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  1. Xaaji, I'm against that sissy treatment towards them. If it was up to me waxan odhan laha kalay Hargeisa. When he arrives I would have him arrested in Egal and ask the people of Awdal, imisa caruura idinka dhiintay in the name of Shaqadoon Awdal State? If we can find victims, then we going to charge him for murders and put him away for good in Mandeera.
  2. These part time mail sorters are shameless and making all the noises just because they can get a job higher than a mail room. It's also shame on SL's side because they will hire them as 'rebels' la qaremeyeey. Amateur politics.
  3. Khatumo iyo waxa dulkeda Taleex isku sabaxadenaya is of no concern to me as long as tomorrow they not running to Hargeisa for bariis and shaaqo iisiya.
  4. I can never understand Somaliland's sissy attitude towards cry babies. In Somaliland, if homeless thugs, bums, gangs and mafia leaders want to win a seat or get a high paying job in the government, all they do is pick up few guns and declare they made "Homeless State of Somalia" or Shaqadoon State then SL wll be jumping up and down. Few months later, the Homeless State of Somalia and their fadhi ku dirir "leaders" will be sending emails to SL: "inaderyaal any chance we could get a job, we willing to give up on Homeless State of Somalia"...then those in Hargeisa jump up and down-----in which Hirsi Gaab yells at them "Waaryadhaheen why all this excitement ma ixtiraafki ba yimi?" In which they only reply:"Mudane maya lakin Homeless State of Somalia aya ino so dirtay diplomatic cable oo xata Wikileaks arag ee waxay raban shaqooyin" Hirsi Gaab then jumps on the phone: "SomTel war close all other lines maanta aniga uu bahan all SomTel satelite communications, phone lines and receptions. Arin culus ba soo dhacday" In no time, they dispatch some 'delegation' and they arrange a meeting with Homeless State of Somalia's fadhi ku dirir/blog flooding 'leaders' somewhere in Dubai, Canada, London... So predictable it has became. In no time they announce and take photos of some danyeer looking militias and say "wan qarameenay"----and their leaders 'got ministerial jobs' take Haglatosiye as good example. Before arriving in Hargeisa he was xar-walwal with two militia men in Buhodle---that place gets a truck once a month. Now Somaliland is preparing itself for the next phase of hiring 'leaders of Awdal State of Somalia' another homeless project conceived by a part time mail sorter in Canada. He is not even good enough to be on full time on a mail sorting room (tas waxay uu socota Ottawa sanduuqa Ottawa ku tuur, tasi wa Montreal..) He is not even fit to do that. Of all homeless and beggars that tried funny game on Duriyada Somaliland, no one is more funny and shameless than Nur. OTTAWA — Meet Rashid Hersi — Barrhaven father of five, part-time mail room employee at the Citizen, president of a self-declared independent state in the Horn of Africa. In between inserting flyers into your daily paper, taking his kids swimming and dropping them at homework club, 43-year-old Hersi has a cabinet to wrangle, a fledgling parliament to consult, a constitution to fine-tune. Latest: 01-12-2013 (BNN) Golaha Dhexe ee Maamul goboleedka Awdalstate ayaa kulan degdeg ah oo ay yeesheen xilka kaga xayuubiyay hogaamiyihii hore ee Awdalstate Rashiid Aw Nuur oo wadahadal kursi doon ah kula jira xukuumada Siilaanyo. Golaha Dhexe ee Awdalstate ayaa shirkaasi degdega ah ku sheegay in ay soo xaadreen dhamaan goluhu isla markaana 3qof kaga qaybqaateen aalada Skypka mawqif cadna ka qaateen madaxweynaha Awdalstate oo khiyaamo qaran ku kacay.Isla goobta ayaa goluhu ku doortay hogaamiye ku meel gaadh ah waxaana loo magacaabay Mahdi Muuse ***** oo ah aqoonyahan aad looga jecel yahay gobolka geeska afrika isla markaana leh karti iyo firfircooni uu ku badbaadin karo shacabkiisa Awdalstate ayaa warmurtiyeedka lagu bayaamiyay. He is finished. No job in Awdal State of Somalia blog, no part time mail sorting and will Silanyo name him the new Minister of Presidential Villa? Let's examine. In Somaliland it has became a habit not to hire nor employ those who gave 6 years of their lives in Somaliland's thriving education system but they rather employ homeless mail sorter like Nuur just to keep the 'ixtiraaf-doon' campaign alive. So they think. All the kids graduating from Amoud, University of Hargeisa, Admas and others are busy migrating because Somaliland only understands the CV of fear and Shaqadoon States of Somalia. This mentality and habit has to come to an end. Shaqadoon States like Khaatumo, SSC and Awdal are joke and people should find other ways to build a legit CV and they should come through the right venues if they want jobs in Somaliland. Meanwhile Somaliland should not enlist every homeless, beggar militia men in the national army. They should be hired as street cleaners first at least.
