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  1. Somalia;788493 wrote: Sorry, what did you say? I don't brag about photoshopped pictures. I keep it real. You brag about oil, but it's HOLHOL that I got, a well known area that is full of billions of barrels of oil. If you brag (which is okay), at least, brag about something you have or you can do.
  2. Xaaji Xunjuf;788489 wrote: I listen to Suldaan Siciid Suldaan Abdislaan Suldaan Mahamuuud Ali shire and he is currently in hargeysa. You listen to Suldaan Siciid, right? SO, what will you say the day this "Suldaan Siciid" you listen to, speaks up against Somaliland and supports a State called Maakhir or Khaatumo or perhaps Puntland? Will you still listen to him, respect his choice and accept it fully? lol
  3. Halyeey Professor Cali Khalif Galaydh verbally destroys the Separatist Somaliland's ideological nonsense in 14 minutes. ! " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  4. The dispute is OVER. The clans that live in Sool, Sanaag and Cayn have created a State called Khaatumo State, it's Capital being Laascaanood and it's borders are from Caynaba, to Ceerigaaboo-Lassuraad, to Sool-Nugaal border. Our Maakhir brothers should join us or create their own State.
  5. Somalia;788469 wrote: Your "analysis" can't even be deemed to be analysis. What part of "You are irrelevant" don't you understand? The matters of Khaatumo State is none of your concern, my fellow friend.
  6. LOOL Bluelicious, don't feed the Troll. Liibaan is just pissed of because he lost his dignity as a Reer Nugaaleed from Kalabaydh-Laascaanood. Liibaanoow, don't waste your time trying to delegitimize me, ee oorod oo iis xooree, ninyaho. Go talk to your uncles Abdi Xabsaade and Maxamed Baashe and liberate your town LA.
  7. As I have been writing about this for the past 2 weeks, finally Ahmed Karash and his Reer Nugaaleed entourage has finally realized how embarrassing it is to stay in Buuhoodle, while their own towns, families are under SNM brutality. Reer Buuhoodle are defending their town, ee Reer Laascaanood iyo Reer Ceerigaabo iidin meeh? lol I should become a Khaatumo Political Think Tank. I give out good analyzes of situations. I look beyond the small things that everyone see. Congratulations to Ahmed Karash for taking my advice and heeding my threads! Now, he has taken along with him his Reer Nugaaleed (Ex-Somaliland) militia back to Tukaraq as was demanded by Reer Buuhoodle. Guul iyo Gobnimo to ALL Khaatumo State people!
  8. ^ Don't be naive. Ask yourself WHY were the the SNM tribes the ONLY tribes in the entire Somali Peninsula who were getting over 150 million dollar annually for the past 21 years? They have a special place in the hearts of the Colonizers. They were giving their women to the British Colonizers over 100 years ago, while the rest of us were fighting against the Colonizers. I think, now, the European Colonizers will look out for the interest and safety of their slaves (snm)
  9. Bluelicious;787862 wrote: This came at the right time for the current political war going on at the politics section all started by Aaliyyah. Aaliyyah has been the common denominator in this whole political war that was based on personal unresolved issues that she has had with the member FreshPrince. She started to blast around on the politics section that IAmRevolution was FreshPrince (after she remembered an incident from long time ago where one person jokingly said that IAmRevolution at the time called Knight of Wisdom was FreshPrince it was all banter and a one time thing but she being gullible took it serious and has hold on to it ever since shame on her for believing everything she reads) without any clear proof and started to harass him about it and insulting him because she is a bigot and he had different views then her which she opposed and disagreed with. Soon her Khaatumo clique (Abdul, Liibaan, A_Khadar) saw the message and just copied it and believed it gullibly like headless chickens without even being sure of their cases and then even they started further blasting wrongful accusations and insults towards IAmRevolution shame on them. Not only that but she was also acting tough infront of her clique and making insults and hide behind her crew and at other times acting tough to gang up on IAmRevolution and insult together as a clique to troll and harass together was their motto you can spot the difference between their solo comments and gang comments. The worst one was Liibaan he even went to great extents purposely to sabotage and set up IAmRevolution to make people against him and started to post falsly edited quotes originally belonging to FreshPrince making it seem as if it belonged to IAmRevolution and that he wrote it. He is the biggest troll and fits all of the descriptions of the article and only wants to spread hatred, promote bigotry, fight and and make members against each other, stir trouble and arguments. Anyways I hope she aint proud of her bad behaviour and actions of bringing 4 members against each other promoting and spreading hatred, fights, arguments, trouble and promoting bigotry. They brought bigotry to whole another level this is hardcore harassment! Repeatedly accusing the members IAmRevolution, Carafaat and Xaaji_Xunjuf but mostly IAmRevolution for being the member FreshPrince without any proof