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  1. Che-guevara what made more furiated is the fact of the moderator ignoring gheele comment like he didn't say anything....wallahi he tried to deny ghelle said anything so he can make me look like the bad party....wa typical clan-politics
  2. Che-guevara..ghelle responded to my serious post regarding taxation with sacarsm and cheap-shot's providing nothing useful except attacks. He said puntland should raise up taxes on prostitutes...he was indirectly saying puntland girls are prostitutes...and i set the record straight with him that infact the prostitutes that come to puntland come for the pirates money from outsid regions which has been mentioned by the ulama in garowe not long ago and also by farole. So i was basically responding to his cheap-shots by saying the problem of prostitution is infact your ppl..it was based on factual reports, but maybe i shouldn't of gone that far..like i said i respond defensively..never did i say prostitutes are north or south or anything of the sort...the topic wasn't even about that..it was about taxation... So bro, the fault is not mine i don't believe, i just maybe should've of ignored his comments..but i am quick to fire the gun when provoked..
  3. Besides it's not my area of specialty to attack girls..that doesn't interest me...and if i did offend some my bad..lakin i was responding only to ghelle comment.. Nothing more nothing less..
  4. che-guevara..sxb i didn't start it but im recieving the heat for it..subhanallah..i am in the defensive position...ghelle threw the first bullet..i responded back with rocket launcher
  5. Originally posted by Gheelle.T: While you on it, add higher taxation on prostitutes, $200 fine on drunk drivers, $300 fine on disabled parking, and $100 fine on littering. Also, night clubs and bars can only service local made liquors and spirits. Those found selling other brands would be fine heavily and loose licenses. Comon man, why limit the taxation? Miskiin..Their is gheele quote for u...i even re-posted it for u, u must be suffering eye-sight problems because of ur hate for puntland..
  6. wacadaraha wax cadeen kuma hadli aniga..i just display the facts...be it good or bad..it is not about clan but real research studies done by indepedent organization. This is not sheekada tea shop talk
  7. miskiin your exposed, u aint fooling anyone now..just come out of the closest and say u hate puntland...wax kale kuma harsano..gheele is the one who started it NOT ME WARYA..if he starts it i will respond with b-22 guided missiles..
  8. miskin i don't start it, i just respond to the attack of gheele...soo asaga wuxuu sheegayo ma firisid miyaa? Sxb i see u have an agenda against puntland
  9. miskiin we can show u united nations research studies that proves puntland is the best region in regards to food and health...qabil lagama hadleyo wa baaritaan united nation sameysee United nations dont give a crap about qabil...they just report the facts...puntland citizen is economically better of then his hargeisa and mogadishu counterpart and health wise alot better.. Why u think we even have welfare system in puntland...only state in east africa...free health and also education.. Sxb these things are not just by mere luck, but by good governance by our leader farole..now i dont like everything farole does, but when it comes to advancing puntland..he is setting the benchmark that will be needed for any future leader of puntland. What sort of leader u see who gives 100 day report on his progress other then farole...and yes he did that the other month..to keep the ppl up to date on the progress he is achieving. Wax la yirado puntland moving towards good governance soo baro. Sure we might have our problems, but we are dealing with it..but puntlander is not dying 100 a day like mogadishu..or doing tahrib like hargeisa person with no future prospects. Infact the idp population work in puntland and make a living, go read the facts from relief agencies...and services are being provided for them to make their lives better.. Sxb runta haday timado wax ka fican reer puntland manta lama haayo ama bood ama coy..just dont let ur hate MAKE U IGNORE THE REALITY OF FACTS FROM UNITED NATIONS
  10. Wat is wrong with u guys? all the time attacking me..do u see me start the cross-fire? i start a thread to talk about something that is really needed, and ghelle responds about prostitutes...and i set the record straight with him about that and it's very well known issue usc n snm ho's in garowe. Listen boys, i never start the cay..i just end the cay with kharbash based on facts...that is my style get used to it...lakin I WILL NEVER START IT, I JUST RESPOND..especially regarding girls..
