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  1. Ibtisam, St George's Pool is open on Firdays 7.00- 8.30 Pm to women only. I called and they normaly have a woman life guard. I just remembered that I've agreed to meet my friend for dinner this friday to check out a new Iranian restaurant.. humm,. its a tough one !! do you go to York Hall then?
  2. I'll be honest i didn't go yet becuase i went outside london and got back yesterday but inshallah am going on friday 7.30 - 9.00 would you want to join me Ibtisam?
  3. ^ the point is that some are not very socialm I am a very social chatty person and found it hard to break that barrier. There is a healthy mixture at my new mosque and have been introduced to some somali sisters London is not a small place but many people know about this place coz it was advertised on UNIVERSAL T.V which all somali homes in London are tuned to. besided i've not heard of any decent somali reataurant except gor blue Ocean, which I am due to visit in 2 weeks time inshallah
  4. Originally posted by WaTerLily: I went there with some friends recently, it was nice, I have no complaints. The toilet was a bit odd, it's unisex right? No, there is a funny pic of a Red Indian Woman, on the Female Cubicle but it’s a shared sink. Too much detail?? Sorry thought I’d warn you guys..
  5. Salaam guys and girls... thanks for all your comments but can I please say something? 1- If I didn't like the restaurant I wouldn't recommend it to people and I would advice everyone to say away and spend their money elsewhere. 2- Mujaahid: Red Sea------ I AM VERY VERY PROUD TO SAY THAT I AM PURE SOMALI, but it just happens to be that I wasn't born there, don't have much contact except with family. Somali's seem to just stick to each other and not welcome anyone who they don't know. Example, I have been going to a Somali mosque for the past 8-9 months, not very often but bqz I know my stuff I used to just go to the teacher and recite my soorah's.. Not once that one Somali girl came up to me and said "Hi" in fact they just look at you from the corner of their eyes!!! I left that mosque now, and am another one where everyone is cool!! 3- I look us an hour and something to get there and we asked a lady on a bus, another bus driver who was kind enough to stop outside the restaurant. 4- Toilets are important of course. Decor and presentation are essential.. After all you are not paying only for the meal. 5- Its alright for you guys to question why we've not been to Somali restaurants, but can I just ask you something? Where are the Somali restaurants?? the one, only 1 local to me is a maqayad that is full of men... I wouldn't dare walk outside it let alone go and order food... Before we blame each other for daadkena aan ka fano, we have to question our selves, are we doing enough to stay as one strong united community, like others??? W'dumtum ..
  6. Salaam all, Hope you are all having, or have had a good day. Just would like to share with you my 1st experience of going to a Somali Restaurant. My and my friend decided to try something new! A Somali restaurant, after all we've all tried Chinese, Vietnamese, mediteranian, etc. So, we went to “The Village”, and what a journey we’ve had from N1 to shepherds bush to Hammersmith! Alhamdlilah, Somali people are so helpful the bus driver kindly opened the door for just meters away from the door. It was surprisingly quite, with all the adverts on Universal T.V I thought it will be packed with people but we were the 2nd customers. They made us sit right at the far corner as we were both dressed in our cabayh's they must have thought there are those women that like to hide when eating!! The Service was excellent and the food was very tasty, staff very friendly. ONE THING THOUGH, THW WORST THING EVER, the ladies toilet don't shut properly and the MIRROR ON THE TOILET DOOR OH MY GOD. What is it doing there?? not sure if the men's toilet has a mirror too, though I doubt it very much. Am not going into the details, but all the women who've been there or will go there please of you have the guts to tell them to remove it or crop it otherwise you'll feel like you want to vomit all you ate. You'll know what am talking about if you've used their toilets, and what’s with cagada canaha, can't they afford to put a hooz? Any way, just thought I'd share my experience with you guys!
  7. Here is the info i found re swimming in east london. Funny enough am not an eastender!
  8. I would never ever lie about my age, on the contrary. woman this day and age should be proud of how they look. My manageress is 54y and mashallah if you see her you'd say she is 25 lean boody very elegant. I am proud of my looks, i look 8 years younger than my age alhamdlilah.. you just need to have confidence and high slef esteem"
  9. hey, seams like i missed alot here.. is this what happens when i really i use my time effeciencly at work?? Mantra- sis, don't always go for what people say. I checked online and it said it is well maintained. Anyway, i will check it out on tuesday inshallah. I'll go on my own so knowing my self i will look vunorable but quickly fit in after 5 mins. Although i have a thing about somalies which i will discuss in another thead, inshallah. Can't wait!! probably won't swim on tuesday but i will bring in my top and leggings and also bring in a dirac in case!!! w'dumtum!!
