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  1. ^^ I am showing you that what you trying to promote here as 'improving relations' remains irrelevant, none important and largely of no interest to Somalilanders. This meeting occurred more than two months ago and the fact that no one paid attention and you are digging the archives says a lot. Egyptian values are not inline with Somaliland values. Egypt can't put the fire in its own KM-4 (Tahriir Square), forget about al Azhar and reviving the ideology of a Pan-Arabist who died over 60 years ago. Reviving his name is like reviving Barre. Why support Pan-Arabist Nasr but be against your own Pan-Somalist like Barre? It's very hypocrisy of Somaliland to ask far away Arabs to restore the legacy and ideologies of Nasr including institutions that bared his name but Barre is erased. Egypt was supplying all the weapons used against Somaliland to Barre while UAE funded his Apartheid South African mercenaries at the tune of $2m per mission but today UAE is different nation. However when the time is right, there will be a lawsuit against them. You see I am not motivated by tribe, I fight for values and Somaliland ideals which differ from Konfuria Democratic Republic and Egypt.
  2. This story or anything related to Egypt does not generate any interest in Somaliland public. No one is hardly talking about this. No major Somaliland media even mentioned this meeting. The story that is generating more interest is this: Guddoomiyaha Golaha Wakiiladda Somaliland oo booqasho ku tagay jig-jiga oo uu kag qaybgalayo Xuska Qoomiyadaha (SAWIRRO) Cairo is second Mogadishu and they need their own AMISOM in Tahrir Square.
  3. Guleed I agree and that's why you have more honest Landers like myself who would rather see Konfuris insulting him for his honest open ideals than hiding them oo meshu isla qudhmayso. Amina Weris has shown us once again what a nepotist culling woman she truly is with no humanity in any inch of her soul. Somaliyeey be warned about her even if you see her on the streets of London.
  4. Bad development. It just means now Egypt will be able to export more Salafists from Al Azhair and other institutions. They will secretly teach the kids how to build IEDs, how to hate Ethiopia and support Mogadishu. The Egyptians have realized Mogadishu is weak and can't do the job diplomatically, militarily nor financially. So they re-packaged their policy. It's still the same old Greater Somalia ideology with the agenda of launching proxy war against Ethiopia and disabling Abay Dam. The Egyptians will now teach Somaliland kids about hate and instead be taught to travel to Mogadishu to receive their Certificate III, Diplomas and Bachelors. They will only teach cert I and II in Somaliland. Very smart strategy. The always gullible brothers like Xaaji are quick to party without examining the deals. Egypt is always pro-Somalia and will go to grave being pro-Somalia more than any other Arab Republic. Ethiopia has no choice but to go to Burao and monitor the Al Azhair radicalization.
  5. Gentlemen thanks for your feedback and suggestions. Point taken. In another developing case, the first lady Amina Weris has told the minister of information Cakuse that he was irrelevant and his decisions have no mandate within the government of Land of Somalis since he is originally from Konfuria Democratic Republic. A week or so ago, he dismissed the chairman of Somaliland's National Television accusing him of incompetence but in a bazaar and racist move against minorities like Cakuse, the first lady has reinstated him. He did not even get burden from Parliament nor President. She went to his house and just like that put him back in the useless office of the useless SLNTV. The honorable President Ato Silanyo supports Cakuse's decision but his mafia wife and her many gangs including Bashe Morgan (another killer) think otherwise and called Hirsi Yajuj Majuj, Dahabshiil and others for aid. Silanyo exited the room quietly in order to contain this act of discrimination. This is the sort of things that I fight and never hide. arar xogo gaala oo aanu kahelayno ilo madax banana ayaa sheegaya in marwada madaxwaynaha Somaliland Aamina Waris ay shaqadiisii dib ugu soo celinayso agaasimaha wasaraada ee wasiirku shaqada ka joojiyay. Wararka ayaa intaasi kudaraya in Khadar Cali gaas uu taageero buuxda ka haysto Marwada Madaxwaynaha iyo Baashe Moorgan halka madaxwayne siilaanyo uu taageersanyahay wasiir Cukuse .
