community that can supply 20-30% of SL's fruit and veggie needs without Mogadishu's nepotist taxation and interference thus supporting them is key to our future supplies. They can even come to Gabiley and teach us farming techniques hehehehehe.
  2. That's where I differ. Why you so concerned about what the IC thinks or where it sees you having Shaah? Ma ilahayba reer galbeedku? I don't care if the whites see me doing deeds in Xamar, Kismayo or mixing mud clay in Baydhabo. Adeer that's my business. Waxan ku lee yahay, war whether I meddle in their affairs like yourself or not waxan kala nahay laba wadan. That mentality is wrong that if West sees you playing role in Konfur they will think your part of the game or onboard with their agenda. Waxba iga ma galin. If I can get 20 pro-SL 'MPs' into Mogadishu parliament I would be a happy man maxa iga galay. Next I would ask them to secretly stamp my papers for aid, military (as the stable part of "Somalia"), development. Markan hormar ku gadho maxa iga galay hadan shatiga Konfur, kan South Sudan iyo kan undercover uu xidhay. End of the day its about politics not about ya lagugu sawiirin. That's the mentality high school girls play with yo-yo boys. I'm gonna get the job done si kastaba. Recognizing the likes of Southwest State and extending them an invitation is a great play card. Even when your not recognized you have to talk, walk and do business like one and play big ball with the big regional boys. Why Ethiopia and Kenya scavenging over Somalia? Why not take your piece?
  3. Xaaji, People can't automatically support you. Often you have to be the one that takes the initiatives when its your own interest at stake. One of the things I disagree with SL is its policy of isolation when it comes to Somalia and its affairs. War everyone has their fingers in Somalia be it Kenya, Djibouti, Yemen, Ethiopia, Uganda---adna maxa ku diiday? Mel yar iska radso that at least grows you some mango
  4. Walaalayaal it seems like you all missed the point. I really I'm not interested about its Halal or Haram contents. I rather leave that to Islamic scholars. The issue is about transportation; road accidents, the illegal speeding and the use of sirens by groups who shouldnt be.
  5. The Somaliland party system and democracy is the amongst the best in the region but a number of things need reforms. From day one, I have always questioned how an opposition leader can also be the Speaker of Parliament. Whatever happened to conflict of interest and minimizing nepotism and corruption? This is for Somaliland's own good and internal security. Let us assume that Waddani wins the next election with Irro still as the speaker. If Kulmiye were to protest the results, don't you think it would require the mediation of Parliament and MPs before going to probably High Court? What if Kulmiye simply dismissed MP inputs because of their relations with Irro? Then what? The people of SL are wise and they will vote for Kulmiye again simply to avoid such headache, turmoil and time wasting. Furthermore, Iro remains a weak politician that lacks political acumen and people skills. He is nice and friendly opposition that keeps the country drama free but he has no personality, strengths other than friendly guy and visions. At least we hear nothing from him. He is too quiet, too reserved and often appears too careless (no passion). Kulmiye on the other hand are all guns blazing and that's what SL needs. I don't think Irro can handle many issues in the east nor can he put the Mogadishu ship away like Kulmiye can. Within Kulmiye the party is divided over the chairmanship between Abdulaziz Samale and Muse Bihi Abdi. Mr Bihi is currently in Ethiopia trying to lobby Addis Ababa and the ruling EPRDF party. I made a post on this on ER (view here: http://ethiopianewsforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=66828) PICTURE: Muse Bihi Abdi with Ato Demeke Mekonnen, Ethiopia's education minister who is also Deputy Chairman of EPRDF and Chairman of the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM). Samale did amazing job on the budget as the minister of finance and has huge support in SL. The question remains, will Ethiopia support him? Personally I was part responsible for campaign against him (supporting al Shabab and so forth). I think the damage has been done. I have to admit he is more productive than Bihi but I don't think party leadership suits him. He is better for the nation as a minister. As for UCID, they will remain UCID...a father and son on Learners. At times its hard to know who is the student and who is the teacher. Faisal and Jamal are odd couples. One day they are friends, one day they are both chairmen (like Konfurta) and one day they are casual father and son. Jamal is a Harvard graduate intellectual but book people don't always turn into thinkers and politicians. He will remain a banker not a politician. Faisal is amazing at what he does but not politics. He is as funny as Abdi Haybe Lambad. At least Faisal is funny and outspoken unlike Irro. Faisal also has a big tank when it comes to passion. He is unmatched and he remains the anbessa (lion) that defends Somaliland from himself, Kulmiye, Konfur warlords, aliens, standby venders. You just don't know when he will fire his cannon and on who. I just love him. Waddani needs big reform and Irro must go.