  5. Hawdian, Thank you for the informative piece but indadeerayal the flag is one of many things I differ with the Landers. They claim Konfur isn't accepting the changes that occurred nor new ideas but the same can be said about those who are stuck with an Italian flag that makes more sense in Konfur than Duria. Furthermore gentlemen just because it has shaheed it doesn't make it holy and untouchable. The current flag is more ideal for the Banadir Local government than SL since it was once Italian colony. Flag is a brand and a symbol that represents a product called a country same way we all know Nike's tick, Coca Cola's red and McDonald's yellow, France's blue, white, red-----the SL flag is already branded by Italy, Ireland, Mexico just to name few not to mention Iran. I don't think this flag is working and I am going to lead a campaign to get it replaced. In due time it will happen because it doesn't make sense to anyone...not to eastern Landers who want a horse, not Adalites who want a crescent, not to Duriyada who want a simple none-pasta flag. SL has failed to brand itself because its stuck with old border that never came into existence even under the British, the symbols make no sense; we got Italian flag and Egyptian/Arab emblem. Therefore creative people must come up with a new branding that is unique, simple and memorable. Wiil Cusub, Landers are unique. One week they greet each others with leather shoes and another week shaal xariir ah and horses. There is no shame in that at least they don't plant IEDs on the roads like Konfuris. Nimankan Landers-ku wa niman tagay compared to bullet vest wearing-AMISOM escorting Konfuris. They on dayax gacmeed with double solid fuel made from caano digaag.
  6. hahahahahahaha haaaaaa war ma adigiiba. Wallahi funny guy ba tahay lakin ninyo did you get banned from ER? You are too radical on ER. ONLF iyo waxan loo jedin uun bad ka hadasha? Ma ayeeyo ba ah ONLF mise Adeero? we seem to be together yet with conflicting ideologies. We are friends outside politics remember that and if I say something to you, your principles or ideological beliefs remember not to take it personal. Feel free to express yourself likewise.
  7. Dalmar, Horta kumad ahed on Snet? I have only used snet for few months and ER.
  8. Dalmar, I'm still the same but I'm not all about attacks dee hehehehehe. My love is equally great as my attacks. Wixi wanaagsan wan uu hambalyeeya wixi xuna I make sure they meet my titanium coated bullets. Hada Landers ma ooga goortan la jiri dona iyo gortan ka so horjedsan doonotona lakin waxan u shegaya cid kastaba; anigu I'm not loyal to admins or reero because of blood but because wixi wanagsan bay ku dhaqaqaan. Haday beri Konfur wax wanagsan garato, I will be there to congratulate them lakin intay Villa Somali Italia qasayan oo kursiga mid AMISOM ku fadhisanayo gortu dono lakin Prime Ministers get ousted every 6 month....I will be making dua with my Bin Hashemite tusbaax inu ilahay inaga hayo. I could be against Landers at any time. There are permanent interests but not permanent friends nor permanent enemies. Always remember that. My interest is simple dadka iyo shacabka. Wixi ku dhiba dadka magaca SL sida the psychological ixtiraaf-doon abuse, wan ka so hor jeeda. In the last few months, it has been a good year for SL and I want to let them know waxyalahas oo kale wa waxay dadku raban aniguna dadkan la jira mar kastaba. Wan ku diirsaday isbadalka SL. Wad wada aragtan the thousands of people in Gabiley welcoming Ato Silanyo. Wanaagu sidasu uu nuura. If SL and the Irish flag say jump, anigu ma bodo but wan eega...wan suala...then waxan eega wixi faiido dadku ugu jirto. Maanta Silanyo wa halyey wuna ku mahadsan yahay badalku keenay in the last few months. As for Konfur, I have given up on them. No hope there.