  6. Abdirahman Farole has been an excellent foe and a friend in one package for the Republic and thus his re-election is must. Farole is not only the wisest leader for PL but he knows who is the greatest danger to PL. For that reason, Somaliland has to extend its support to Farole during this tough times ahead of him. There are more hyenas willing to kill him in the name of candidates than security forces in PL. There will not be proper election but instead it will be voted by elders in the Parliament in Garowe. They going to need lots of bariis, hilib and khat and we should help out Farole on this one. He owes us one. He is our seedi as he is married to one of the Duria queens. Under his leadership, piracy, human trafficking and even al Shabab we brought under control not to mention Khaatumo rebels facing his music. The money from Hargeisa should pour into Garowe under the pretext of: "Helping Haiyan Cyclone victims". Silanyo needs to move his chess board before Hassan Cullusow imposes a warlord from Galkaayo on the people of PL, who are the greatest buffer zone, our Jubbaland, our Azania against AMISOM. PLanders, I look forward to the reinstatement of Honorable Farole. Do not let me down and take xaraan money from Konfuri warlords, al Shabab and AMISOM otherwise that will be the end of you like Khaatumo. Our dispute is border related while Mogadishu wants to consume you and declare itself ultimate totalitarian central rule. You can read my full report here: http://www.ethiopianewsforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=65262
  7. What's Goldogob? Man that place or family/reer must have lots of gold to be named Gold-ogob. Always choose gold over silver and bronze.
  8. Wadani, As fellow Lander thanks because some of our own hate opening issues such as this because they don't know how to question things or can't be bothered. How did these symbols came? The more we know the more our people can relate to them but simply putting them up and closing the book is not the way. That's how Somali Republic collapsed when Barre refused to reform in his 21 year rule...his way or no way. Some Landers have this mentality like brother Haji Xunjuf and Hawdian hehehehe. They are loyal citizens but not the best citizens. The best ones are those who question and dig things out comfortably. Lakin iyagu waxay ka warwarsan yahin what Konfuris will say about the symbols and name rather than we pursue the best by challenging existing ones and existing ideas. The smart Konfuris fear man like me in SL quarter and will join people like Mustafe in order to silence me so SL remains the predictable and reform lacking entity that some follow because of blood. I want us to go further than the Duria lineage and the Sheikh family tree and bring others into the fold by listening to their voices and innovations. This is how Google killed Yahoo. Let us not be Yahooland but Idea-land. As long as we have permanent campers like brother Hawdian and Xaaji----our rocket will not take off with their permanent baggage holding us back. Let us be nation of innovators who push their creativity and ideas. Let us not remain permanent worshipers of some aged symbols that no longer relevant. The best ones are still out there. We have the opportunities gentlemen. I respect Landers such as Wadani who have thick skin and open minds. That's the SL I believe not the one British drew from the comfort of his chair in London. SL must be redrawn based on ideals and values not based on colonial relics and archived folders/papers. Symbols: Are we eagle, horse or sakaaro nation? I think a shield with horse and baciid (Oryx) would make more sense...our reer bari love horses and we love baciid...let us combine our powers. We don't deal with shinbiro including eagles...dadka lagu cayi jiray. As for the flag...simple (with a crescent in honor of Adalite Kingdom)...everyone would be happy with east getting their horse, duria gettin their big horned baciid and awdal getting its crescent...SL is land of compromise. Inspiration; Adalite and original SNM, which was simple and awesome flag. Green for peace, our land will always be prosperous thus prosperity, crescent for Islam and history and the circle represents our people...always at the center and shielded and guarded by Islam (crescent). We don't need to stick Shahiida in every corner and rub it against islamaha buurahooda iyo against kafir flags...white presents stability and we are always honest people.
  9. Just because you don't agree with it. It doesn't constitute to spamming nor garbage. SOL needs fresh debates. I can already see it had no success with the old crew like yourself because all you do is whine, call the Mods and kill the site. You already did enough damage banning everyone and isolating SOL. That era is over because the Lion of Haud is here now. SOL needs fresh light and someone that is partisan who isn't afraid to say things how they truly are.
