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  1. Saalax;804552 wrote: Hargeysa, Wajaalle, Burco iyo [/b] Ceerigaabo Alhamdullilah! A more prove of how "Somaliland" is a clan enclave State. Boorame, Zeylac, Laascaanood, Buuhoodle, Badhan, LasQoray are all not in the list! 3 towns and a half that is settled by ONE CLAN. Hergeisa, Burco and Wajaale are all 100% settled by ONE CLAN. As for Ceerigaabo, they're constructing it on their side of the town.
  2. Bluelicious;804532 wrote: Why did you decide to come back? I came back for YOU. lol
  3. The Sage;804530 wrote: Actually Ceerigaabo is one of the major target areas for new infrastructure investments by the government, and I have been deeply involved in fundraising for the new university to be opened in the city so I don't know what on earth you're talking about. My hometown will has always been a part of Somaliland and always will be. It's the will of the people. I guarantee you, this development you speak of, this university you speak of, will all be built on YOUR side of the town, where YOUR clan settles. Ceerigaabo is divided along clan lines, as you already know.
  4. LANDER;804429 wrote: Who defines these tribal territories? No I don't recognize what you mean its very grey and good luck trying to get others to see it your way as far as the delineation of thse 'territories' go. Nobody will agree on them. Perhaps you need to come to terms with that fact that the territory of Somaliland isn't formed based on tribal territory and never had been in the past. What do you mean it's "grey"? It's a fact that YOUR tribe don't live in Buuhoodle or Laascaanood. What do you mean, "The territory of somaliland isn't formed based on tribal territory"? Your British Masters, they said with their own words, "For anything that is rock (meaning northern Canyabo) belongs to Beesha Dhexe, while anything that is of Ceel/Well land, such as Qorugulud and south of Caynaba belongs to Beesha SSC. This was approximately 80 years ago. Northern Somalia's Tribal Territory is by far the MOST simplest, compare to Southern Somalia. Only 5 major clans settle in Northern Somalia. They way this 5 clans settle the land is very simple and even a 5 year old boy could tell you!
  5. Bluelicious;804528 wrote: It's a long story. What happened?
  6. Bluelicious;804521 wrote: Yes the one and only. Why you so suprised? I didn't know you were around!
  7. Mario B;804522 wrote: Yo, Tony Blair/Mahinga can i have my ictiraaf?........please. :D lol
  8. Shouldn't the title "Madaxweyne" be left alone for the President of the Federal Government? Just like the United States, each leader of a Federal State should have the title "Governor". Khaatumo Republic of Somalia = Governor Ahmed Karaash Galmudug State of Somalia = Governor Maxamed Axmed Caalin Somaliland State of Somalia = Governor Siilaanyo Awdal State of Somalia = Governor Rashiid Aw-Nuur Xirsi Puntland State of Somalia = Governor Faroole
  9. Xaaji Xunjuf;804252 wrote: What were you doing the past 21 years lol Watching you entertain us with your whining and yelling in front of the offices of your former Masters! lol
  10. The Hermet;804458 wrote: Good luck to you and the paralel universe you come from. Somaliland is one by law both indeginious and international anything other that I look forward to seeing you and your burundian forces on the front line peace or war regardless What do you mean by "Indigenous"? lol (By the way, learn how to spell) lol Did "Somaliland" ever existed? Before 1960, the area was known as "British-Somaliland Protectorate", while Southern Somalia was known as "Italian-Somaliland Protectorate". Before the arrival British, the area was under different Kingdoms, mainly Boqortooyada Jeberti, because they lived in the entire area. The south was mainly the Kingdom of Ajuraan!
  11. ToughGong.;804418 wrote: ^ There wasn't even a place called Hargeisa in the 1820s lolllllllllllz There was, but it had a different name. Actually, before 1800s, the area which is now called Hergeisa was settled by the clan of Qabridahar and Dhagaxbuur. They lived as far as Berbera with Reer Khaatumo. When the British and French came, they signed treaties with the Mountain Dwellers (The clan that settle Hergeisa/Burco today) and the Mountain Dwellers requested the Colonials to help them expand!
  12. Xaaji Xunjuf;804411 wrote: There were no brits in Somaliland before 1884 there were some British Expeditionaries before 1884 like speke and Burton Luitenants stroyan in 1850s but he was killed in berbera. British protectorate started in 1896. The British landed on the Shores of Somalia way before the 19th century. Some say, they were in Djibouti and Berbera in the 1750s, but for fact, the British were in Hargeisa in the 1820s.
