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  1. The other day I was speaking to a guy who claimed he loved me for the past 5 years. I would have never married him coz he is an Arab with a wife and 4 girls. He now found love and is looking to marry wife No2. Am happy for him coz now he can get of my case! He said something that made me wonder. He said “if you don't change the way you are thinking, you will never marry, have kids and hear the word MUM". I was shocked, coz i must admit am demanding when it comes to men, but I am demanding a guy that I loveable, if I don't find love then why should i waste my time. I am sure many of us girls feel this way. I would rather stay single for the rest of my life than be with someone I can’t stand.. Am I mistaken in asking for a decent someone who doesn't come with a package?
  2. Can i just say that its not all about the education. You won’t be talking to the degree, its the mentality. I've met few Somali men who are educated and have great jobs, but GOD they are sooooo cheesy.. You need someone well read "muthaqaf" regardless of their education or jobs. I don't mix a lot with Somali’s so i really can't say how hard or easy it is to find. w'sallam
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    I I have seen my look alike! Years ago when I was at college i was always mistaken for a girl called Huda, She is not Somalian,i think Eritrean or Sudanese. my friends would come to me and say" hey we waved at you but you ignored us" I met her; I must say she was right pretty and slightly taller but i could see the resemblance we were introduced not didn’t click!!
  4. Ahmed Bukhatir has a distinctive voice and all his nasheeds are just outstanding.. if you understand arabic that is!!!
  5. I'd Marry a Married man any time.. So long as he is goodlooking, rich and Successful. Oh, yeh and a Somali..
  6. I agree with all, no harm in changing your style every now n then so long as it’s modest and complies with our Islamic dress code. wot really matters is confidence and how you come across. Most of my shopping is done spontaneously. If i like something then i will not hesitate to buy it within minutes. Recently though I've started wearing Abayah 'Jilbab' to work, I think its great coz you can customise it with a nice bag n matching pair of shoes n scarf. It’s also convenient as I don't have to keep on pulling my shirt down as its too short. Dresses look great on us Somali girls as we have curvy figure, try 3/4 dresses with trousers, they look great. Originally posted by Valenteenah: Public sector workers dress dully, even when they wear suits and other professional styles, they still look dull. They have a lifeless vibe to them. It's the environment. Govt buildings kill people's creativity. [/QB] Totally agree with ya sis, I work for the public sector too and have noticed the dress sence is soo dull and working in such invironmnet dragged my dress sence down.. I haven't worn am eyliner to work for months!!! but luckely I always bring my make-up bag and apply some when am going out after work.
  7. salaam Alaykum, Many thanks for the valuable information, I totally agree with your statment about many countries following the trend, Certinly things are heading down that root in the UK.
  8. Salaam, This is a Macromedia flash which I found very useful when I was searching of the Prophet (SAW) prayer.. this is the one for beginners web page this is the advanced level too.. I hope you find it useful.. I must say is one of the best ISlamic sites i have ever visited.
  9. I wish I can stop spending and allah helps me recover from this addiction.