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  1. am gonna print this off to read on my way home!
  2. I know where Depford is but where is the swimming pool? ^ ibtisam, is the bethnal green place a gym or swimming pool?
  3. lol, Dev, this is serious!!! i've been dreaming of swimming since i got back from my summer holiday.. My sister is offering to pay my gym membership if i agree to go with her to the Whitechaple mosque gym. I can sooooo see my self working out and going to the chicken shop across the Road.. besides working out in the gym is sooo boring and as a hejabi limited outdoor soprts options as well.
  4. i heard of 1 in shadwell on friday evenings and another 1 in depforrd but not sure how to get there or if they are still open
  5. i heard of 1 in shadwell on friday evenings and another 1 in depforrd but not sure how to get ther or if they are still open
  6. are these women only? as in like no men & no cameras?
  7. Hi girls.. Does any one know of a swimming pool dedicated to muslim women in the evenings or weekends? I have been reluctant to join the gym and would rather go swimming. I would be grreatful if anyone knows of any swimming pools in central london? many thanks..
  8. My sister is moving to Canada Next month with her baby maybe i can show her these pics, am sure she'll like them.. I can see my slef there in few years time! thanks for posting these beautiful pics
  9. Good looks is somthing i would never give up in a man.. I can never see my slef with an ugly guy especially somalies with small eyed and big forehead.. Am sorry!!!!!
  10. Hi Guys I've just seen the program and to those who've seen its evident that they were sellecting the negative comments... It was a bias program concentrating on showing a negative picture of Islam. I am happy for these sort of programs to be aired because it will encourage muslims and non-muslins to question themsleves and find out more about Islam.
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    ^^ My father, although he was been in Ghurba for 55 years would never go near basto, eggs and am not sure what he saw me eating King Prawns.. probably say "wamaxy tan saqachanadni" We have a close family friend that comes from a seaside city in Egyept.. when ever she wants to make fish she'll give me a ring.. i must say she is a pro when it comes to making King prawns wallahi i never tasted something like it though its a little bit freaky whith the black dots(eyes ) staring at you as you take its skin off.. I know we call fish "Kaloon" on somali,. but do hey have names like squid, seabass, red mullet. etc?
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    ^^ Ages ago i went to a posh resturant in knightsbridge.. I tried a seafood salad all full of chewy and bland little things.. the octupus and sqid were very chewy.. I ate as much as i could.. it was an experince! Everynow and then i would go to Rechoux in South Audly St and order my favourate fish and chips..
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    Re Hileb Geel.. I was listening to an islamic lecture fron sheikh Abu Isxaq alxwaini in arabic and he pointed out that not many people favour Helib Geel... Is it just us somalies???!
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    Quote from Wikipedia- In Japanese cuisine, Sushi (寿司, Sushi?) is a food made of vinegared rice combined with various toppings or fillings, which includes seafood and can also include vegetables, mushrooms, eggs or—although not traditionally—meat. Sushi toppings may be raw, like most fish; cooked; blanched; or marinated. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Us Somali’s are a bit apprehensive when it comes to trying different cuisines we like to stick to our baris and basto, its a shame really coz there is lots of nice food out there especially Oriental cuisines.. I personally love Vietnamese and Japanese food. 1st time i tried sushi was with a group of friends in Samozan Japanese restaurant in Mayfair.. The whole experience was very nice. Try YoSushi if you are in London, they do good sushi at decent prices.
  15. Originally posted by Sky: UK_ROSE, It could have been worse. At least you're not addicted to breast milk like some grown men here in SOL. Their mothers have issued a restraining order against their own children for their own safety. I invite these people to open a thread about their predicament or I'm going to start naming some of them. You know who you are. looooooooooooool..... you never know some maybe married with kids! I haven't really learnt my lesson yet.. tried to swap coffee with Orange juice on friday.. came 10am, banging headache, popped out to then new cafe' outside work. I could have never felt worse! I vomitted orange juice when i got home and ended up missing a party i was looking forward to on friday night! today?? am fasting... no coffee..
  16. Originally posted by AAliyah416: lol I am wondering what u were doing with a married man for 5 years?? I'm speechless walahi. wa salaam I wasn't doing anything.. if i were then i wouldn't be here discussing this topic! there are some peopel you keep in contact with either through uni, work or any other means!!!
  17. Mashallah the number of people that want to learn Arabic is soaring. and those who can actually read and right Arabic are distancing themselves from anything Islamic and imitate the westerners.. Allah Kareem
  18. Originally posted by Socod_badne: Why were you even talking to a married man with kids? [/QB] In answer to your question, once i knew he was married thought i could be friends with the guy!
  19. Originally posted by Devilangle: p.s..does uk have one of those Jew places?? Oh yeah, all over the place, in my area we have 4 Starbuks Cafe's all with in 5 mins walk from each other.. as for my i just love my Latte.. just can't drink anything else.
  20. ^^ Talk about madaax Xanuun.. that’s the main reason why i can't give up sis. in an attempt to quit i forced my slef to fast, maxaa iga gadhai.. a headache I’ve never experienced b4 in my life wallahi.. literally, from my prayer mat at maghrib draged my self to bed woke up 12 hours later still with a banging headache. Thought never again!
  21. I have been trying to quit coffee for the past year.. I got my self into this ****** routine of walking into Prêt-A-mange on my way to work every morning. My body is now programmed to have caffeine shot no later than 10 am. No matter how many times I tried to give up this habit, just don't work. Tried fasting, replacing with other drinks.. Has any one gone through this b4 and if so, how did you manage to give up?
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    There are plenty of fair somali girls out there and not the mixed race but the full somali girls. Guys.. I totally inderstand what Fartun is going through. Don't have a go at me plz............
  23. ^ Val sis, Inshallah I will not be effected by what ever crap he said, but just made me wonder, am i expecting too much? But i know what i want and know how to get it so inshallah i don't care!! allah knows best and where and who we will end up with!
  24. Sometimes you'll find Bus drivers, cabbies etc with degrees, phd's etc. The other day, my sis and cousin got in a cab to go to a wedding. the cabbie joined our conversation and i was astonished to find out the he spoke French, Spanish and had a PHD in mathematics. He was made redundant from his job as a finance manager and had become a cab driver to survive. Sometimes we can't judge the people by their jobs. Look at me for instance, I’ve graduates and in full time education. Nothing has changed in me, always had the same expectation.
  25. ^^ I will Only consider sperm bank if my child is going to look like the guy I saw in a wedding the other day!