  6. Prof. Samatar was not against SL for a good reason. It was mainly about his own ego more than principles. When he went to Mogadishu, he discovered the reality and realized that his ego was getting him no where. He was a foot soldier for Konfur and the imaginary Somaliweyn simply he wanted to please his own ego and appear like an idol for the Konfuristanis. When he went to Mogadishu they showed him that his free labor meant nothing and he was no body in the south...the reality is Mogadisu belongs to only certain group. It's not only him that experienced that but he was the highest profile. End of the day, it comes down to: Haybad waxad ku ledahay dhulkaga hooyo. Even I was pro-union not anymore.
  7. looooool @ gorman Tanzania so gallay, typical. First time I heard Maymaay, I was laughing for few good hours. I never heard it before I mean I didn't even know it existed. My best friend was and I never seen him speak it until one day at uni, he received a called. I said to him; 'Wallahi sxb you speak funny Oromo, ma Afaan Borana?"
  8. X. Xunjuf, That's the kind of perception and mentality that doesn't help Somaliland in any form or shape. It should be kept personal. The people of Somaliland are almost 4 million and if they can find someone that speaks Dinka in South Sudan, I assure you they can handle the Maymaay. The people of Southwest State speak fluent Somali and their own Maymaay, which isn't that different to mainstream Somali and Oromo. People strike deals and reach political understanding not because they have common language but because they have common interest. I would appreciate if you questioned their interest as opposed to their language. I am interest in their aspirations, dreams, ideologies, views and understanding than the differences in 'dee' and 'ariiray'. In order to understand their ideologies, interest and agenda---that's why we need intelligence there rather than just observe things from Shacabka suburb---Hargeisa. I should be involved in SL politics for real. A lot would change. My policies are simple; focus internal development and play role in neighboring Somalia's politics including the federal system. Our interest is the decentralization and eventually weakening of Mogadishu. The more federal states we support the better. We don't need Dr Bidar wasting $20k per month on some Western PR firm or him going on 100 trips per month only to come back with the same old lies. The secret is internal and inside Somalia. The more allies we form inside Somalia the more cards we can pull against Mogadishu and eventually negotiate deals whatever that might be. It's a pyramid scheme, everyone gets their share...but isolating yourselves amongst the Somalis and trying to achieve everything solo and eat every bounty on your own yet complain when the Konfur get their cake is not on. You have to find masakiin in Konfur and play Robbin Hood on them.
  9. Nin-Yaaban, Thanks for the welcome Suldaan.
  10. I'm listening to Solomon Yekuno from Meqelle, Tigray Ethiopia. Before you jump your gun, listen and be open minded. This music makes more sense to me than niiko from Mogadishu.
  11. I'm not sure how my road and siren article turned into a battle field between salafists, qadriya and wahabists. You don't only ban things because they are Haram. You have a mind of your own too to come up with a solution for problems. Not all problems fit into the Haram category.
  12. The whole region is linked economically, socially, politically and culturally. Before they shape you, you have to shape them is my motto and something I am trying to teach the often maskiin and none-opportunistic Landers. Having a diplomatic outpost in the door steps of Mogadishu is very strategic. Besides we have no beef with the people of RRA. You can't lump them with the rest of the trouble makers. I think they deserve a chance to be heard without operating under the Mogadishu shirt. My deal is simple. We support Southwest State politically and economically. Hargeisa should sign economic accord with them to begin with which calls for; 1) 20% of Somaliland fruits and veggies needs should come from Southwest State (Bay, Bakool farms). No fruit or veggies are to be imported from other parts of the south. To be transported via air or Ethiopia. All it takes is twice weekly flights (cargo). 2) All S.S. livestock should be exported via Maydh port (to be developed/constructed).
