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  1. In that case, let's wait this talk till my PM is activated!
  2. Bluelicious;806752 wrote: Are you sure about that and not thinking of running of with a younger woman. You know Somali men and their habits for running after women who are much younger then them. Let's take this into private! lol
  3. Bluelicious;806743 wrote: What do you mean you don't know i'm sure you got some rough drafts of the things you wanna do. I'm gonna settle down when i'm thirty are you gonna wait for me for such a long time lol? ABSOLUTELY! I was afraid you were going to say within a year or two. lol
  4. Xaaji Xunjuf;806742 wrote: Awoow ma waxad sheegeysa Saw nimanka dalandooliye duubay cali maaha Saw nimanka daratoole iyo degey walwaal maahaa Waxa tiriye nin la yidha Ismaciil Cigaal Bulaale Gabya weyn oo reer Somaliland ah Whatever happened to "Waxa tiriye gabya weyn oo reer hebel ah". Now, I guess, you're so ashamed of your own clan's position amongst other Somali clans, so therefore you're going by the name "Somaliland". lol You don't hear a poet from Somalia oo la leyahay, "Waxa tiriye gabya weyn oo reer somalia ah". Lol
  5. Bluelicious;806738 wrote: I wanna know though how would you propose to a woman? I don't know! You tell me!
  6. The Sage;806736 wrote: Do you even know what you're talking about? Or are you just purposefully spewing nonsensical statements? The state of Somaliland recieved recognition from dozens of countries including all 5 members of the UN Security Council. Get your facts straight. http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2010/10/should-the-us-help-break-up-somalia/64163/ If there is anything of going back, then I suggest you look no further than Pre-Colonialism.
  7. The Hermet;806733 wrote: lol @ kalaay ila muraan...saxib dadka Somaliland waaa isku mid inshallah we gonna show the somali race how its done.... Just like how a Christian Debater would change subjects and avoid what's being directed at him by his Muslim counterpart, you and Xaji have done the same. Run along, for falsehood shall perish!
  8. xiimaaya;806729 wrote: Lyio police are fighting terrorist orgnization other wise why would civilians have heavy weapons? arent they doing policing by wanting to disarm this gashamo trouble makers? YUP! Why would Nomads have Heavy Weaponry, if Somaliland/Al-Shabaab aren't involved? We know, the innocent people of Gaashaamo are being used as Human Shields by the Terrorist Organization Al Shabaab, whose leader is from Hergeisa!
  9. Bluelicious;806730 wrote: Are you serious. Now why would you do that? Fine, I won't do it.
  10. Abdul;806725 wrote: XX,just accept you made a mistake supporting Ethiopians against reer Buhoodle,its on record saaxib.As for Gaashamo district,we hope for peace.People talking about Alshabab should stop their nonesense. Are you suggesting that Somali Websites, such as Allssc are full of nonsense?
  11. xiimaaya;806695 wrote: if we get there you done Lol
  12. Bluelicious;806722 wrote: Like I told you, you can't fool me. That's why I'm proposing to you!
  13. The Hermet;806716 wrote: ans Somalia was a country before the italians...hahaha seriously are you for real?? I never said that! What we know today as Somalia wasn't a country before the Colonials. Each part had it's own Kingdom or Administration before the arrival of the Colonials. Zeylac and Berbera were under Ottoman rule. Mogadishu and Kismaayo were under another Kingdom, can't remember the name. Bari was under the Osmaniya rule, Darwiish State existed, but had a different name. This were the case of the Somali Peninsula. The Italian, British, and French came, colonized the people, divided portions for each to rule. So, to come in here and say, "British-Somaliland" as a whole was "Always" a country, is a lie. Like wise for Italian-Somaliland.
  14. Hahahahahaha! Fine! You caught me red handed!
  15. Xaaji Xunjuf;806713 wrote: Not everything is about qabil eeg qabyaladu wa shay aad u xun wax walba lugu ma dabaqo Just like Christian debater, you avoided a simple question that deserves a simple answer.