  9. Dalmar, Thanks sxb. Hawdian is taken by my shoodhe from Erigavo meshan kaluunka Maid ku so riifi doono Lakiin don't u agree even I make otherwise stinky Kaluun cool? hahahahahaha
  10. Finally Inadeerayaal because of SOL rules couldn't add a second video but its worth remembering and knowing that this celebration of our achievements, governance, education, law and order would not have been possible without the founding fathers. Let us remember the man this institution bears his name. AUN. Maandeeq markii ay foolatayee madasha loo joogay Mataanaha dharaartay dhashayee loo mashxaradaayey Kalameer intaan labada calan miridh (minute) is weydaarshay spartacus, The road will be the greatest challenge we ever under taken. We will be moving forming committees and along the way they will be many in-fights, feuds, corruption and issues but the goal remains one and the people are united. There is no doubt it will be a tough task but it will be a great test and our people have always overcame all challenges. The Erigavo road will probably cost close to $200m. I think its going to be built on three different phases; clearing, opening and blowing up mountain sides. Then I think its going to be laying the ground or spreading some kind of soul/gravel. Right now I think Hirsi's aim is to expand the road and lay more solid gravel. I think the aim is that for now then getting a bigger fund for the asphalt and major bridges.
  11. Ahmed Silanyo received mammoth welcome in Gabiley. The President made the trip by road to show his support for Tima Adde University. Let every Lander know its symbolic meaning. First of all it carries the name of one of our founding fathers, Abdillahi Suldan Tima Adde who not only composed Kana Siib Kana Sar but also referred Somaliland as "Mandeeq". Furthermore, when SL was part of the collapsed Somali Republic, this institution was mere high school. Today we have upgraded because our people have upgraded their lives in every shape and form. Had the union remind or went back to it, be assure it would be an empty high school. Silanyo is restless leader who understands the meaning of all things inside the Republic great or small. There was massive display of the Irish/Italian/Saudi flag too. I hope one of these days Landers agree with me that its time to get bit creative and ask the nation to design a unique flag instead of recycling over branded Irish, Italian and Saudi flags. This year Silanyo deserves all the welcomes. Aad bu uu dadalay and he redirected the cause. Let's examine why; * 2014 budget is $212 million compared to $52 million during Riyale * Airports are all under construction * 500,000 Landers are set to gain access to clean 24/7 fresh waters just in Hargeisa alone * Burao-Erigavo road is the greatest project any Somali adm. has under taken. All roads in Somali regions were built by colonials and foreigners but Burao-Erigavo is by Landers for Landers and funded by Landers (all 370-km) * Major improvements in education (free to all primary), massive improvement in security and other key sectors) * Ato Silanyo initiated more than 50 key projects this year. Landers even mocked him and said "war ninku dhagaxyadi wu dhameyeey sidu mel kastaba dhagax uu dhigayeey". * Heavy duty machinery are on their key from China that will enhance SL's development and productivity * Due development plans spearheaded by Dr Sa'ad Shire, Somaliland is set to gain $1.2 billion development fund * Silanyo has taught Landers that it was okay hadi lagu sawiiro with Konfuris and you appeared on their Instagram accounts. * Because of Kulmiy development policies, Ethiopia is ready to ink 30% of its port needs valued at 4 million MT to Berbera port. That dream is about to come into reality. All those and many more made him popular this year than ever. He was not even this popular during his SNM chairman days. All in all, Silanyo is right now the smartest Somali leader. Allow dhowr.
  12. Inadeerayaal they are saqiir and little girls who don't know right from wrong. At this stage they are discovering about boys and looking certain ways to get attention in class. Let's not judge. Mida kale Hijjab is not compulsory. What matters the most is the heart and the practice. The wadu (wayso) is far greater than hijjab. If girls do wadu 5 times a day and wear no hijjab way shidan yahin. Hablaaha yaryar dhaafa. Let them protest. Kuwa protest gareya are the ones that later become the righteous ones because they question and investigate rather than just take it. Diintu is as much about submission as is about questioning and rebelling. What's submission to Allah without some rebellion? When one submits without being first a rebel, what is he or she submitting? Ma garateen? May Allah continue to guide them. Habloo xun maha.
  13. Gar, inkasta isku dad tihin dee so runtay maha ninyahow? His aqlaaq is the aqlaaq you see on Konfuri warlords. No wonder their issues never end. From cirole, mory'aan to "Sheikh" X Sheikh Y they all abuse any kind of power and have no regard for their own 'rules'. Waxas laga ma yelayo. This is not Xamar. Ama joojiya oo si siman u dhaqma ama cadaysta ujedadiina mesha ha laydiinka tage. I wouldn't care if they banned me. Meshani janadi ilahay maha its just a forum. I can see them updating their "BANNED USERS" post. Kaluun: For saying SOL is not Heaven its just Konfuri malayacni abuse villa without AMISOM.