  13. As an individual who has ties to both Somaliland and Ethiopia, I welcome the formation of RRA-Land (Southwest State of Somalia). No one is more victim than Somalia's dead central system and the hateful administration in Mogadishu. The suffering of this region is not new nor limited to the last 22 years. Even under Barre it was a no go zone but the people in the region never complain. Just in 1992-1993, they lost more than 300,000 people because Barre's fleeing militia looted the region while militia loyal to warlord Aideed blockaded the region. Majority of them died from starvation. The creation of Southwest State is the beginning of them having a voice and eventually freedom from Mogadishu. I find it funny how Cullusow was and still secretly remains opposed to Jubbaland, Southwest State but he entertains the two-men Hiiraan State. Southwest State is neutural when it comes to Somaliland issues and its largely pro-Ethiopia region. Hargeisa should join supporting certain federal states across the border and not just sit back and let others rearrange the region. The leaders of Southwest State should be invited to Hargeisa. I know Addis Ababa will right away. Shirka Maamul-sameyta gobollada Koonfur-galbeed ee Somalia ee ka socda Magaalada Baydhabo oo u Gudbay Wajigii Labaad Jimco, November 29, 2013 (HOL) — Shirka ka socda magaalada Baydhabo ee la doonayo in lagu dhiso maamul ay yeeshaan lix gobol oo ku yaalla Koonfurta iyo Galbeedka Somalia ayaa u gudbay wajigiisii labaad sida ay u sheegeen warbaahinta guddiga shirkan maamulka u haya. Guddiga ayaa sheegay in wajigii koowaad ee shirka uu ahaa mid ay isku-baranayeen ergooyinka shirka ka qaybgalaya laguna dajinayay qorshaha maamulka lagu sameynayo, kaasoo maanta ayaa lasoo gaba-gabeeyay. “Shirku wuxuu galay wajigiisii labaad, wajiganna waa kii lagu soo dhisayay maamulka lixda gobol ay yeelanayaan, waxaana qaybtan labaad ay si rasmi ah u billaabanaysaa maalinta Sabtida ah ee soo socota,” ayay guddigu ugu sheegeen warbaahinta magaalada Baydhabo. Guddigu waxay sheegeen in wajigan labaad ay howshiisu culus tahay lana qaybinayo ergooyinka shirka ka qaybgalaya si ay koox walba u soo diyaariso qayb ka mid ah howsha, kuwaasoo ay ka mid yihiin: qorista Dastuurka uu maamulkan yeelanayo, ansixintiisa, doorshada baarlamaanka maamulka iyo doorashada madaxweyaha. Shirkan ka socda Baydhabo ayaa waxaa dhawaan sugidda ammankiisa la wareegay ciidamada Midowga Afrika ee AMISOM, iyadoo ergooyinka qaar ka mid ah ay sheegeen in arrintan ay ku timid kulan dhexmaray iyaga iyo ergayga Midowga Afrika ku qaabilsan Soomaaliya, Maxamed Saalax Al-Nadiif. Maxamed Xaaji Xuseen, Hiiraan Online maxuseen@hiiraan.com Muqdisho, Soomaaliya
  14. AUN. It's always sad to see thousands of Ethiopians fleeing their blessed country for some Arab desert only to kill themselves because of Woyane policies. RIP.
  15. Thanks boys. Appreciated for the update and warm welcome. I don't get SOL. They have political section but they are lying to themselves and banned Somali tribes. It's like Ford saying they will build new cars but no steering wheels :cool: I don't think it paid off.
  16. In the near future, Mogadishu will be reduced to tears and will be making threats with its baby teeth just like Baghdad while Hargeisa becomes the new Arbil with Genel Energy set to hit big in Oilweyne (Oodweyne). I foresee it and the Turks themselves know it its coming that's why they want to play the 'neutral mediator' so they can pump the oil in Oilweyne without Mogadishu flooding itself with too much tears. Giving them few hospitals, schools, trash boys, roads and completely sealed off 'embassy' might sweeten the deal while Hargeisa's office is for now referred to as 'consulate'. There is perfect resemblance between Hargeisa-Mogadishu relations and Arbil-Baghdad relations. Few months ago, Genel suspended its operations in SL citing security but it was politically motivated. The contractors got bullied by Mogadishu. Genel got bombarded by Mogadishu and some Western diplomats who themselves want the oil deals. The likes of Shell and American oil firms were giving down payments to diplomats to pressure Genel to pull out. If SL gave contract to Shell, be sure they would be jumping up and down and don't care about Somalia. Its all business. The Turks have realized if they pull out, the Westerners will continue to bully them all around the world as Turkey's economy grows and they become competitive. The UK government now approves of Genel as does the US and few others. “There’s a parallel between their successes in Kurdistan and successes we hope to have here in Somaliland,” Duale. So lets get this oil in Oilweyne and lets see how much of a government the few boys in Villa Somali Italiana are (AMISOM can you please wewe invade Oilweyne for us ***cute faces).
