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  1. People are too hard on our president, Mudane Hasan Sheikh, I think you are all a bunch of tribalists. :cool:
  2. Kuwait (SPR): Kuwait has signed USD ten-million loan agreements to fund Garoe Airport and Maakhir University in Somali, Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic and Development (KFAED) announced in a statement Monday. Kuwait Fund would manage the finance of these two projects which would greatly benefit the country's infrastructure. Funding the airport would allow it to handle air transportation, inside and outside the country, more easily and securely. The airport project will include building plane runway, passengers building, air traffic control tower, planes parking spots, runway lighting as well as fire and rescue stations. Maakhir University project, meanwhile, aims at providing higher education in all fields to produce qualified manpower who would, hence, meet market demands in the country. The project includes building campus, lecture rooms, laboratories, sports arenas, libraries, computer rooms, dormitories and other college services.
  3. ^^ Is your notion of transparency signing an deal with an "oil company" set up in 2013 and give it a free choice of exploration area in exchange of nothing?
  4. I remember Abdiweli Gaas saying targeted drone strikes in coordination with the government would be welcomed, but here we have the new government saying no cooperation is needed, go ahead and bomb away. There was outrage then, but none now, go figure.
  5. Israeli cop whose kick cost illegal migrant a testicle gets community service Officer dismissed from police force and receives a suspended sentence, but showed no signs of psychological problems in testing. A police officer who kicked an illegal migrant in the groin, causing him to lose a testicle, will do six months of community service and pay the plaintiff NIS 24,000.
  6. SomaliPhilosopher;980650 wrote: I see a lot of self validation through the white man syndrome in this essay of yours kkkk :cool:
  7. The ICC has indicted thirty people - all Africans. That's all that needs to be said. Hopefully in a few days, the AU will withdraw from the organization.
  8. ADDIS ABABA — Ethiopians continue to eat raw meat at family and festive occasions despite health risks that include exposure to tapeworms, salmonella and E-coli. While most people are taught that eating raw meat is not good for you, the tradition persists in Ethiopia. Whenever there is something to celebrate -- like a wedding, or the end of one of the many fasting weeks for the large Orthodox community -- raw meat is eaten in large quantities. The story goes that eating raw meat started during times of war. Fighters hiding in the mountains would have exposed themselves by making fire, and so ate their meat raw. Temesgen Yilma is the owner of Yilma Restaurant, one of the most famous raw meat restaurants in Addis Ababa. He eats raw meat almost every day and claims that neither he nor his customers have gotten sick from eating it. “Today we are the only butchery in the country having our own animal transport trucks and meat transport vehicle," noted Yilma. "And our meat is always inspected by the ministry of agriculture, it’s free of any tape worm or any other thing. It’s always inspected and its always healthy.” The meat is delivered late at night or early in the morning to one of the hundreds of raw meat establishments in the city. The delivery time is important, to ensure the freshness of the meat and thus to prevent customers from falling ill. But despite these precautions, eating raw meat still poses the risk of several types of infections. Akaze Teame is the medical director at the American Medical Center. He said that eating raw meat is not recommended. “You will also be at risk of non-communicable diseases such as stroke and heart disease because as you’ve witnessed, most people when they consume raw meat they actually like it white, with a lot of fat on it," Teame explained. "So that puts the person at a much increased risk for heart disease and stroke as well.” Whatever the health risks, for many Ethiopians raw meat remains one of the most popular dishes. And to prevent tapeworms, the most common and well-known consequence of eating raw meat, any meat lover can just walk to the pharmacy and buy pills without a prescription.
  9. Somalia

    Breaking Bad

    A satisfactory ending unlike Dexter. :mad:
  10. Marginalized types always lash out in revenge but sadly Maay people are letting greed getting in the way of their senses, causing them to lash out at the wrong folks. 6 states, ila qosol.
  11. Unlike some who have perpetuated violence and mayhem for the past 22 years (watch Black Hawk Down ), these people are conducting a non-violent protest. If anything they are a symbol of democracy while the ones condemning it are the opposite. One can disagree with their cause, but to label them speaks more of you. Khaatumo showed more support to this government than any other group, bar none. While a Maay person will condemn the government everyday and get his issues sorted out, these people are being cruelly condemned. If SFG wants to lose allies, it's up to them. Lastly, the secessionist cause, which is the most treacherous among them all is being given a rim job treatment by Hasan Sheikh, that is all that needs to be said about this government. 1 year in.