  14. Gar maqaate, Wa cadi inadeer. I came. I did my thing and I will be happily be gone with my honor and pride intact. Uma dulqato wixi khaldaan whether they are Ayatollah, beggars or some forum kid. That's just my principles. Maybe some of you can tolerate little cyber gumaysi from few konfuris who run everything like the mess in Mogadishu and ruin everything they touch. I might be a fish but I am a shark Wa cadi.
  15. Warya Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar, How come you are a moderator yet you can openly inject and spew personal insults against other users? Listen warya, I don't give a fk waxa tahay. Give your opinion like everyone else or stay out. I know Cadalaad is not in the DNA of Konfuris but respect the rules of this place yourselves before asking others. Waxas oo kalane anigu kama yeelo. You will be karbasheed. I rather be banned than be part of mel mods call others names and yet want 'civil debates'. This is the last warning for you. Anaga meshan yar nagu ma gumaysan kartiid, there are countless forums. Your behaviour will not be tolerated. If you continue in this manner, you will be either removed ama mesha lagaga tagi doona. I can already see the place is pretty empty (no active debates). Job well done. Sida dadka kale la siino. I'm not sure how other Landers tolerated you for so long.
  16. Xaji is not a politician but an average citizen loyal to the Republic in the making. There is difference between thinkers, leaders and loyal citizens. Somaliland has abundance of loyal citizens but there is serious shortage in leaders and thinkers.
  17. I used to dislike Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan, the so called Presidential Minister, whom I have since dubbed "Yajuj Majuj" because he was all over Ahmed Silanyo. He was a little evil mini-me that dominated all Somaliland government and even Dahabshiil. He didn't respect others jobs and their responsibilities. You can read my article: Somaliland: Silaanyo’s other invisible hand or real leader? (http://horseedmedia.net/2012/12/26/somaliland-silaanyos-other-invisible-hand-or-real-leader) I was shocked when he asked us in Madaxtooyada to promote him so the SL people can discover him. He revealed to us that he planned to run for president in the future and thus he needed all the promotion he can get. To make matters worse, we saw inside Madaxtooyada all ministers required his permissions. One instance, a minister wanted to talk to us and Hirsi told him to wait outside. That's when we turned on him instead of 'promoting' him and maybe we did the opposite Anyways after a year or two, Hirsi is now off Silanyo's back and Silanyo finally saw the light. Placing him under SRA (Somaliland Roads Authority) was the best thing Silanyo did. I hope I don't see him travelling with Silanyo on every trip like before as if he is his wallet. Anyways, Hirsi might be Yajuj Majuj mini-evil but he gets the job done. Right now he is one of the most productive ministers in Silanyo administration along with Warran Adde (75% productive), Hussein Abdi Duale (60% productive) and ina Hashi Abdi (55% productive). I would rate Hirsi 70% productive. The rest of the ministers are below 50% productive (not even average performers) but Bidar might require sometime under his new portfolio. He is making serious changes there including a new bill that will take SL from small solo traders to corporation (the idea is to protect joint ventures, and provide laws for small traders to combine together etc). He also since created http://somalilandinvest.net/ and produce huge data on the country's development, investment opportunities, resources, challenges. Great work and still under progress. You can read it here: http://somalilandinvest.net/somaliland_investment_guide.pdf When Landers do something that jeopardizes Somaliland's interest the way I see it fit, I am often the first one to attack it. When Landers get something right, I am also the first to congratulate them. I just don't ride the boat because I happen to be born into the dominant family.
  18. Allow Dhowr hablaaha duriyada. Even when they have their tooray (Thanks to Burao) out they still appear dadaax iyo qamsa kilo sabiib wa nus
  19. I remember Walawein making fun of Silanyo using the back door because the secret services advised him but they don't see their own humiliations. They need more mirrors in Konfur.
  20. Somaliland does not recognize the illegal paper from Mogadishu. Just because few Western nations endorsed the one-man mafia in Villa Somali Italia it doesn't make it legit. Before Mogadishu produces new scam papers with the help of Chinese manufacturers and Nigerians, it should counsel Hargeisa and all passports from Somalia should have the map of Somalia that does not include Somaliland. When we see this map on their passport, we will endorse it. Until then all Konfuris coming to SL must enter with the old passports when there was a country called Somali Republic. At least we are still keeping Siad Barre's legacy alive :cool: Imagine recognizing all the forgery Shillings from Somalia's many warlords. Their passport is not any different. Just because it has biometric chip ($0.80 per chip, MOQ: 2000) it doesn't mean its legit paper from legit authority. The funny thing is none of them even have biometric readers/devices. Lama oga if the chip works or not. For all we know Hormuud telecom chip/sim-card could be in there.
