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  1. ^ Let's wait for the report about "the worst offenders in the sorry mess". The way things are going, it's only a matter of time till get the blamed for the Liberal MP accused of raping two blokes.
  2. Cartoon piracy? I knew piracy knows no bound and Xiin has not been well since the hard blow to the head when he fell off the caravan; but this is a funny attempt by the rabbit-puncher.
  3. ^ He accused me of having "cuqdad" against The Unholy Trinity and then denied knowing what that trinity was. Only Xiin can pull a manoeuvre like that. I'd rather hear his take on UDAD in stead of Cuqdads.
  4. ^ I see you've all angles covered. Trinity in PL, -Block caravan in Jubba and selling the merits of Wanlaweynism to SL.
  5. ^ It was not only entertainment, it's always good to hear what is being discussed on other dinning tables and the likes of you and Mooge have delivered the goods on more than one occasion. What party are you backing anyway, I guess you are not an UDAD supporter.
  6. ^ Entertainment of course. C'on now be a good sport. You were brilliant with your PM prediction not to mention the SL participation in the London conference.
  7. ^ These are not ordinary elections yaa Xiin. Would you like to read your - unrealiable - tea leaves and say which of the Unholy Trinity will take full advantage of the lax conditions set by the Imam?
  8. Somalia;940287 wrote: This one, my God. Voting is not even POSSIBLE without registration. And it says it will be held in June, while your secessionist colleague posts an old link which says it is postponed indefinitely. So explain to us, why would they hold an election without voters? You are either in denial or having trouble comprehending the concept "Pirate Elections". Check the bold open letter above by the two parties boycotting the polls, they will be no voter registration nor IDs required in these special elections. I can't explain how that is possible, we're all in the same boat - no pun.
  9. Puntland: A Joint Letter from UDAD and Midnimo political Associations in Puntland Published on April 23rd, 2013 Garowe, April 21, 2013 To: Puntland Transitional Electoral Commission Cc: Interpeace Organization Cc: UK Ambassador to Somalia Cc: EU Special Envoy to Somalia Cc: United States Special Representative for Somalia Subject: Final Compromise on our Participation of Upcoming Local Election The execution of free and fair elections to choose our political leaders is a dream that haunted every puntlander in the last 14 years. When the current government announced the start of the democratization process in the last quarter of 2012, a number of political associations that are committed to produce change have risen up. For the first time in Puntland, political associations have begun to woo supporters from community masses through presentation of their political programs to the public in order to win their approval for political leadership. However, with the insistence of the government to run local elections with no ID and voter registration requirements and the removal of the provisions related from the local electoral law, the already declining trust between UDAD and Midnimo on one hand and PTEC and government on the other hand has widened. Since then, the existing notion of having corrupted and fraud elections has been multiplied successively. In addition to that, no single item from our list of concerns raised in our previous discussions has been positively and sufficiently responded by the government; the establishment of constitutional court, the necessity of non- partisanship electoral commission, security of the polling stations, voting of non Puntlanders, fixing of regional borders etc. Nonetheless, corollary to our consecutive discussions with DSC delegates last week, we have been convinced to drop ID and voter registration conditions due to time and financial limitations and we accepted it temporarily in substitute of the list of safeguards against election fraud formulated by PTEC. However, in exchange of the above, we believe that confidence building for all stakeholders is a cornerstone and very crucial to the electoral process and therefore the following three points are a prerequisite for our full participation to upcoming local elections by UDAD and Midnimo political associations: http://puntlandnews24.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/A-Joint-Letter-from-UDAD-and-Midnimo-3.pdf
  10. Somalia;940245 wrote: My expert opinion. Well, lets start off by correcting obsessed yet uninformed secessionists, a daunting task but I shall take it upon myself nevertheless. There's no such thing as a rotating seat, it's a fiction. The seat was given in a traditional way, the largest gets chosen first. It's a very stable system, it's natural law, simple xeer law. Semantics. Call it natural, simple or stable - the elders rotated the seat between Omar, Osman and Isseh Trinity Cartels. Somalia;940245 wrote: Secondly, registration has not been put off, however IDs have. Oh I chose to believe the two political parties boycotting the Pirate Polls over you. Check the link.. http://puntlandnews24.com/doorashooyinkii-golaha-deegaanka-puntland-oo-dib-loo-dhigay-dhagayso/ Somalia;940245 wrote: If we look at the greatest democracy of our time, the United States of America, people do not use IDs to vote and voter fraud is almost non-existent, I think the statistics was 0.003% but I shall get back to you on that. We're not talking about the "land of the free" but the capital of human smuggling, hub of pirates and centre for currency counterfeiting. Even Uncle Sam demands IDs in some States like the Pirate infested Ohio. http://www.sos.state.oh.us/elections/Voters/FAQ/ID.aspx
  11. ^ That's interesting. Somalia;940224 wrote: Your mathematical formula is simply FLAWED! :cool: Right. Give us your expert opinion on the federal pirate polls.