  17. Banning khat is going to be a challenge and complex issue but we can reduce it. The banning of its siren will greatly contribute to its reduction. When kids from small villages, outback and even big towns see their vehicles travel at such speed with the siren on full blast, it brain washes them into thinking the "khat people are cool" and heroes. Kids love noise and speed. That's the image and culture the siren portrays. That's why banning it will be a good start.
  18. Safferz, I used to speak fluent Amharic but after two decades in the Diaspora, I hardly remember more than 30-40 words. I never thought I was going to need it again but its not hard language. It took me about a year to learn it in Dirirdhabe (Dire Dawa).
  19. Wadani, The Tigrai game in Hawd and the Somali Region in general, actually whole of Ethiopia, is very dirty. They successfully managed to turn brother vs brother. No one trusts no one anymore. Like I said, one day they wanted to interrogate me to impress their Tigrai boss and next day they were having laxoox with me. You can't take it personal. You have to keep cool head and move your chess pieces right. Some of the truckers got bribed by the ONLF. There are many ONLF ladies in Hargeisa. One lady was caught in the bushes of Rabaso pushing a wheelbarrow. Waxay samesay timir bay ka buxiisay and under neath she had all this ammunition. The idea was to bury it in the bushes and someone will dig them out in the dark of night. The solar batteries, phones and other items were the same. He showed all of them to us and he was mad like crazy. He was the one who attacked all those villagers and he asked for 'ciidaan' about 5000. His mission was to enlist 5000 binu hashimis in the Liyu Police. The locals told him their sons will not die for Tigrai nor intervene in long-foot intra-warfare (liyu police shirt vs onlf). They were right to refuse because it would turn into brother vs brother on a bigger scale. The long footed brothers already know the affects of this. Very dirty business. These ONLF ladies receive hot cash from abroad and they spend it on baqaaro in Hargeisa and sometimes smuggle other things on the trucks. They get off mid-way and walk the rest of the journey.
  20. Safferz, Wa runtada laba jilib aya ciyaarta dhaantada si fiican uu wada tunta when it comes to intermarriage in that region. Those two being the one with reer with the Binu Hashim's family name and the Yonis in Sand dwellers.
  21. looool @ long footed one. Safferz man ogin ina tahay gabadh. I never expected a gashaanti to have such sophisticated and complex name. Warya Wadani, The Liyu police is long footed as much as sand-dwellers. I was with a convoy when I was there and their leader was your uncle. He was both garac and intelligent. He was shelling gashaamo, Gosayga and other villages. I was there with them. Wuxu ku haystay qar anaga ah iyo qar sand-dwellers ah smuggled batteries, ammo and phones for the ONLF. That day during his qudbad wuxu laha: "Dadkini iyo dalkiniba wad iibisen oo waxad sisaten $150". I was chilling with their Tigraian senior...iyagu waxay raben inay to ask me lame questions and the funny thing was I knew 70% of them. Next day we had breakfast together at my uncle's house who was former civil servant under Mengistu Hailemariam.
  22. Her sariir tells me she is single. It sucks to be single and feel not safe in Mogadishu.
  23. looooool sand-dwellers hahahahaha wallahi I'm laughing for real. Now I get it!!! This is going to sound funny but lol my own ayeeyo (aabo) was a sand-dweller dee. Speaking of this new innovations, marka labadinuba waxa tihin sand-dwellers? Cajiib.
  24. Wadani;988249 wrote: So are you a sand-dweller or from libaaxyada (HY), is caddee ninyahow lol. What's a sand-dweller? I hope its not an insult lol. I'm same as Warran Adde, Adan Baradho and Fowzia. I assume you are HY since you refer to them as lions lol. Adigu bal apply some British paint and is-caadee.