and just because you feel like it to stir trouble, hatred and promote and start a fight because you have unresolved issues with that member is a form of harassment so I suggest the Khaatumo clique (Abdul, Liibaan, A_Khadar and Aaliyyah) especially Aaliyyah the starter to stop with the false baseless accusations and harassment. I don't think you guys would like to be wrongly accused of being another member that you aren't and be harassed about it so it doesn't make any sense to be doing it to another person. FreshPrince has taken full responsibility for his bad behaviour and actions and had even made a thread where he was apologising and asking for forgiveness to everyone and stopped ever since with his bad actions he is a changed man now. But some people feel the need to re-open a closed case and make his name black and cause unnecessary trouble and fights on purpose because of holding grudges and resentments. Political war is good for nothing especially when you make it personally, you gain nothing out of it. Respect everyones personal opinons even if they differ from yours because everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and you don't need to shove your bigotry views down to people's throats and start to harass them. I suggest the Khaatumo clique leaves FreshPrince, IAmRevolution, Carafaat and Xaaji_Xunjuf alone and move on! That is the hardcore truth and nothing but the truth, my work is done here Well done. Oh boy! You have seriously widen my heart to increase the love which I have learned to build, which I thought had it's limit, really, knowing how small the heart is. You are like an Angel (if such exist) who has been sent from Heaven (if such exist) to transform the life of one lucky man (me). Seriously, who are you, my dearly beloved Blue? You are inseparable from me, like the BLUE sky above. You're the epitome of eloquent speech, loyalty and purity. The majority of the users of SOL from Khaatumo State hail from Sool and Sanaag (known as Reer Nugaaleed). Their aggressiveness and shamelessness is no surprise. They hate to have the lights shined at them. They run around in every city around the globe, using the achievements Reer Hawd/Buuhoodle have achieved as their own, while their own homes are under occupation. For simply asking "Where is Reer Nugaaleed", ALL hell breaks loose. They accuse me, try to insult me and degrade me. Instead of answering the question, they started to run for cover, shooting at me with a Musket from the US Revolutionary War of 1865. Ahmed Karash (The Reer Nugaaleed) guy from Sool/Sanaag, has finally heeded the warning from Reer Buuhoodle and my SOL thread. Today, he has left Buuhoodle and went back to Tukaraq, where he was for the past 2 years. He has been told to regroup his clansmen in SOOL and SANAAG if he is truly working for the people of Khaatumo State.
  10. SomaliNationalist;788166 wrote: Somaliland is dead soon inter SNM wars will return Inter SNM wars won't return. You wanna know why? BECAUSE, outside forces (Britain, Europe) will NOT let it happen. They will not let their Orphans fight each other. They intervened in 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995 SNM inter-wars. They spend millions of dollars in creating peace between the Habar-Clans.
  11. The minority clan from Hergeisa, Burco and Berbera are only united because the British Government spends over 300 million dollars a year in supporting them, militarily, infrastructure, economically and socially. It's the British Government's finances that literally holding the peace between Siilaanyo's clan and Dr. Gaabose's clan! LOL
  12. ^ Liibaan AKA EastAfrica from Somalinet, your FOB tactics are played out, you no-good Reer Laascaanood filth. You waste awfully too much on Forums over the Net, while your town (Laascaanood) and it's inhabitants have been abused and used by SNM militia. Your women in Laascaanood have been raped, arrested and humiliated. The two largest subclans of Beesha SSC who settle in Laascaanood (Jama-Siyad) and Ugaad-yahan) have literally became prostitutes for SNM. It's your JOB to liberate your town, not Reer Buuhoodle's job. We, the inhabitants of Gobolka Cayn, specifically Buuhoodle have defended our honor. Today, we are known throughout the entire Somali Peninsula our heroism and our characteristics. Go liberate Ceerigaabo and Laascaanood and stop with your feminist attributes of running around, talking nonstop. Bluelicious, sweetie, let's put this guy on INGORE. He does the same thing over at Somalinet under the name "EastAfrica". The guy has turned into voiceless. He cries over the NET, while his entire clan in Laascaanood are under SNM rule. His uncle Xabsaade is a prostitute for Siilaanyo, his other uncle Hussein Turwale is another prostitute in Hergeisa. His fellow Reer Nugaaleed are the likes of Ahmed Karash, who has finally left Buuhoodle after reading my SOL threads. LOOL
