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  1. I respect Fowzia because she is my own blood, cousin. I know all her family and our families have been neighbours since the beginning in many places around the world. She is great woman and own blood but not a politician. She is working with and for the wrong people. I hope she comes to her common sense. The Mogadishu adm. is an enemy like no other. Fowzia should be working for our people but all she managed to do is take few gashaantimo of warlords from Konfur on a shopping spree in Brussels and invite other men ("ministers/ambassadors") to her bed room. Shame. In reality she is not one of us because a woman becomes her new family (husband). Good luck to her and her bedroom. I hope some EU nation donates a lamp for her bedroom for some light. Dark Cullusows are hard to see.
  2. Rageedi. Good to have another fellow Hawdian/Goljaanoian. The people of Hawd are known for their passion, creativity, thinking, poetry and for delivering the results. I was in Hawd (beyond Daroor, Gosaygi and Dekada) end of 2011. Great place. Amazing people. It was a great adventure. Where in the Hawd did you go?
  3. The Hawd region in SL is flawed sxb. Forget that. The real Hawd is Haud (English spelling) and that's where I represent. I'm from both Hargeisa (born near there Sheikh Aw-Barkhadle) and Haud (my adopted home). As for citizenship, I am Ethiopian. What about yourself?
  4. The local governments in Somaliland (Dowlada Hoose) should ban those khat transporters from using sirens and set a limit to speeding for all vehicles. The sirens should only be used; ambulances, traffic police, presidential and foreign dignitary convoy. The khat drivers and their vehicles act and seem to be above the law. They blast their sirens and have no regard for public safety and to be honest all they are carrying is some useless narcotic acting like they transporting a sick patient. All khat transporters should not travel more than 60 km/h in urban places. They are not special. In fact they are biggest killers (roads, health, family, pockets). If khat drivers all have sirens then watermelon (xabxab), apple, guava and other agricultural growers, venders and transporters should all have sirens Somaliland haysla wada walatee (dhudha dhudha, biba biba, whoob whoob). The current mayor of Hargeisa is not only a youthful and visionary leader but very pro-active man. I hope he will be the first to introduce such bill and the rest will follow. Road accidents are becoming major killers in SL. Removing their sirens, setting a nationwide speed limit (both central and local governments) and educating the public should send a strong message to all that Somaliland is serious about road safety and public well being. Silanyo needs to establish a new commission (Somaliland Accidents Commission (SAC)) their job should be to investigate road accidents, take reckless drivers to courts and educate the public through once weekly "Roads education" classes to all high school and university students and commercials. Through these education classes, road signs should be introduced and driving laws...giveways, round about, etc. Education should include targeting nomads in collaboration with future mobile education units. If we don't educate the pastoral communities, I am afraid they going to fall back even further. Visiting towns will become a nightmare and a daunting task. As a result many might abandon the towns all together meaning vital interruption to their lives and essential supplies to and from major towns. By teaching them the rules and how they can navigate, they would be more comfortable to visit and know they are safe. Right now Hargeisa is small but in 20, 30 years time it could be a big city with complex roads and transportation system.
  5. This is just a family feud that turned deadly. The Dhulos are not genuine Landers in my eyes. They are bariis-doon. Marku dharigu sarnen (no charcoal on the stove), they tear up their blue gogarado and macaawis and stick a little white star...but if they see hot dhari, they play cool and pretend to know something new about Wadani or Kulmiye "war horta aarbowe (oops thats not mean to come out) nimanki Kulmiye iyo Wadani ma kala baxen?" I don't take them serious including their beef; its called bariis war. As long as the bariis from Hargeisa is reaching them far and wide; they will do the hand clap for "saamo ku waar" and the Erigavo road will speed up this hot bariis delivery system. Hada Taleex bariis ma geyno wayo by the time our dhari reaches there it has no milix and no kulayl. Meanwhile, SL should not take in nor accept the fleeing Khaatumo rebels/group. I want PL to finish them off (like Mortal Combat "FINISH HIM!"). We don't need to take every defeated, fleeing, bariis-doon and wan-tobo keenay militia men. When SL takes in these kind of people and says "maanta waxan qaramenay militia x from tulo x"; it just seems like the kind of dumping yard one throws his old iga siimi (1960 Volvo hatchback ee Africa lagu wadan jiray (popular in Ethiopia)).
  6. Safferz, Hawd mise Erigavo? In Hawd you are most welcome but I never past Sheikh Aw-Barkhadle to the east (outside of Hargeisa). Waryeey Haji, hahahahahahahaha wa runta tasi lakin adun casri ah ba lagu jira marka expect the unexpected. Now days in Hawd, you take one sip of the caano geel and one bite on the Bermuda.