  16. Xaaji Xunjuf;806708 wrote: Ask salax about my stand on the ONLF I don't see any difference between you and Salax.
  17. The Hermet;806705 wrote: Learn your history and International law then come on to a forum and debate in a civilised fashion who has unbiased views...instead of baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaac all the time. As for our people we all somalilanders, we have been sharing a state before Somalia existed son..Somaliland is older then Somalia..so i rest my case. Lol @ International Law. I believe this "International Law" is the very same law that denied any recognition whatsoever to your Clan-State. Four days of Vacancy does not consitute to being a "Country". When British came, the area known as "British-Somaliland" was not a country of it's own before the British.
  18. Xaaji Xunjuf;806700 wrote: ^^ Where did i support the handover of ONLF members ? Liibaan shall do the research! lol
  19. Xaaji Xunjuf;806696 wrote: ^^ The prime minister of Somaliland on 26 june was prime minister Muhammad haji ibrahim Cigaal the country was than called the state of Somaliland. LMAO, really? This issue has been debated and your folks have lost the debate so many times. It's like a Christian and Muslim debate, debating about the Holy Trinity. A Christian would conclude that the Holy Trinity is "Mysterious", thus he can't explain it, while the Muslim, explains the illogical of the Holy Trinity, schools the Christian debater with his own Bible! Lol British gave Northern Somalia Independence, but the area was NOT a recognized "State", thus, from June 26th to June 30th, there were Meetings and Talks between Politicians, Elders and Clan Chiefs, discussing whether to become a Country or to join Italian-Somaliland Protectorate. The decision was the later. So, again....this has been debated. The 4 days of Independence of the Former British-Somaliland Protectorate was complete a vacancy!
  20. Xaaji Xunjuf;806692 wrote: Well done to admiral Maxamad cumar osman and his group. How many faces do you have? In one post, you condemn ONLF and support the capture and handover of alleged ONLF members to Ethiopia by the SNM administration in Hergeisa. In another post, you cheerlead for the same organization/movement you condemned? lol
  21. The Hermet;806689 wrote: K.O.W. keep at it mate...Slow but steady...your view is your view enjoy it. Somaliland was the first independent Somali country??? was it not??? i bet you would even argue against that right??? How? 4 days? You're telling me that 4 days of vacancy of Colonial Administration constitutes to "Independent Country"? lol So, who was the President of this country you speak of for the 4 days the British were not ruling? Was there a flag that flied above every town in the Former British-Somaliland Protectorate for 4 days, apart from the British flag? LOL
  22. Xaaji Xunjuf;806681 wrote: ^^ Dont worry xaajigu waligi victim iska ma dhigo arki meysid taas wax dhacay uun ba la sheega khaatumo waxay hoostagta Somaliland wa laba dad oo isku mid ah wax u dhexeyaa ma jirto aan ahayn koox ba tidhi anagu taleex baanu fadhidna kooxna anagu laascaanood baanu fadhina wa la is afgaran doona wax weyn maha adeer. How are Reer Laascaanood and Reer Hergeisa the same? They don't share the same Lineage. They have never been in the same political movement. They have been fighting each other since the arrival of the Colonials. So, again, how are Reer Laascaanood/Reer Bariga Ceerigaaboo (Khaatumo/Maakhir) the same as Reer Hergeisa?
  23. The Hermet;806682 wrote: Unfortunately for you...the world disagrees Which world are you talking about? Mars? Jupiter? Venus? Because, I know the 3rd Planet from the Sun (Earth) has recognized that Somaliland is part of Somalia.
  24. Xaaji Xunjuf;806662 wrote: Its seems that reer Somaliland are not interested in clan states they see the larger picture of nationhood . The Caaqils are the elders of Somaliland god bless them Burahadeer:D:D Couldn't have said it better. Good Job Xaji Xunjuf! Somaliland is a clan state and needs to understand that Somalia's sovereignty is not negotiable.
  25. burahadeer;806670 wrote: siyad barre,onlf,liyo police,buhoodle instigators,kismayo instigators,those who brought ethiopians,kenyans,americans, those who destroyed somali race is all yours.You all the same & one...just evil. Godane, the leader of Al Shabaab is from Hergeisa/Gabiley/Gaashaamo areas, along with 2,000 soldiers of AL Shabaab that have recently escaped the Southern Somalia defeats they have experienced.