  10. lol, let's admit I gave the Landers a heart attack and all the Konfurians got excited. For once they though, the Duria will join their AMISOM disaster camp. Allah forbid. Just one of the Duria citizens given the opportunity to practice for the future. Fellow Duria citizens are going to sizzle me on their girgiire for the following but the truth must be told. Its the truth that brings about reforms and innovation. A society that lacks innovation and reform is pretty much Nokia 181. Right now the Land of Somalis is pretty much Nokia Lumia but it thinks its Samsung Galaxy. May Allah show the brothers the light...if it was up to me I would spend good 20 years inventing a completely new race with massive campaign in schools, cultural shows (hire so many cultural dance groups, song writers, etc)...in due time everyone will be sold the idea and they will happily embrace it instead of being stuck in mismatching out fits. COUNTRY PROFILE: Name: Somaliland, The land of Somalis Citizen: Somalilander Flag: Italia, Ireland, Iran, Mexico Emblem: Arab wannabe eagle with some NGO style handshake (the hands are not even Durian, they are white Arabs from Lebanon). "Eagle" resembles pigeon from the head (the most important part) than an eagle. If we going to copy and paste Arab ideas and items, can we at least get a good scanner!! Yemen Syria Egypt Finally on the Presidential Kuursi; the room should be repainted with more friendly colour (very very light pink-white) and there should be big windows and open air. What the hell is up with the green-bluish colour? Is this a restaurant in Berbera's Batalaale???? The person who designed this room should be sacked and removed from public places. That power plug next to the flag should be removed. Furthermore, the table should be replaced with very light green one while all chairs should be reddish....the floor should be timber. Floor is hideous right now looks like walking into 1970 housing commission kitchen. Remember I am graphic designer and I have eagle eyes for details.
  11. Likewise we also remembered the genocide in Ahmed Dhegeh by Hirsi Gaab and Co. against Xaqsoor supporters. Today is the first anniversary. Forgiveness and uniting for the sake of the people and republic is sacred but let those who made mistakes also know what they did so others may not make the same mistakes. While I criticize the Italian flag and the land of Somalis identity, I salute the national anthem. That's top notch national anthem that touches on every ideal and value we hold so highly. It's short too unlike Somalia's Days of Our Lives story...ee lee yahin kolna kaca kolna isku hor jiifsada kolna waxanaan fahmeen iyo ooyayeen
  12. Hmmm so I was looking at my photos from Hargeisa in 2012 and I remembered one incident. I took my SD card to a digital print studio in Hargeisa. Next day I went to pick them up and after asking them for it, they loaded up my details and all the photos on their laptop. The dude who was standing behind the counter said to me: "Walaal wa ku diyaar, ariin kalena wan ku hayna" I didn't know whether I should be excited or make a run for it. This was my first time back in Hargeisa since leaving as a child at 5-6 years old. So I took my risk and said: "Haye, maxa soo kordhay, ma lacagti bad igu kordhiiseen oo ducadi ba rabtiin?" He laughed and said: "Maya walaal lakin farin ba lanugu ka dhiibay" Aniga: "Haye..." Photo guy: "Gabadh aya aragtay sawiiradada marka waxay nagu tidhi ilowba ilow ninka iga qada number-kiisa ama hayla so hadlo oo kayga uu qora" Me: "hahahahahhahahahahaha" I was bit embarrassed coz the studio is full and in Hargeisa there is no such thing as piravacy...they are breathing on my garboo...looking at my photos on the screen...and even some of them join the conversation. One guy: "Waryahee waxan ku waydiyeey idinku ma haysan inaanta sawiirkeeda? Inanka hala tuuso bila caleek!!" Me: to myself "WTF...meshani maxay ahed so taan lagu fadhay maha ee suqiba gabadh lagaga so daray maha..." Right away he downloaded her photos and she was pretty but on the shaxam shaxam side on probably 5-kg qiiyasti. Marka at this stage it became an issue of how much baggage can I handle. Waxan is idhi ninyahow wadan cusub ba jogta you already dealing with duco-giver, sheikhi, duriyadi oo wada lahed 'Alla alla hogayeey adigo yar ban ku xasusta' just to squeeze few $ out of u, the fake traffic man ee jidka malin kasta ku istaga "inadeer ken ducadi" so I bailed out and instead went to the ones I knew within our community. The Waran Addes keep it to themselves. The funny thing is half of my photos were taken with a local Suleekha. I'm not sure if she was okay with another gabadh or she just didn't see it. There is no such thing as privacy in Hargeisa. When you take your photos there the world will see it.