  7. The idea to establish the Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) for Somaliland was a brilliant idea but in the future we need to focus on getting that fund under our uncorrupted and qualified people (7 member committee; 2 academia, 2 opposition, 1 government, 1 religious Aden Siro oo kale and 1 from the business). 4 civilians that represent the people and 3 politicians that represent the political sector. I think it could work and all 7 need to work together to make the aid efficient and productive. The UK government and Somaliland have worked together that the fund needs almost $1.2 billion in order to achieve all these planned projects/development. This is the biggest development fund ever for Somaliland. As long as I don't hear, Somaliland is going recognition mad and queuing up for every foreign backpacker (War ixtiraafki ma sida?), I am good with SL. Allow Dhowr. This year has been good year, Silanyo is finally starting to talk, walk and chillax like a real politician. Before Hirsi Gaab was all over him and all we heard was Dr Bidar and his ixtiraaf lies. Hada real development goals are on the agenda. Down ixtiraaf!! It wasted 22 years of our peoples' lives. PRESS RELEASE (UK Government) Boost for development in Somaliland A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Government of Somaliland and its Somaliland Development Fund development partners Today the Somaliland authorities, along with the UK’s Department for International Development and DANIDA, committed to working together to improve the lives of the people of Somaliland. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Government of Somaliland and its Somaliland Development Fund development partners at the Presidential Palace in Hargeisa. The SDF provides a single channel through which donors can support Somaliland’s development goals. It supplements Somaliland’s own resources to help deliver the National Development Plan (2012-2016) and associated Somaliland Special Arrangement. It demonstrates a level of confidence and trust in the level of progress achieved in Somaliland. The SDF aims to reduce the fragmentation of development assistance going to Somaliland,and give the Somaliland Government ownership over how and where the funds are spent. Speaking at the event President Silanyo welcomed the agreement. “Somaliland has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring, peace, stability and development over the years and has been supported by its partners and close friends, specially the UK and the Danish Government’s. The SDF is a vote of confidence in Somaliland’s efforts to meet the Millennium Development Goals and create a strong and sustainable country. We thank the UK and Danish Government’s for their commitment and faith in our people and our systems.” The SDF aims to contribute to a more stable and prosperous Somaliland. Achieving stability and prosperity is dependent on citizens receiving core public services and the Government engaging with their citizens through transparent and accountable systems. The SDF will deliver the following headline results: Delivery of core state functions by Central and local government in Somaliland Improving service delivery – initially focused on roads, livestock, water, and the environment. This will include: Rehabilitation of Hargeisa to Berbera road, and feasibility study of Burao – Erigavo road providing much needed infrastructure and links to Berbera port and regional markets Upgrading of Hargeisa urban water supply to benefit an additional 500,000 people as well rural potable water supply to 200,000 people Construction of two livestock holding grounds to support exports and the livestock sector which is the mainstay of the Somaliland economy Regeneration and protection of rangelands to enhance productivity Promotion of reforestation through community managed tree nurseries Political commitment delivers public financial management and wider public sector reforms, leading to improved accountability and government strengthening. UK Ambassador Mr Neil Wigan and Danish Ambassador Mr Geert A. Andersen,signed the MOU together with the Head of DFID Somalia Ms Joanna Reid. “Our visit represents the continued commitment of the UK and Denmark to support Somaliland.We recognise the efforts the government is making to strengthen governance, and providing access to equitable basic services for all citizens of Somaliland,” said Mr Wigan “The Somaliland Development Fund will ensure that ordinary people in Hargeisa and across Somaliland will benefit from improved services. For example 500,000 men, women and children will soon have access to a clean water supply,” added Ms Reid. Mr Geert A. Andersen said, “Having visited Somaliland on several occasions, I am truly impressed by the progress seen in so many areas. Our support to SDF and other areas is based on a close partnership with Somaliland having demonstrated leadership and ownership. SDF is the New Deal in practice.” Notes to editors The Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) provides a single vehicle through which donors can support Somaliland’s development goals. The SDF supports the Government of Somaliland (GoSL) fill a critical gap through funding projects that are fully aligned to the National Development Plan (NDP) 2012 -2016 while at the same time recognizing the role of GoSL in the delivery of basic services. The Fund supports recurrent and Capital costs. The SDF will also support GoSL’s communication of results to build accountability and transparency. Furthermore, the SDF is designed to strengthen the state-citizenship relationship and enhance accountability and domestic revenue generation. This, in turn, should lead to more stability and prosperity in Somaliland. Current donor contributions to the fund stand at the $60.5 million provided by the UK’s Department for International Development ($40.5m), and DANIDA ($20m). This is a clear demonstration of confidence and commitment on the part of contributing donors to the Fund. However, this fund is only 4.2% of the $ 1.19 billion required for funding the National Development Plan. Further information is available at www.somalilanddevelopmentfund.org Media contact: Ifrah, Somaliland Government Communications Office pogcsom@gmail.com or Amanda Lawrence-Brown, Communications Unit British Embassy Mogadishu A-lawrence-brown@dfid.gov.uk You can read the full Press Release from the UK government here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/boost-for-development-in-somaliland?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=press-release-boost-for-development-in-somaliland
  8. Hawdian, Thank you for the warm welcome and gesture. Yes, I'm the Habesha Hawdian from ER (inviting you all over) Kuwi kale miyeey dhumanayaan mise they busy emptying their pockets for Hirsi Gaab iyo wadaadi Erigavo? Xaji Xunjuf horta soo bax ban lee yahay in kastu ninku magac xun yahay. Magaca 'Hawdian' wa cadiyo hadu Erigavo gadhay wa ilahay mahadi. I have no issue with it hadan isla lahano.