  12. Nin-Yaaban;979035 wrote: Let 'em protest. At least they aren't in a position to cause any real harm. But it's really amazing how a group that always boasts about how strong, educated, numerous, powerful' they are, being reduced to protesting and disrupting TV interviews. Boy has the tables turned. I am actually starting to like to this. Hopefully they'd be more protests between now and 2016. Slowly coming out with your clanist insinuations, Nin Yaaban, don't hold back, tell us how you really feel.
  13. That's what happens when you put your livelihood into a slum instead of your home.
  14. LOOOL, calanka mareykanka! I see them, I see their motives. :D
  15. Che -Guevara;979012 wrote: Somalia. If truth be told, nobody knows who outnumbers who in these regions. The only thing we can be sure of is those with most guns and foreign backers claim to be largest group. Somalis make wild claims the numerical strength of any given tribe. And with regions so diverse, it will be hard to decide numbers. Well, I can't argue with that, it is Somalia after all, foreign troops are part of the political reality.
  16. Che, There's nothing wrong with them claiming where they live based on clan, that is the system after all. However to claim 6 regions, even in areas where they are a small minority can't be tolerated. For example, they live in Gedo, to claim the area they live in is not a problem but to claim Jubbada Hoose on what basis? Even if the clan has a village in the middle of Jubbada Hoose, how can one expect to create states which have contiguous state borders, the whole system will be revised for all. That's why this is an attempt to stoke turmoil.
  17. This ridiculous 6 region proposal is only to delegitimize the upcoming Jubbaland state and put into question the federal system before the amendment of the constitution. It's sole intent is to create turmoil so the clan cohorts in Mogadishu have it their own (centralist) way. It's like Puntland claiming Gal-Mudug and Hiiraan, it's outrageous.
  18. BAIDOA, Somalia Sep.21, 2013 (Garowe Online)-The Somali Federal Government Parliament Speaker Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari on Saturday has voiced support for the formation of a new autonomous state including Bay, Bakool, Lower Shabelle, Gedo, Lower Jubba and Middle Jubba regions, Garowe Online reports. Speaking at an event held in Bay regional capital of Baidoa, Jawari expressed his delight with the formation of a new federated state consisting of the six regions in southern Somalia. “The decision of making new state is an initial step, I encourage you to go ahead and increase the outreach. I support such decisions but you have to endeavor for its accomplishment,” said Jawari. Following a four-day consultative meeting which brought together Bay and Bakool traditional elders, intellectuals and Federal Members of Parliament in Baidoa, the participants agreed on four points. Among the points agreed during the discussions; Federal Government of Somalia to spearhead a convention aimed at the formation of regional government, Traditional elders and parliamentarians with the help of civil society members to speed up the selection of councilors for districts and the nomination of governors, the recent agreement between Federal government and Jubaland wasn’t signed in line with the Federal Constitution and to establish new federated state consisting of six regions soon. It is unclear, how these decisions would be implemented as Jubaland which consists of Lower Jubba, Middle Jubba and Gedo enjoys wide recognition. In a protest against “Jubba Agreement”, Hundreds of residents in Baidoa previously took to the streets by hoisting banners that read anti-Federal Government slogans.
  19. Sabti, September 21, 2013 (HOL) — Shirkii wadatashiga ee maamulka loogu sameynayay lixda gobol ee ka socday magaalada Baydhabo ayaa laga soo saaray maanta war-murtiyeed ay isku raaceen ergooyinkii ka qaybgalayay. Guddoomiyaha baarlamaanka Soomaaliya, Prof . Maxamed Sheekh Cusmaan Jawaari oo ka hadlay shirweynahan ayaa sheegay in go’aanka dadweynaha la ixtiraamo, isagoo ayiday warmutiyeedkii ay soo saareen nabaddoonnada iyo qaybaha kala duwan ee bulshada. Halkan hoose ka akhriso war-murtiyeedkii kasoo baxay shirka:
  20. If individuals signed a peace of paper without the consultation of their people, it is meaningless. Somaliland group says the 2001 "referendum" is proof of the people's will yet the triangle family has separate rules for other clans.