  13. The quality in the work is huge different. The Duria is way ahead in terms of professionalism, equipment, skills, installations...
  14. Good news for Somalia but the question remains will it last or will they loot those pipes and cables? The Republic of Somaliland got hers more than three years ago and today SomCable is a thriving company...they are close to taking the cable across the border into Ethiopia. I am glad Mogadishu is going to be online finally.
  15. Xaaji, That's true but inter-racial marriage is not the issue. The issue is why does Mogadishu count Turks marrying some maskiin girl in Mogadishu but ignore the larger mix between them and AMISOM troopers. It won't be long before we get the third Turk edition.
  16. Upon arrival, one will be asked: "Sir do you want kebab, Ugaali (also known as AMISOM) or Niiko (also known as gabadh). In Mogadishu, they have a digital counter that counts the number of kebabs and niiko that collide but no one counts the number of Ugaalis and Niiko. According to the official Maandho (Mogadishu's version of Rolex) counter, the number of kebabs meeting and endorsing niiko stands at: 2 (stay tuned for update) Number of Ugaali and niiko: Unknown. I wonder why?? hmmm I blame the camouflage uniform (Maandho can't detect them). In short, the media in Mogadishu loves dearly when Kebab turns otherwise forgotten niiko into a Cinderella story; kinder like Mogadishu itself but......when its Ugali's special day even the paid photographer (Ugali Shilling) doesn't show up saying 'wewe al shabab kidnapped me'; Uno Due Note: Is it me or do they make one wedding dress in the great land of the Kebab?
  17. Guje, Duriyad like me support Khatumos going their own way however I will reason with Adalis. We will hold referendum and if the majority wins they should respect that. I am happy to share state with them and give them a fair chance. The others add no value to us. They are waste of bariis. I personally am tired of enlisting their bariis doon militias every other week under so called 'qarames'. Anagu ma haysano, they are the ones who took our shirt and decided to impose it on their other sect. We get blamed for no reason. Blame Habsade, Haglatosiye, Bashe and Co. Not us. They said they are us and they want assistance and we said okay but why? They said they are under attack and we said maxad haysin and they said we can put every son under you...waxan ku nidhi doni mayno lakin dhibka laydinku haya wu na yara dhibaya. Its no surprise today they are the ones spilling blood in taleh same way they did in Kalshale, Buhodle and Hudun but blamed us just because they hijacked our shirt. We never go to their regions, they are the ones who send suldan, garad, cirole, islan, carur, student, militia, politician to us and all we do is welcome them. Adalis are cool, they do their own thing and are capable people. I respect them.
  18. Hawdian I used to think you were grown man but you spoke like a little girl there. It's okay I understand your from the far east and were always isolated there. Once we build this Erigavo road, we will show you a new world and bring you out off that cave. Until then I don't expect much different from what you said above.
  19. Guje, You are partially correct. I am man of honesty and I can't deny our people no matter how twisted, messed up, westernized, radicalized, Yahudnized, Buddahnized, Balaayonized always and I say always put their people first. This is how we look at it; hurting them is hurting hooyo because one way or another she is going to be connected to them. Marka Godane knows hooyo will not sleep and she will attend the tacsi of reer hebel, reer heblayo...marka he doesn't want that sadness for his dear mother. Mel ka fog bu ku barbarta IEDs and we are sorry about that lakin ninka idinka hosta gashaday when we wanted to capture him. Duria is always merciful to its hooyo. Somaliland wa hooyo.