  13. Carafaat;804408 wrote: gartay. from 2012 on they will be involved in all of Somalia. So the Brits won after all from the italians. I don't differentiate between British and Italians. They're the same thing to me. Technically, the Colonial powers NEVER left Somalia, or Africa in general.
  14. Xaaji Xunjuf;804400 wrote: That was 1970 Hargeysa 2012 Thank you for posting the latest update of Hargeisa, Somalia!
  15. Carafaat;804397 wrote: The Brits were there only for 80 years. who colonized them for the other 120 years? The British have been in Hergeisa from 1820 till 1960, and from 1960-2012, they have been involved with the Hergeisa tribe in different ways, may it be financially, In-Law marriage lol, or even secret political formations!
  16. Xaaji Xunjuf;804392 wrote: I am not comparing anything Somaliland is not occupied its a free country Mashallah, but the Point is when we talk about Somali its not Somalia the Somali peninsula is much bigger than Somalia. Its sad though that Somali galbeed is under occupation and NFD and no one hardly speaks about it. Lol @ Country. Anyone who goes to Hargeisa with Somalia's Passport is welcomed has a "Citizen of the State", while the so-called "Somaliland Passport" isn't recognized in anywhere in Somalia, let alone anywhere in the world! lol
  17. Somalia's second largest city after Mogadishu. This is where NASAHABLOOD is located, Somalia's funniest comedians came from! This is the city where Somalia's flag was first raised, the FIRST Somali Flag of Independence after 200 years of Colonial rule was raised in Hargeisa, Somalia.
  18. NFD is in the hands of Kenya, forcefully. Somali Galbeed is in the hands of Ethiopia forcefully. Djibouti is in the hands of French and Neo-Pro-Colonial individuals that are close to French Government. Now, don't compare yourself to Somali Galbeed and NFD who are occupied without the will of the people. Your tribe, after the departure of the Colonials, want to reinstate the Colonial Borders. LMAO
  19. Xaaji Xunjuf;804382 wrote: Soomali maanta mid maha. Speak for your own clan. Today, the Somali people are ONE, and the only Tribe that doesn't want to be with the rest of the Somali people is YOUR tribe, the tribe of Hergeisa and Burco. Mogadishu is coming back! The tribes of the Somali people are working together, have placed their differences behind them and are working in bettering SOMALIA.
  20. Xaaji Xunjuf;804176 wrote: Adeer khaatuma duushay taa fahan Somaliland State of Somalia
  21. Xaaji Xunjuf;804170 wrote: Khaatuuma state of Somaliland Here is a fun fact for you! Did you know that in Khaatumo Republic lay the remains of your White, British Masters? What makes you think a tribe, whom are confused about their lineage will be of any threat to Khaatumo Republic and it's existence? lol
  22. LANDER;804158 wrote: Ask yourself if Clanish pride is going to improve the livelihood of your people, surely you don't think it will. What will be gained from war? fighting with your own people in lascanood or tribes you settle with in those regions will get you no where. There is nothing to be gained from tribal wars especially with those closest to you. You may see people as 'Somalidiid' and yourself as a mighty and proud 'Darwiish' they may see you as a spoilt member of Siad Barre's MOD alliance with a sense of entitlement and a false sense of importance. At the end of the day any of this hardly matters, it matters little who hold what town in the grand scheme of things. Peace and stability is more important than any of that. Do you read what you write at all? You speak of peace, yet you're the one waging war. You speak of stability, yet you're the one threatening it. You speak of Clan Pride, yet you're the one suffering from it. SUBXANALLAH! Are you all hypocrites like the Yahuud? I mean, this is just preposterous! Every man from the Tribe of Hergeisa/Burco, they speak of the truth, yet you guys say one thing and do completely the opposite! The Somali people are divided along clan territories/lines. Do we or do we know recognize that? YES. Then, I ask you this, my Hypocrite friends, in what part don't you understand, "To you be in your territory and to us be in our territory". If you truly accepted this, then what is there to fight about?
  23. Jacaylbaro;804150 wrote: How about "Khaatumo Planet" ?? Go suffer a heart attack at somewhere else, just not on my Thread!
  24. I propose a new name for Khaatumo from now on. It's going to be called Khaatumo Republic. Technically, we were the FIRST Somali Republic that existed, recognized by Foreign Powers 200 years ago. The Darwiish State was a Republic, to be frank. I don't like the name "Khaatumo State". It sounds like we're talking about a University here guys. lol Pretty soon, we'll hear about Khaatumo State University in Laascaanood, Ceerigaabo or Buuhoodle. So, leave Khaatumo State for the Universities to be named after and let Khaatumo Republic take it over! Look at certain States in the U.S. We have Texas known as Republic of Texas and we have California known as California Republic. AND