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  1. Who should run for Presidential candidate of Kulmiye coming election? Muse Bixi or Cadicasiis Samaale, and why?
  2. What independence are we celebrating? We are still occupied to this day. This times it's even worse. occupied by 3rd world countries, uganda, burundi, kenya Siere leon. How pathetic of us to celebrate when this is the current situation
  3. Right lets have a pulse of the current candidates from Kulmiye only, so vote for who you would like to see as the president and vice-pres in 2015. My vote goes to: Mudane Samaale as President with a running mate from the Dulbahante tribe.
  4. Its disappointing to see the party election postponed but expected. I hope they can resolve the issues by then. Looking forward to next presidential elections in 2015. My question to you all is: Where will you be as an individual and as a Somalilander in live Insha'Allah and who will yo be supporting on what basis? Quick short answers Myself: I hope to be back in the Motherland maybe running a small business and contributing to the building of our country. I will root for Either Kulmiye depending on who runs and Ucid. We need change and from a figure of the future not the past.
  5. This is what has caused Somalia to be in coma for the last 22 years.When will we have leaders akin to the Somali Youth League? When will our people stand up to these blood suckers who are sucking the blood out of a dying nation? Corruption is the drug that paralyses a nation in the same way that cocaine affects the human body. At this rate this addiction will spread to the rest of our population. Thank you to the author for highlighting the problem
  6. Wadani party doesnt have a great deal to offer. its leadership is stale and unproductive. Mr Cirro has no charisma or initiative whatsoever
  7. who knows the setup of the kulmiye central committee? and where the votes will go in the party elections? I think that Sland is looking for a change and this change can come from Samaale. Although Jamaal will also be a very good candidate
  8. Xaaji Mr Silaanyo is unlikely to run based on his age and health. Although allot of his supporters would like him to. The Xirsi camp wishes to maintain the status quo, however the party will choose a new leader for the pres elections. The question is who will it be? Samaale or Bixi? Kulmiye will win if choses Samaale
  9. I am of the opinion that as a kulmiye supporter our chances of winning the next election are much better served with Mudane Samaale than it will be with Mudane Bix; who's history and rhetoric will be exploited by the other parties. But who will be victorious in this party internal strive for leadership?
  10. The next up coming election is hard to judge, however the ruling party Kulmiye stands a good change with still few years remaining, if their work is progressive the public will see the benefits. The leadership of Kulmiye is interesting one: Bixi was promised and now Samaale looks to be backed by the President. It looks to be interesting. Hope the contest is a clean and fair contest.
  11. Alpha Blondy: Whether or not he is just a pawn on sillanyo's chest board is up for debate, however give us your analatical analysis on whether he will get kulmiye nomination and beat Muse bixi and whether he stand a change of winning elections. Whats your take?
  12. I understand the Tribe Politics exists. Who will support, who will oppose?
  13. Any savy Somaliland Political Analysists what's your take on Mr Samaale's anouncement? Will he get Kulimiye Commitee nomination? Which sections are possible backers and possible opponents?