  12. A Joint Statement by Puntland Political Associations about the Current Democratization Process 25th March 2013, Garowe To: His Excellency, Dr. Abdirahman Mohamud, President of Puntland State of Somalia Cc: Chairman of Puntland Transitional Electoral Commission Cc: Director of DFID, Somalia Cc: UK Ambassador to Somalia Cc: EU Special Representative to Somalia, Cc: UN Secretary General Special Representative to Somalia Subject: Resolving Local Municipality Elections Stalemate With the government of Puntland ‘s announcement about a year ago that that a true multiparty system will come into play in Puntland , starting this year, in order that every citizen could have a final say about the shape of Puntland’s next government, we decided to be part of that process with all the due raw and disagreements that followed about the validity of the fifth year of this administration. However, with all patience exercised up to now by our political associations, we would not whatsoever compromise on our principles towards achieving a fair and transparent democratization process that can uphold the wishes and the interests of our people for deciding the fate of their future. Relating to the above, Mr. President as you are well aware, the government of Puntland has submitted two days ago a new draft of local council’s elections law to the Parliament. The objective of this motion is to remove/ modify around 21 articles in the current law; some of them are decisive and crucial, in an extra ordinary session of the House of Representative that is currently underway. These desired changes will completely alter among others the following: 1) Article 3, section 1; that every voter must hold an ID card which defines that s/he is a citizen of Puntland State of Somalia i.e. there will be no conditions restricting the status of each voting individual in Puntland 2) Article 4, section 1; that each holder of a Puntlander ID card has a right to vote in the nearest place to her/him during the voting day if s/he has already included in the voters registration list. However, with due respect to Puntland state institutions, the revealed justification for this motion is to quickly facilitate without any pre-conditions the voting process of local councils that is planned to take place in May this year, with no consideration whatsoever to the consequences that will result from such actions. On contrary to that, we as political associations strongly believe that the removal or alteration of these articles from the local council’s elections laws will undoubtedly nullify the fairness and the transparency of the proposed elections and would lead to fraud results. Emphasizing on that, the undersigned political associations will not in any way: Accept to be part of an election process that would certainly mislead the opinion of our people and distort their choices Or else contribute as accomplices to corrupted election results that would undoubtedly put our region in the hands of devil and cause civil unrest and internal clans fighting. Opposing that, we propose the following as a basis for lasting solution to the local election crises in Puntland: That the government must combine its maximum effort together with attracting donor support in order of speeding the voter registration system and distribution of Puntland IDs , since the obligation of the government had not been fully geared in the last eight months in order of realizing this target. That all political associations, PTEC and Puntland government must come together in a meeting to look for common understanding on outstanding issues and resolve this matter in a way that serves the interest of our people. That since the electoral commission has not exercised any neutrality on the disputed points over the past few months; an alternative option to form another new commission is of high priority to most of our political associations. That local municipal election must be delayed until the government ensures that ID system got firmly in place and voter registration list established. This will take a maximum of four months after discussing it with local ID professional companies. That a constitutional court ought to be established before the election date to arbiter any disputes that arises during voting days. In case that local municipality elections failed to organize as per the plan outlined in PTEC road map due to lack of voter registration data base, we propose a two year transitional government that takes over authority starting from the end of this year. The main mandate of this new caretaker government is to focus the completion of the democratization process which is already underway in Puntland in a span of not more than two year’s period.
