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  1. Atirisho;808357 wrote: Abdullahi Yusuf wasn't anything of those things. Stop fabricating. He was a Somali hero. He was Somalia's best President. He was an Angel. He was Christ himself, right? He was a Legend. lol
  2. Bluelicious;808339 wrote: Aaawww you know how it is insparable you are so sweet. You made me blush, special song from a special man Maaac Anytime!!
  3. Thank you, Bluelicious. See you until next time.
  4. Bluelicious;808323 wrote: Come on you know where I go K.O.W goes too we are inseparable. We sure are, INSEPARABLE!
  5. Why the rush? Girl, I got banned twice. I don't know if I'd be back again, if I get banned again. Life is short and I'm quite sure, we've reached a perfect time to move forward. Notify the Admin, but I need to know how you look ASAP. Lol @ Che. She sure is a tease!
  6. Somehow, my PM activation is taking too long. Make a temporary email, give it to me, I'll add you to my email and we can chat via there! Che-, I got you!
  7. Somalia;808312 wrote: My man. :cool: I know, I'm your man and you're my girl.
  8. Somalia;808306 wrote: Nah, I'm stating the obvious, I don't care for those areas in term of resources. Why do you people seem hell bent on whatever resources that may or may not be there when you can't even get your act together and rule the place? I think Puntland should get one of these for its own sake, are you with me? If you say so.
  9. Bluelicious;808305 wrote: Lol how can someone make war with you? You are a peaceful man K.O.W - I don't advertise myself online. You know how a woman looks like right that's all you need to know loool Lol, I'm not accepting this answer. I'm not asking you to give me your breast size. What I ask of you is, a normal body/complexion description. You can drop it on my profile.
  10. Somalia;808299 wrote: Whatever man, I just think it's funny. I'm glad progress rubs off on people, good luck tapping whatever you may have. What do Somalis say, "Qosal Gariir"? You keep repeating, "It's funny", because...you came to realize that your dream of ruling over a wide area, over 3 huge clans, under the umbrella of "Tolnimo" has come an end.
  11. Sounds good! Horta, you never described to me how you look. I need full description! Che, I never had any intentions of making war.
  12. Loooooooooooooool, baby why would I be jealous over something so insignificant as wishing a "birthday" to a fellow member? I was in terms with you in the beginning of this thread, I just decided to derail it a bit, to cause a little scene. Shall we make up?
  13. Xunjuf, support your Reer Ceel-Afweyn. They choose Somalia over Secessionism.
  14. the hermet;807414 wrote: so even though your caqils and sultans signed somalilands indepedence Bring the prove or stfu !
  15. Xaaji Xunjuf;808265 wrote: i dont know that liberation u are talking about laascaanood is free KOW even the khaatuumo guys visited laascaanood its free Lol, is that right? Then why have the people been arrested after demonstrating against Somaliland? Why are kids being arrested, as young as 11?
  16. Xaaji Xunjuf;808257 wrote: He can visit where ever he wants he just opened his office last week in laascaanood and thats what matters Sure, Laascaanood which is forcefully under the occupied SNM militia. I wonder what you will say, after Laascaanood is liberated. Lol
  17. LOL, okay, okay. Just trying to get you pissed off! Just for the record, I ain't jealous! lol
  18. LOL, Keyse Abdi Yusuf can't even visit his own town Widhwidh. The guy has been in Hergeisa since he ran away like a bride! lol
  19. Xaaji Xunjuf;808250 wrote: nonsense where is the source pictures atleast something Silaanyo arrested in China -- you said "nonsense" Siilaanyo hold up in the gates in London's conference -- you said "nonsense" SNM militia defeated in the battles of Cayn -- you said "nonsense" SNM soldiers defect to Khaatumo Republic -- you said "nonsense" Reer Hergeisa Commander defect to Khaatumo Republic -- you said "nonsense" Nabaddiid terrorists in Gaashaamo -- you said "nonsense" Journalists arrested and beaten in Hergeisa -- you said "nonsense" Civilians in Laascaanood, arrested and killed for being Anti-Somaliland -- you said "nonsense" For you, everything is nonsense, if it goes against your way, even if it's the truth.
  20. Bluelicious;808246 wrote: Che - PM me about your theory I wanna hear it. Why wouldn't you want Che to share his theory with us all? :confused: Btw, I didn't misinterpret what you said, I read it like the way you wrote it, which is, "You are confused as to which one to pick between KOW and Carafaat". It's whatever. :rolleyes:
  21. Today, the people of Ceel-Afweyne town of Sanaag burn Somaliland's so-called flag and rose Somalia's flag in the town. Mudaharaad balaadhan oo khasaare naf iyo maalba geystay oo ka dhacay Degmada Ceel-Afweyn Ee Gobolka Sanaag,inta la ogyahay 1qof oo dhimasha ah iyo dhowr qof oo dhaawac ah iyo waliba khasaare kale Oo hantuyeed leh taasoo ay ka danbaysay xadhigii Boqor Buurmadow iyo labadii Agaasime guud ee dibu-dajinta iyo Arrimaha dibeda ee midina ku jiro jeelka Hargeysa ka kalena ay xukuumaddu xayiraada ka saartay inuu dalka ka baxo. Sida ay ku soo waramayaan dad goobjoogayaal ahi waxa saaka ka dhacay mudaharaad aad u balaadhan oo lagaga soo horjeeday xadhiga maamulka Siilaanyo kula kacday madax dhaqameedkooda iyo Agaasimayaashaasi u dhashay deegaankooda waxaanay maamulka Siilaanyo ugu baaqeen inay deg Deg u sii dayso ragaas sida ugu dhakhsaha badana in xorriyadooda loo soo celiyo. Sida ay noo xaqiijiyeen dad ku sugan magaaladaasi Ceel-Afweyn waxaa wadooyinka magaaladaisugu soo baxay dadweyne aad u cadhaysan Oo gubaya Sawirka Siilaanyo iyo Calanka cagaarka iyo Casaanka ah ee Maamulkiisa,waxayna ku dhawaaqayeen ereyo ay kaga soo horjeedaan maamulka Siilaanyo waxayna dadkaasi si lama filaan ah mar keliya ula soo wada baxeen calnkii buluuga ahaa Ee Somaliya Oo mudo 21sano ahaan lagu arag magaaladaasi. Isku soo wada duuboo dadweynahan mudahraadayay ayaa isugu soo rugmaday badhtamaha magaaladaasi halkaas Oo ay kula hadleen Cuqaal,Odayaal iyo Qabanqaabiyayaashii Banaanbaxan
  22. Bluelicious;808239 wrote: I don't know either what's with these guys i'm baffled, i'm caught in the middle :confused: Caught in the middle? So, you're saying, you don't know who to choose between Carafaat and myself? I'll make it easy for you....Carafaat is the perfect man for YOU. Not me, a selfish, piece of consistent jerk like myself!
  23. ^ No need to push me back into something you're trying to save me from. Apparently, I've appeared to be jealous to some people. smh :confused:
  24. Bluelicious is toying with me? lol Che is onto something!
  25. 'Liibaan';808229 wrote: Thank You Kow for sharing with us Khaatumo State Celebration in Virginia Anytime, Mujahid Libaanow!