  20. In SL the people are the CIA, Delta forces and the marines. They can not find anyone to brain wash thanks to our wise Sheikhs such as Adan Siro and others who keep reminding the public to be tolerant and merciful. Everyone in SL has a role and everyone steps up. The public are the eyes and #1 security. The police support them, the government is functioning and the Suldaano are coming through for us. It is a big chain and the chain is all connected that's why its moving. Al Shabab markay Las Anod so marayaan aya la so oogadaba...even we specified las Anod and the residents now enjoy peace. Imagine we left them today....they would be back to chaos. Duria has a magic bullet called Ducaadi Sheikha. Denying it will only bring you closer to an al Shababi IED. Sheikha lama dafiiro, he remains more supreme than Godane, Zawahiri, Osama and all their crew. Only one man guards his tomb with a stick. Ilahayba jacayl Sheikhyada ruunta ah oo ilashada.
  21. In the modern world and politics; birds of the same feather flock together (shinbiirba shinbiirkiisu la dula) regardless of race, nationality and ethnicity. The most important feather in the modern world is ideology. It's no surprise to me that Ethiopia's ruling party EPRDF has invited the chairman of Somaliland's ruling Kulmiye Party, Mujahid Muse Bihi Abdi. He was hosted in Addis Ababa by Ato Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Chairman of EPRDF and Chairman of the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM). Ato Mekonnen is also Ethiopia's Education Minister. The two plan to travel together on the same jet to Jigjiga to take part in the cultural celebration there known as Ethiopia’s Nations’, Nationalities’ and Peoples’ Day.. Today the Speaker of Ethiopia's Parliament Ato Kassa T-Birhan invited Somaliland's Parliament Speaker Mr. Abdirahman Irro. The two will meet in Addis Ababa before making the journey together to Jigjiga likewise to take part in the event. This is Irro's third time taking part in the cultural awareness exhibition which celebrates Ethiopia's diverse cultures and people. In this sense birds of the same feather are looking out for one another and the region has long shredded its cultural bigotry. I am afraid to say Mr. Hirsi Yajuj Majuj is yet to find his shinbiir even amongst the predominantly midget Highlanders. And for this I say I am sorry. If the Ethiopian opposition was strong and as more relevant as Somaliland's be sure there would be equally funny, fearless Anbessa (lion) and faulty mouth version of His Suldaan-ness Faisal Ali Warabe.
  22. Doc, To be honest. Somaliland is 70% youth under the age of 30. Almost all of them never heard of anything called Somalia. To them Somalia is no different than Djibouti. If Djibouti today says Somaliland is part of Ali Sabeh, I assure you more people would find that more legit than Mogadishu's claims. Its time the south moved on. As for parts of Sool and eastern Sanaag....I am happy to let them go likewise and accept they join with their Kinsman if that's what they desire. Aduunkan maanta nimanyahow qasab ma jiro otherwise your only friend will be the walls of the Hague.
  23. The Queen will give him British Lipton tea in the hope that Ugandan troops would be motivated to take on al Shabab courtesy of this royal tea pot and cups The Queen is irrelevant in today's politics. She watches realities shows and the rest of the day signs few meaningless papers for Commonwealth games and Commonwealth Cricket teams; "Oh dear, I wonder if Kenya beat Botswana...George please bring me tea" She will soon issue Christmas Message and maybe she will mention AMISOM.
  24. ^^ No doubt Cukuse is a genuine citizen and one us but that's because we welcomed him. There was a time he wasn't a citizen nor one of us. I am saying if they can be like him, we will make them one of us too. Mujahid Cukuse is halyey. I think people from central regions would be more comparable with our ideals, values, culture and language.
  25. Just because you met with the Queen and PM of downing st, it doesn't mean Hargeisa comes under AMISOM. Sorry to burst your bubble but the world doesn't operate like that. UK is pumping $200m into Somaliland, its naval ships are docked in Berbera, its development agency is managing SL's Fund and is trying to raise $1.2b. I don't see how that is endorsing AMISOM mandate.