  13. Imam Faroole's term is running out and according to the Unholy Trinity formula - it's Omar's cartel turn to rule Puntland. Or is it? Well, the current leader of buccaneering "ku dayo, ku dayo" friends has decided to experiment with democracy with a pirate twist instead.
  14. NGONGE;940110 wrote: ^^ Err..So ku maan odhan you always shoot too soon, saaxib? ^ Excuse brother Xiin, he suffers from PRP (Premature Rabbit Punch).
  15. Jacpher;931343 wrote: You think this is funny. The secessionists in full support of x.xaaji hateful remarks. A young Xiin being chased by rampant USC boys is not funny at all. To this day, he still hasn't recovered from the nightmare. Arms emarbargo must stay still Xiin is mentally over it all and doesn't think Abwan, The Xaaji or anyone is "out to get his block".
  16. xiinfaniin;931118 wrote: a non starter . A pure Mogadishu agenda that will not fly. What's wrong with Muqdisho yaa xiin?
  17. xiinfaniin;931080 wrote: xiinfaniin, baashi, Libaan, Gabal, Abtigiis, and the entire D block , the land they inhabit, the business they own , would have vanished. That's dangerous stuff. Save the D-Block. The arms embargo should not be lifted until The Xaji is no threat to the Block - especially the Federal Pirates. We don't want a repeat of 1991 where the likes of your innocent clan were hunted down just for belonging to the wrong Block name, do we?
  18. I'm no Tuug, NGONGE. Like many nomads out there, I find it hard to fit into the current tax system. Somalis are naturally good at being self-employed and not 9-5 civil servants. The current extortionate business rates make it impossible to start a small business without circumventing the rules (by sub-letting or changing ownership every year). A proud, noble and independent people have been reduced into finding ways of surviving the current poverty trap by sons of banker politicians.
  19. Juxa;928932 wrote: Ceyrta oo la jaro could be very good thing for our community. it will restore happiness in many households Apparently, this change will bring a new social group called "Single Aabo with kids". Whereas the old benefit system suited a single Hooyo with 10 kids; the new one could be milked by splitting the kids in to two households. 5 kids living with Aabo and 5 kids with Hooyo. Well we're movin on up, to the east side. To a deluxe apartment in the sky. Movin on upthe east side. We finally got a piece of the pie. Fish don't fry in the kitchen; Beans don't burn on the grill. Took a whole lotta tryin' Just to get up that hill. Now we're up in the big leagues Gettin' our turn at bat. As long as we live, it's you and me baby There ain't nothin wrong with that. Well we're movin on up, To the east side. To a deluxe apartment in the sky. Movin on up To the east side. We finally got a piece of the pie.
  20. Gabbal;927912 wrote: Xoosh was part of a group of wealthy men which included Uunlaaye and Jirde Hussein. Why try to delegitimize his hard work? He has not worked a day in government. If he got to his level because of nepotism certainly a lot more members of his clan would be in that group and certainly much more who were political insiders.. Then they ask why Somalis cannot find peace Remember the day you asked SOLers this question? >> http://www.somaliaonline.com/community/showthread.php/10944-Hargeisa-Daawo-Dacalda?p=166111&viewfull=1#post166111 I do.
  21. NGONGE, you can't fill The Xaaji's shoes. This belongs to the Peruvian thread.
  22. ^ Well, I hesitate. Shall I leave you alone till your perspective is not as one sided like it has been, or risk you digging your heel - as usual - and tell you the problem I have with you calling for the a president to squash the case without establishing the truth?
  23. Maaddeey championing "press freedom". NGONGE criticises "journalists". Another day, another Dinar.
  24. Mintid Farayar;915685 wrote: http://www.heritageinstitute.org/index.php/sample-sites/policy-briefing It's well funded by Somali standards but I'm not ready to spill the beans as to who's behind it Must be funded by that girl that sings "hips don't lie".