  10. Yepeeeeeeeeeeeee.. FOUND IT!!!!!!!!! I just called York Hall and there is a swimming session every Tuesday 7.30-9.30 PM and the Life guard is a woman!!! Yepee.. cheeeeeeeeerzzzzz
  11. Originally posted by *Aisha*: I go swimming every fortnight. They've got a sauna, spa, steam room & the pool. It's sooooooo relaxing!!! Where is that sister? Mantra- Good luck- Maybe you can join the girl wearing a bikini and you can be the wild duet. As for me i think i will stick my theory of "less is more". after all wouldn't want to give any man the pleasure of looking at my flesh!
  12. ^^ your name says it all!! I agree its up to th COUPLE not just 1 of them.
  13. I agree... every one tells me to enjoy my life before i get married and i think to my self " why shouldn't i enjoy it more when am married" at least i have someone that can share good times with me! don't you think?
  14. Originally posted by cynical lady: but then again my qs is dont they want to do something abt it due to the fact we all knw the farax has straying eyes.. SHe'll only do something about it if she is divorced.. they will need to understand that if men don't find what they are looking for inside they will look for it outside. I take my arabfriends as an example, one of them has 2 kids but is still size 10-12!
  15. Somali women get too comfortable when they get married and its even worse after the 1st child, they think they can tie him down with kids. They assume that he is happy with her the way she is and don't make an effort to look good. the best she could do is wear a derac and have a bit of oonsii.. thats the ultimate sexiness to them,, although some women would get their hair done, wear nice cloths for their husbands and there is not even a word of complement.... Its partially the man's fault coz he will never comment, ot he won't notice rather.. really sad..
  16. Originally posted by Che-Guevara: Scene I...The married Arab staring at the UK Rose,thinking to himself " My God, she has just big forehead, on plus side what *bleep* " Scene II......Uk Rose to the Arab, " Why are you staring at me" Arab guy thinking, " Do really have to ask" but says, " You Somali women look so beautiful" to be continued, Hey! I don't have a big forhead yeah..Somali women are beautiful.. till they get married pile on wieght and grow into thier diracs
  17. Originally posted by cynical lady: alaa whts with the diraac sheed can u swim in that anyway? Yeah. i think you can,coz it just Floats on the top but it's a bit dangerous. back in the gulf peopleswinm in their Jalabeyah "long dress"
  18. Originally posted by rokko: and brothers Rose nice somali sisters and brothers Sorry and brother's of course!! I am really loving it here :cool: and its becoming more like an addiction!
  19. Mantra, Few reasons for not wearing a bikini- 1- Nothing guarantees me that a man wouldn't be walking in at any time. 2- Islamically- a woman is not allowed to expose her cawra- waist to knees even in front of other women. 3- Swimming costumes don't look flattering unless ur a size 8-10 and am not!!
  20. Being raped in a prison, wher you can't escape your abuser because he is much more powerful than you are... very disturbing thought wallahi... feel so sorry for our youth they don't know what they are getting themsleves into when committing little petty crimes... allah ycafeena...
  21. ^ lol, How about if i wear a derac sheed? No honestly, if it is women only then its probably its probably leggings and a little top!
  22. Hi BOB, as i said i read it on they way home from work, Really good to catch a glimpse on the past of SOL, as you can see am new here, am enjoying it very much coz i have never interacted with as many Somalis in my life.. Though I’ve lived in London for the past 14 years I’ve had 1 or 2 Somali friend.. i know its sad but am hoping that this will be a gateway to meeting nice somali sisters
  23. Val, i live in central london and my area is well connected except for NW london coz i know of a swimming pool in harlsden my friend goes to.. its too far..
  24. Originally posted by Viking: PS: Don't forgot your 'burqini'... Funny enough i was thinking about that, am inshallah going back to spain this summer and was thinking of purchasing these hejabi swimming costums though I doubut i will wear it like that, lool the funy thought of wearing Jalabeeb(tent) in the water sounded tempting... All the girls that helping me find swimming pool thank you so much.. do you believe it i bought my swimming cloths 3 months ago and was just looking for a swimming pool. Mantra, let me know how you get on, would love to go there, its not too far from me..