  9. Waryadhaheen its me Hawdian (the real one) and I am okay with the brother from Erigavo to keep that shirt as he will host me in Erigavo for some spicy kaluun once we finish this Burao-Erigavo road I just wanted to say hello to all. On behave of all Hawdians we send our greetings to all Landers and other Somalis :cool: SOL mods nimanyahow instead of deleting every harmless post, mesha naga hagajiya (too much code errors and confusion. We are in 2013, it seems this forum is stuck in 2008).
  10. Already miyeeygu bilaben SOL moderators/admin? Is this place dictatorship like snet? Wtf is wrong with Somalis and their forums? They should focus more on learning how to code and fixing the million errors than deleting every minor post.
  11. Galbeedi, The reason nothing was done in SL is because first the nation was conceived in a battle field and the people went through a number of phases as did the nation. 1) War 2) Rehabilitation and reconstruction 3) Ixtiraaf-doon obsession. The people only had three mentalities and the 'politicians' thought these three are what works and they must play by the playbooks of the masses and not try something 'new and innovative'. Some people are stuck in war era and mental set and 24/7 feel the need to defend 'Somaliland' even online. The Diaspora suffers most from this symptom. The biggest group feels they are still in 'rehabilitation and reconstruction' era and don't have time or energy for hospitals, roads because in their views people need 'my house, his house, her house' before having 'our hospitals, our roads'. Marka waxay ku jiiran 'me me' mentality, there is no 'we'. Finally the third group is ixtiraaf (some spell it ictiraaf by I keep it unique) doon madness. They see no hospitals, roads or school being built without ixtiraaf. If the kid in the street asks the most senior politicians: "Adeer we need more schools" he will get the responds: "War naga amus adeero ixtiirafki lama hayo oo wax lama qaban kare" The last group is the one I hate the most. They are optimists who only know how to sit back and wait for the eagle to feed them worms while they are crow species. After 22 years, one would think by now SL would reach phase 4 and ixtiraaf should not be a solo bridge but one that is parallel to all things and all plans. In the last few months, waxa moda, the Kulmiye adm. is finally getting the picture that true Landers don't give a fk about ixtiraaf and Dr Bidaar's lies. They need jobs, development and programmes that enhance their basic lives such as the eastern road (Burao-Erigavo). Great initiatives in my opinion. For years I have been strongly opposed to SL and still not inline with them on many things but I don't jump because they said jump in Madaxtooyo. Marka Landers have to think rational and less on emotions. Ixtiraaf-doon is the biggest emotional abuse on the public. 4) State development and intra-integrations. Cheers, I am the true Hawdian.
  12. Safferz, Thanks man but still it says no results. You are talking about: Find latest posts Find latest started threads Find latest started threads Right? I only started one other post (Summing all Landers) and that's what I'm looking for.
  13. Warya Hawdian, Gormad shaatiga iga xaday ninyo? I see SL pirates in Erigavo As for the deal, it's good for Somaliland but we need the Fund to be handled by our own people otherwise we going to feel like drug users on welfare whose money has to be managed by "non-drug using agents".
  14. This forum is very confusing. How do you find your own topics? They don't have View Your Posts option (I think) Thanks.