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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JB I was talking about the off colours our men and women wear
  2. Salaam Alykum, Smoking Sheisha does seriously damage the lungs and may lead to Cancer of the lungs because of the concentrated tobacco in the “mcsel”. I read that one 30-60mins smoking session is equal to smoking a whole pack of cigarettes. Middle Eastern men have been smoking shisha for decades but in recent year fashion for girls to smoke shisha too. Socially it’s unacceptable especially just as cigarettes in our Somali society where any woman who smokes is known to be bad. I don’t blame our mothers and fathers for thinking like that though it’s a culture thing for them more than religion, a culture to wear hijaab but don’t care about the salah, a culture not to wear trousers but its okay to pluck the eyebrows and wear a see through dreac at weddings!! C_ C if you want smoke shisha knowing that it’ll harm your health then go for it!!! from your previous posts I believe you are not the type to care much about peoples opinions. Good luck!
  3. ^^ me too, i think she looks like J LO without makeup!
  4. Macwus??!!!! Why wear such thing?? what happened to the tracksuit bottoms and shorts??!! That’s ultimate comfiness I love the Green Jumper though..
  5. Hi people, I was walking home on a Friday night after a work meeting and heard this very familiar voice tone. Yep it was a fellow country man speaking on the phone; he was laud, very laud that I could hear him from across the road. I couldn’t believe my eyes though when I saw him I really had to look at him twice and you won’t guess, he was wearing a bright maroon suite with black shirt and a tie. He was good looking I must say with a wadaad beard but the COLOUR, I was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY???? It looked like he was going to a fancy dress party. I walked past him as he entered the Pizza Hut, Wallahi I stopped outside and had to beat the urge of following him to tell him not to wear these colours as they are inappropriate for Muslim men, but I didn’t coz I thought he might misunderstand me. If you were in my position would you actually tell the person about their dress sense or colour of cloths? And more importantly why do our people where these bright colours?? Its ceeb and?
  6. Hi there, how are you sis? I have been around but tend to read more than i type, I always comment but too lazy to type . your pic reminds me of an Eygeptian actress, it looks pretty though!
  7. TRICKED YAA ALL !!! Salaam ppl, I was looking at the pictures of each active SOL member and was wondering if it actually yours or resembles the way you see your self? For instance, my pic, although i found this pic am using in the SOL directory i thought it was the one nearer to the way i feel, I love the red hair and rosy cheeks. she looks elegant and that’s how I want to look like if I wasn’t Somali. Now you tell us why you chose that picture?
  8. My best Freind's Family bought a house in the Palm Island, yeeeehaaaaaaaa... so I can spend some time there when ever I fancy. Not that i've ever thought of visiting Dubai.. I think its over-rated. Look How hot it is? U'll only need 5 mins to turn blick in these harsh Weather conditions..
  9. Can I please just comment on one thing. NOT ALL wadads have been lost and allah guided. There are people who have always been rightious and good doing. I would marry a awdad any time coz i know they will fear Allah and are able to carry out their duties which allah has created them for! W'salaam
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    I don't think its funny at all, in fact it's really disturbing. There is a xadeeth for our Prophet (SAAW) saying " mn Tashabah bi Qaumin Fa Huwa MINHUM" i.e. Who ever resembles certain people then he is one of them! another Saying " Lacan allahu Al Mutashabeheen mn anisaa bi alrijal, wa al mutashabeheen mn al rijaal bi anisaa" . Lacna is upon women those who resemble men and those men who resemble women. This guy might not be gay Physically but indeed he is doing actions of women. May allah guide him to the right path.
  11. Val, people in London don't have time to scratch their heads, let alone talk to a complete stranger. Actually, if someone smiles at me in the streets i become wary and think he is either a perve or mentally disturbed. innet?
  12. I know that mucg, sheffield people ar friendly, but hey life there don't compare to london. too much time in your hand and very little to do, thats probably why you end up talking to complete strangers!! I was there couple of weeks ago, alot of development going on where my family lives. it is starting to look good, hope there are career opportunities for some of the jobless, lifeless somali's there.Funny enough, people dissapear of the face of the earth in the evening, any reason for that??!!
  13. Sis, MAke sure you read your athkar, morning, evening and before you go to bed. They Will protect you all the time bi'ethin allah. You must have a stong faith at all times and never fear them coz they will not harm cebad allah asalexeen.Don't forget to recite Ayat "al-Kursi" as well. I have come accross many people who've been possessed by jin, or shi7r. They went to a TRUSTED wadad who did "ruqya" on them and they were cured bi'ithn allah. Don't be afraid of your friend, pray for her. salaam
  14. Am quite surprised that sheffield would be ranked top for anything!!! I quite like Sheffield, but i am totally put of by the hills and that almost everything is closed after 6pm except of the odd chip shop. Some Somali people there are so uncivilised and act as if they are still in "hawd". About time they learnt some Etiquette!!
  15. Woow, mashallah, August i hear!! Me too am August, late august.
  16. lol. Fascinating.. Ice is melting, maybe next we can all tell our real names!!
  17. ^^ Yeah, How come? you came up with the topic and you still haven't told us your age??
  18. Originally posted by XulaXu: your fix.... Man, Somali people are so paranoid :rolleyes: You are right, we are the paranoid nation! I don't think its safe to tell people your where abouts. do you?? They could be my next door neighbout for all I know!! hang on, I don't have somali neighbour.. the nestest Somali house to me is almost a mile away...
  19. am 27, 28 this year alhamdlilah
  20. Hey girls, i really don't understand the reason for all this fuss, am proud to tell people my age. wallahi i don't remember lying about my age even to a potential who might be my junior. Just be proud of your achievement and how good you look for your age! do not be undermined by men, they are more nervous about telling their age nowadays!!
  21. You've got time to list all that, some of these are perfectly normal and not cased as habitd cirtenly not problems.. are you alright sis? you need help?
  22. Laxawl wla Quata illa billah el3li al3a'9eem.. Subxan Allah, alxamdulilah alathi fa'dhalana cala katheerin mn khalqih.. We will all pray for him and umat al islam jameecan.. May allah grant him patience and grant him janat al fardoos. If allah takes away something from the human, he gives him something else in retun, so do not dispair brothers and sisters
  23. ^^ Totally agree with you Cambarro Because we Somali girls are expected "fetch" their husbands it kind of puts them under pressure.. But that don't give them the right to have a bf and act like westerners.. I think any mum will know if her daughter is dating someone especially if they are living under the same roof
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    Funny, every one around me seems to be getting these e-mails. I don't get them, How come??!!!
  25. ^ why? Nothing wrong with spending your man's money if he is rich. I would at any time.. I remember i was in a phase few years ago.. i was crazy about designer bags, the moment i got my LV i lost interest totally.. now i've even lost the bloody bag!