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  1. Salaama calaikum kuligiin Walaalayaal dhamaantiin kheyr baan idiin rajaynayaa iyo jano aamiin. Anigu waan iskasii soconayaa ee macasalaamo kuligiin. Nur aad baad ugu mahadsnatahay qoraalkaaga badan maasha ALLAH aan kaaga baranay ilaahay intaas kusiiyay ayaan in kabadan kaaga tuugayaa. Aakhirona intii rabi doortay hakugu daro aamin. Camal kaaga aduunyada mid laga faaisaysto Alla hakadigo, adigana marqaati kuunoqda aakhiro aamiin. Intiina kalena sidaas oo kale aamiin. Nabaday.
  2. Brother B G I also believe that people should not be provoking others. But especially so when you are the weaker one. No man should relly entirely on the good will of others and it is very important that people build themselves upright and strong. When someone provokes others and they know themselves to be the weaker ones the are obviously not relying on their own ability to defend themselves if the other party should be less virtues than themselves. So in my opinion they are either relying on the international community to feel sorry for them and intervene on such grounds as national sovereignty, first strikes are illegal, un-proportional retaliation which do not apply in this world anymore. Or they are relying on Devine intervention. My question regarding jihad was very similar in that is it not a requirement that one first tries to get to strength in iiman, in body and in skills or knowledge before one can think of anything else. This would then be jihad no 1 i presume. Or if the conditions that would enable the accomplishment of jihad no 1 are the ones being obstructed forcefully then you may have the right to jihad 1. In short if one was to forbid you to increase your iiman by force thereby refusing you the right to practice your religion then you would have a reason to wage jihad no 5 provided of course it is in your land/country. If not you should then have the right to leave freely i guess. I don’t know brother but it seems to me that many are calling for jihad when obviously it is their own bad choices that cause them misery on earth.
  3. Very interesting dear brothers. So is there an order to all these jihads say for instance you can not wage jihad no 5 if you have not already won jihad no 1. Or more apllicable to our situation would then be no jihad 4 if 1,2,3 have not been achieved or atleast the means to their achievement. Say for example the achievement of jihad no 1 is dependent on religious freedom and of no 2 and 3 will then be dependent on freedoms of speech and association and so on. Or is it different
  4. Shaken and deterred am glad you asked that question for i have also been asking myself the same question the other day. But for the sake of clarity we ought to first understand what it is the government we wish for ourselves is going to do for us and never forget that a government cannot do everything for a nation. We have to separate what it is the people should for themselves becuase they have decided that it is something that they vallue allot and would like to have it maybe even at some distress. After all my opinion is that even if we were say a wash with natural resources from which we could all live comfortably for the rest of time, we must learn to do things for ourselves and also for our environment. This simply means we must learn to work and contribute something rather than just live off what our land can provide. So our government is not then going to be the provider of livelihood and everybody else then be left utterly dependent on it but the other way around which is that each will have to contribute to pay for the functions of the government. This will not only force the government to be accountable to its citizens thereby making it efficient but it will also empower the people knowing that they own this government. Since the government will then be a tool of the people, the vallues it will uphold will have to come from the people themselves. Our religious communities will have thier work cut out and it wont be to force compliance but work form the bottom up and do the hard work, just like the prophets used to do-and that it to educate the people and call them to the ways of ALLAH. Teach mums and dads the Islamic way of bringing up children, help in organising an educational system that is in sync with our islamic vallues and so on. If they do their work properly those who will end up as governers will have to listen to a population that knows what it wants and are not shy to ask for it. I cannot say for sure that in the end our government will be islamic but if you believe as i do that those who follow islam properly will be better placed to succeed in life than the others, assuming here that the laws are just and applied consistently, then there is higher probabilitty that we will in the end have all forces alligned for the establishment of an islamic state.
  5. Originally posted by Mujaahid Red Sea: This was declared way back and it was no more a computer keyboard dream.I can't believe you would insult somaliland this bad. You know Somaliland actually worked so hard to earn its statehood. ps. Abdimalik Askar aint to PhD, I don't even think he goes to school. He is local somali tv media host that works with zakiriye 'xaayow'. I wonder what it is that is wrong with this idea? As is said the two sides both claim it and fight over it why are they not allowed to govern themselves and spare many lives by doing so.
  6. Sheikh Nur i enjoyed very much all of this. It was very sad to read about how somalis are treated in ethiopia and how now this has spread to somalis living in kenya and somalia itself. Now is done to us though that we havent done to ourselves and you are helping to minds. The funny part made me laugh aswell although i dont think many of our ladies will ever consider being a second wife. I have heard from folks that many of those registered in mosques as looking for a husband also stated their preference for a non-somali man. I dont realy know whether this is true or false.
  7. Although i believe that there is no such a thing as legal way to gaining back or at least freeing the two regions i can also see no other alternative than to try and pursue those objectives through the international courts. This will probably require alot of evidence gathering such digging into the past records and also from current living conditions and behaviour of these nations towards the Somalis that will clearly show that they are mistreated and not seen as citizens. It is not going to be easy and i dont know how this is going to be done but it is important to show these western governments and more importantly to their citizens that they are neither so innocent nor will this go away so that they can sleep happily while their mistakes continue to cost lives and also that they are still able to right their past wrongs. Most of this work will have to be carried out by those somalis who are directly affected by all this but if they choose to go down this hard road of doing things peacefully any somali who does not lend a hand will not need an enemy for his/her conscience won let them rest in peace. This will also mean not lending a hand to those who choose violence because it will be counterproductive on many different levels including support of many foreigner and possibly also of somalis themselves. Besides if we go down this route and were to start gathering evidence of maltreatment these horrible governments wont be able to retaliate harshly since that, if caught on video, will add to the legitimacy of our cause. If they wont our cause will also be aided because our people will get atleast peace or freedom from physical harm and we can then push further for more freedoms including that of self determination. I understand some will argue that under certain conditions, especially those in Ethiopia where oppression is said to be so severe that the entire somali region can be likened to a large prison, the only channel left open is that of violent struggle. Still i strongly believe that all energy directed outwards aimlessly is energy lost while that directed within or targeted is the most fruitful that is why patience and endurance have the ability to increase our determination and focus while instant gratifications makes us weaker. For the work that has already piled up for us Somalis it beats me that we still do not know where we need to be heading as a people.
  8. I would have preffered that the president resign, the pm to step up and the sheikh shariif for pm.
  9. Jb intii meesha kudhimatay ILAAHAY haunaxariisto kuway katageena hakasamirsiiyo aamiin.
  10. I have listened to some of his ideas and i believe he is has a lot going for him may ALLAH be by his side aamiin. Reer puntland have a promising young man and i think he deserves their support not only in choosing him for office but also in working with him to achieve those very important goals that he mentioned such as the establishement of law and order. I dont know whether he had something to say about how much of the puntland funds is to be sent to the federal government but if this TFG government is as bad as it is, it is very important that puntland should not divert funds to the TFG especially knowing that the TFG is likely to use such funds to kill some more somalis.
  11. Sxb magaranaayi si link soo suubiyo laakin hadii aad rabtid in aad dhagaysatid homepage kooda markii aad booqatid "sidee loo ciidaa" hoosteeda ayaa kahelaysaa kan "todobaadka iyo siyaasada somaaliyeed"
  12. I have recently come across this weekly program and i find myself looking forward to the next one. I think this is so far the best program i have come across of its kind and i wonder what the opinion of the public of it. I personally dont normaly listen to bbc somali or the voa one. Are there any similar ones by any other cooperative somalis ?