  13. Bluelicious;787675 wrote: Liibaan, You're delusional and irrational did you really think the truth wouldn't come to surface a really dumb move. God bless for my excellent memory that I have recognised each of those posts and that they belong to the member FreshPrince and not IAmRevolution. Harassing members and sabotaging them to set them up and create trouble and fights isn't allowed on this forum. You have reached a very low point. Anybody who clicks on the links below for the original threads can see that you have done some editing to the posts you quoted, first of all you have changed the orginal name from FreshPrince to IAmRevolution and secondly you have erased all of Aalyyah's name out. The reason why you have erased her name out some of the posts is because you are bootlicking for your clique member after all your motto is together we troll and harass members. Any sane person with a God blessed mind like Lander would doubt and question your falsly edited quotes because the politics threads are read on a daily basis so anything odd would stick out like a sore thumb and make people question as they have not seen it before. As you can see if you click on the links below First it was IAmRevolution and now even Carafaat and Xaaji_Xunjuf are not safe anymore they get accused of being FreshPrince. Why? Because in these peoples twisted minds they believe anybody who has different views then them or even questions things or tells the truth is immediately labelled as FreshPrince without even further thinking. Liibaan and Aaliyyahs accusations are baseless and are the results of thinking irrational and delusions I can clearly see he is trying to jump up and down for her false accusations she got it from someone who was joking at one time and took it serious that's where she got it from that's so gullible. What's worse is they even copy each others words like a chicken without head and don't even try to bother in finding out whether it's true or not that's so gullible. Maybe they should emigrate back to Khaatumo and attack the invaders on their ground and not come attacking and ganging up innocent people on SOL. All I have to say is 3 2 1 and bam there they are your followers your clique bootlicking and cheering for your disgusting action. The reason you have done all of this was to get attention and reassurance and backing up from your clique but most of all because you are really a bad person who wanted to create chaos trouble and fights here in SOL. You guys are a bunch of sad people who can't even properly debate instead go all emotional and try to sabotage and set up the member IAmRevolution because he seems to have other views then you and tells the hardcore truth about things and questions them. Yes we know IAmRevolution is Knight of Wisdom he already said that openly and publically tell us something we don't know but he is not FreshPrince the two aren't comparable. Please for the love of God hit the X and bounce yourself out you don't belong here crying out and being all emotional because of views you oppose hey newsflash he is entitled to have his own opinions and anybody else too get lost and take your false baseless accusations with you problem announcer! A friend is like a chain he will either drag you into paradise or drag you into hell. He will either cause you problems or he will help you solve your problem - Sheikh Abdullah Azzam THE TRUTH BREEDS HATRED!!! These are the original threads where he got his false edited quotes from: http://www.somaliaonline.com/community/showthread.php/61194-My-Apology-to-SSC-I-Have-Failed-You-All-%28 http://www.somaliaonline.com/community/showthread.php/61106-My-Perspective-On-The-Khaatumo-2-Conference http://www.somaliaonline.com/community/showthread.php/61155-lipdhi-mayside-laascaanod?highlight=lipdhi+mayside+laascaanod Ps: I have notified the authorities about your disgusting action! That was exuberant. You have surely put a smile on my face, sweetie. You grabbed his eyes and literally placed them into reality. After their failed attempt in reasoning with my and many other people's arguments of why the Reer Nugaaleed are not fighting back, they turn to accusations and avoiding the questions.
  14. They are all sitting in front of three British guys, the grandsons of the very men who colonized them, humiliated them and are still mingling in their affairs. Did anyone catch where the three British guys looked at each other, in a "this people are insanely dumb way", when they were answering the questions pertaining to Somaliland? Somalilanders (beesha SNM) are the orphans of British. One has to ask himself, would British neglect the demands of their children, whom they left behind in Northern Somalia?
  15. LANDER;787586 wrote: Whom ever it is your quoting, Fresh Prince or Revolution, time will show that he was far more prescient than most ppl in this forum. That is as far as working within Somaliland goes anyway. I hope he keeps his wits and doesn't back track due to pressure from unreasoned and emotional tribalists. Liibaan, Abdul, Aaliyah and the rest of them are crying me a river because I said "Why is Ahmed Karash sitting his butt down in buuhoodle, and why isn't he in Sool gathering his clansmen and preparing them to invade LA and liberating that town?" My crime is shining the light on the truth here. Many men have spoken about the issue at hand. The defectors from the clans of Sool and Sanaag are running into Buuhoodle in large numbers for the first time in history, while their leaders (Mahad Cambaashe) or the SNM leaders have turned a deaf ear to this matter and didn't say a word about it. It's as if they have been send to go into Buuhoodle and cause an internal rift or worse, start the bullets inside Buuhoodle to weaken Reer Buuhoodle!