  11. They better get the training going now..cia base in djibouti..but i doubt sharif can win unless he gets a miracle..he acts to slow on everything..infact when u see him he looks like the job is to tough for him.. Anyways he proved himself to be liar by using islamic court excuse before only to use it for political gain..bad reputation...and he is killing more of hamar ppl then anyone..ur only brother ku diil waa wax aad iyo aad laga fican yahay
  12. ghelle..prostitutes come for pirates money and they usually from djibouti or south..it's well known..as for the alcohol issue, the ppl who drink mainly are the pirates as they bashaal with their usc or snm girls... Infact those prostitutes was talked about in garowe mosque and how they bring diseases..united nation has said we are the healthiest ppl out of all east africans...that ends the cake
  13. jaanjumow..ssdf had a right to rebel..siyad never built ssdf regions and at the same time they were being scammed out of top posts. Usc SNM had their regions heavily invested in..infact they became the 1st biggest city and 2nd biggest cities in somalia..why did they rebel? for greed and clan selfisness that's why...they wanted their regions invested in and the same time running the government..whilst ssdf had its region not invested in and being scammed out of the government. The fact of the matter is clear the true wadani were d-block..we accepted that our regions be not invested in for the sake of sharing..however we deserved something in return and u would think those god forsaken ppl the usc n snm would be wadani and share, but no they didnt want that they wanted the whole cake for their clan..socon meyso waxaas.. A country learns to cooperate, it's give n take..not i take all...d-block excepted none of their regions be invested in, in return for power...whilst usc n snm should've of accepted their regions invested in and they don't get power everyone got his slice of the cake..but usc n snm were greedy and selfish and wanted it all...investment and leadership..thats why somalia is destroyed.. As for the ssdf they rebelled as i said becaus siyad was not sharing the leadership area with us..he was giving his clansmen from gedo the top posts before an educated ssdf..this frustrated them because their regions lacked investment plus siyad was taking top roles from them.. Usc and snm however had no case to rebel as i explained except for greed n selfishness and today they are being cursed by god as u can snm ppl are doing tahrib to italy, or jobless in hargeisa and unrecognized and total ghost state whilst usc are dying everyday with their own hands.
  14. Jaanjumow..sharif purchase of the new weapons and testing them is excellent news...but we all remember when shabab was over-streghtened by ethiopia n the tfg they resorted to insurgency. What sharif going to do about everyday suicide bombing? maadaafic won't help..and the insurgency shabab are very good at because they had alot of practise on it with ethiopia and can quickly resort to it under sharif government. Shabab know full well how successful insurgency tactics were...it was insurgency tactics that made ethiopia leave...u think shabab doesnt know? sharif big weapons are good only when shabab is fighting proper battle-field..lakin not when they start using guerilla warfare...the big weapons won't win against that style of war..only good intelligence department can win against that type of war. So what's sharif plan when this becomes insurgency? i don't even see him giving any indication let alone a solution about it...i hope he knows and if he doesn't wale we got very incompetent government. Sharif best bet is to get an intelligence department set up and trained by the cia quick-smart...in 1 years time u will see that insurgency rates will drop signficantly because they are being unfoiled before they happen. A battle is war on strategy not heavy weapons...and you must be thinking about were the war will go in 1 years time and start preparing for the counter-attack.
  15. Ngone what is even more hilarious is the fact of how sharif sold somalia sea..can u imagine if abdullahi yusuf did that and the huge protests? But sharif does it and they turn a blind eye. I doubt sharif can win the support of shabab, he was elected for one purpose only..parliament thought his clan being the majority of hamar that would put him in better position then abdullahi. As we see unfold that pretense has proven to be untrue, i really do believe the best and lasting solution is to move the capital to baydhabo. A more settled area then hamar...population who want's governance..and having all somalia unite except the usc element...and building the nation.. I believe that is more of an effective outcome then wasting another 10 years trying to calm hamar down. I think it's really time to change capitals..it won't happen under sharif but if sharif doesn't win this against shabab..the next president will definitely have to use that policy to win votes in the parliament who by then will be sick and tired of hamar and want to see someone come in with a realistic policy rather then a fantasy that won't work. d dawladnimo lagu ma qasbi karo hamar, marka waxaa noo roon inta dawladnimo rabto inay is-racan oo wadankood dhistan and the usc element can be treated like tamil tigers...u see sri lanka they have insurgency issue but that doesn't mean they neglect the good parts of sri lanka for a few bad apples in the south of their country. maybe that's the option somalia should take to see everlasting peace in 80% of somalia..or waste 10 more years and see no results so its decision of either choosing 80% peaceful somalia..or choosing 0% peaceful..and the next president better have this policy so he can stand out as real change in the political game..