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  1. Again, there is corruption, there is a lack of strategy on several fronts, they could have handled things better here and there and some of the main players are not qualified for their positions. I think the opposition is making mountains out of every mole hill and they have to because there really hasn’t been much for them to oppose over the last 3.5 years. Where the opposition falls apart is their strategy of trying to instigate unrest. People see through all of that and will not let them succeed. As for Kulmiye, they need to get serious about governing the country and stop this reactionary PR.

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    That was his quote and soon enough, one kid bought the same hat. That kid told him that he inspired him to purchase that hate. Meaning that if it is acceptable for an elder to wear it, then a young person could do the same without guilt.


    If you see yourself becomig more and more comfortable with looking like your westernizered co-workers then there is a crisis of identity.

    I see it within myself saxib. It feels great to assimilate and get invites to social events. What I find that eventually happens is their norms

    become my norms. I start to dress like them, think like them, desire like them and express opinions like them.


    If you can't see what I am talking about, just look the kids born in the 90's and 00's.


    That hat represents a particular standard of assimilation and acceptance. That is what the article id about and the conclusion is what modernity echoes - MY CHOICE!


    For ever personal choice, their is a path taken, a decision made and a result achieved.


    You’re taking this to another level when that’s not what he was suggesting. Again, his point was, don’t let trivial cultural issues get in your way. He didn’t suggest copy anyone or change to become part of another culture or dress this way or that way.

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    The fact that you don't see the distinctions means that you identify more with your "host" identity. If a Somali wears a Cowboy hat at the local Somali maaqaxiis then he is making a statement. That statement being that his cultural affinity has changed and that others should except him. A similar example is Somali women and pants.


    I see and know the differences in the cultures. He isn't saying anything of that sort. The hat thing is his way of saying to others don't let the, in his opinion, more trivial parts of your culture hold you back. I agree 100%.


    Ps, do you wear a macawiis or a pair of trousers to work? Does that mean you have your affinity with Somali culture has changed? Are the hats you think he should wear not from another culture as well?

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    Whatever soothes your pain, just sad that you've to hate others to feel good.




    "good Islamic education" , come again ?!

    Same argument could be made for the opposite position, namely "good Islamic education" could be behind why she left the Islamic faith.


    Tell me , Does Islam demand of one to disown his/her offspring if they question or doubt it's genuineness ?


    Tut tut. Don't worry I didn't expect you to get it.


    The right Islamic education reduces the chances of this sort of thing happening.


    Jacpher, doesn't really matter where as long as long as they have the skills to shoot through the nonsense that will come their way.

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    I disagree with you. Ruunti,daaqanki haadha laaga taago maaxa noo haarey?

    We will be like the natives - lost our lands and traditions and replaced with Modernity.

    Modernity being only concerned with destroying traditions and the evolution of the nano-tradition. Meaning constant change and non-permenance. As Wall street says, quarterly changes.


    Dee should our dhaqan be applicable in qurbaha? Why do others care if a grown man wears a particular type of hat? We have to accept that a large number of people have spent most of their lives out of the country in places with different cultures.


    Back home my jeans and khakis are me whilst many consider macawiis iyo shaal as formal attire (you will never see me in a macawiis at a restaurant or hotel).


    We are all influenced by our host countries one way or another but not necessarily in a negative way.