  21. Kenya is history when it comes to Ethiopia that's why it wants now pick on the much weaker Somalia. It wants to keep runners up at least and no Kenya's GDP was surpassed long time ago. Kenya $37 billion (2012) Ethiopia $43billion (2012) Future projections: Entitled “Investing in Ethiopia,” the report forecasts that Ethiopia’s gross domestic product (GDP) could reach USD 472 billion in 2023 with a GDP per capita of just over USD 4000. And also Ethiopia is not only building the biggest dam in the region but the biggest wind and solar farms. Both dam and wind are under construction.
  22. It's good news for Somaliland. Somaliland took measures, the Konfuris had no choice but to comply and now their weak government is bullying them. We have no one travelling to or from Mogadishu so its their own loses. I have a feeling they will soon realize this and resume it. Meanwhile, all Somalis from the south who want to enter Ethiopia must do so via Somaliland.
  23. Kenya is trying to catch up with Ethiopia. They realized they are losing everything to Ethiopia; agriculture dominance gone, GDP gone, regional influence gone, military gone and even in education the gap is closing. Furthermore Ethiopia is set to become the biggest energy market in the region as its set to produce 37,000 MW by 2030. So Kenya is doing the catch up now in terms of Somalia and Somaliland. The Federal and decentralization of Mogadishu is at full swing. That's what I'm talking about. I support all their consulates.
  24. Wadani wa ruuntada. Horta when it comes to Konfur, I have my own personal preferences and principles. I often hear from Landers make funny amateur political statements such as 'waxan isku dhownahay qolyaha Xamar haysta ee ka so jedan the likes of Hassan, AUN Aideed" as compared to the D (pirates, long-footed, Khatumos). I really laugh at them when they make such ignorant comment and this mentality is entirely based on; 'we never had any direct conflict'. Let me explain. If the UK and Denmark never had a war, does it make them closer than they are to Germany? So far I have not seen a single man from that camp that openly supported SL cause nor ever congratulated her for anything. The D's have done many times and almost 30% of them openly support it. Germany and UK had many wars but if today Germany supports UK's claim to the Falkland Islands as compared to Denmark say, then UK's true friend is Germany. You need to approach the Konfur with the same concept and mentality. Haglatosiye, Bashe, Farah Macalin, etc, etc, openly said to you we are with you. Lakin iyaga kumad ka haysa? The D's are far more honorable and personally despite rivalry and border confrontations are far better to deal with and more open minded. Those in the deep south are like wolf in sheep clothe. I am reforming Landers perceptions which is completely off and far from the reality. Like Nokia phones they failed to update the software and innovate. PLand wa ina hashis lagu dhameya, Khatumo, Buhodle etc lakin the radar must be up for the true Konfuris with the Niiko and toppling Premier every three month culture. Ninka isfedhan ee markad ka gulaysatiid gushada ku ogool wa nin gob ah lakin the one who pretends not to be in fist fight with you lakin waxna ku ogalen wa maas in the grass hahahaha. Nimanyahow dadka hala kala barto. Sabaxad iyo nabad hand in hand ma xuma lakin no sabaxad no wax isasiya is far worse. I rather fight with my neighour then share hot meal at the end of the fight as compared to having big picket fence.
  25. Its true me and Landers disagree on many issues. Horta maha dad open to new ideas. Konfur iyo waqooyi marka lesku eego, each has its pros and cons. Reer waqooyigu horta wa dacad mana aha dad opportunistic ah which is a bad thing in my own book anyways. Konfurtu badana wa con men (tefotore) but they are opportunists and they will not sit back and say yanan faragalin waxas unlike the Waqooyis. Who are none opportunistic marka laga faiidestana cry foul. Its like playing soccer, you did little dirt to get ahead but within the rules of the game...iyagu waxay raban ina xagaga jogtiid iyaguna xagooda oo halka kubada isku turturo. I want to reform them. While waqooyis argue about ixtiiraaf sida lo helo iyo yan hebel lagu sawirin, konfurti waxay tiidhi maandhow mahad Eebe lee leh nooh calooshay lee ku jirta Waqooyi game is predictable wa la wada ogyahay you can leave few truck loads of gold near Tukaraq and they wont take it because its on the other side of this 'border'; "dahabka konfur yala inaga dhafo, ninyahow horta ka waran robki ma helay Saraar?"