Eritrea accuses SUDAN and QATAR for deploying fighter jets too close

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Eritrea accuses Sudan, Qatar of deploying fighter planes on border
By Al Arabiya English
March 26, 2018


The Eritrean government released a statement accusing Qatar of sending Sudan three fighter planes to thwart a purported attack from Eritrea, and of secretly funding an Eritrean Islamist opposition office in an isolated area in Sudan.


In the statement, the Eritrean government said that Qatar is funding supporters of the radical Islamist cleric, Mohammed Jumma, who opened an office in an unknown area in Sudan.

“Followers of the radical Islamic Cleric, Mohammed Jumma, opened an office, under extreme secrecy, in a secluded area to organize political and military activities as well as to train their members. Funding of their activities is provided by the Embassy of Qatar in Khartoum. Training and other logistical functions are managed by the Sudanese Security and Intelligence Service,” the statement read.

They added that Qatar sent three Mig fighter planes to the Sudanese Defense forces which were deployed in Kassala on Eritrea’s border with Sudan. The pilots for the three Mig fighter planes were two Qataris and an Ethiopian.

The Eritrean government said the deployment was done under the pretense of “thwarting an attack from Eritrea that would be unleashed with the support of the United Arab Emirates.”

They also mentioned that a delegation from the Qatari military, led by the ambassador of Qatar in Khartoum, visited the “Joint Sudanese-Ethiopian Defense Unit” in March to inspect its operations and gauge the security situation in the Kassala area, while asking “Why does Qatar involve itself in such senseless intricacies?”

The statement by Eritrea’s Ministry of Information also called recent news spread by Qatar news outlets of the deployment of Egyptian troops in Sawa, Eritrea fabricated, adding that this triggered the subsequent closure of the Sudanese border with Eritrea.


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You sow what you seed.

Karma for the people of Yemen.

Why do you allow Egypt, UAE and Saudi to operate from your territory for Yemen war?

Somalia could have done with the money, but there is principles. You did not have human principles.


You also wanted to overthrow Al Bashir, now you will be overthrown. Let alone you even your Patron Gaddafi was overthrown with a lot of Sudanese input, for trying to humiliate Sudan with South Sudan.

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55 minutes ago, Ducale said:


Who's this Mohamed Jumma and does he want islamic sharia in Eritrea? 


OOAccording to some Ethiopians, one thing that is not often talked about in regards to the Oromo uprising is the religious tensions between muslims and Christians. Ethiopia can withstand anything, and it did in the past. But ethiopians were always united in their identity of country.


Are things changing and religion tolerance is about to buckle under the weight of  pent up frustration and ethnic tensions?




Most likely he is Brotherhood and not radical or Wahabbi as the Eritreans are accusing him of being unless he has changed lately with some Saudi injection.

Eritrea is 47% Moslem 37% Orthodox Christian and the rest all kinds of Christian and some animist. Even Pentecostals have made some strides unlike the Tigray and Afar in Ethiopia.

The dictator in Eritrea only inside the country tries to keep Christians by spectre of Radiacl Islamists. He has taken some measures against schools and denying the Jeberti to organize even social gatherings of their own. The Jeberti are native to Tigray Ethiopia and moved some of them in business starting some 300 years ago to the part of Tigray that is now Eritrea.


In Ethiopia, It is only the Oromo that have this explosive problem. It comes from too much Pentecostals about 10 million. A bit in south as well. The Internet activists have now already separated and attacking each other between Moslem East and Protestant west.

The rest are all orthodox Moslem, Orthodox Christian. Saying orthodox Moslem may not be common, but it only means original and the truth. Since Islam was accepted in Tigray before Saudi Arabia they have so far kept same way no branching, modifying, adapting cults like Wahabbi etc. And since Orthodox Christian and Islam are very close, not that many problems.

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16 hours ago, Ducale said:

What's the difference between Orthodox Christian and Pentecostals? Are Pentes more militant than Orthodox?  Are orthodox oromos different than the Pentecostal Ones? 

Pentecostal in behaviour is as Wahabbi is to Islam. Pentecostal is also more of American so is new world order. Very militant even against Orthodox Christianity. They are militant against everything Orthodox, original and old (Be it Islam, Christianity).

Pentecostal in Ethiopia expanded and became popular as a tool to fight the Xabeshi domination. It gathered momentum really fast. Now maybe about 15 million in the country.

Eritrea's problem is fighting dirty war against its neighbors.

In Djibouti they tried to use Afar, when the fact is that the Afar in Eritrea are the most mal treated and most opressed. Eritrea failed. Eritrea instead should have just competed against Djibouti by ports. Eritreas ports are completely useless now and failed.

In Sudan Eritrea tried to ally with America and accuse Sudan of Islamic terrorism. That was wrong direction wrong principle and cruel lie. Ethiopia is close to America, but never ever tried to take advantage by throwing Sudan under the bus of "anti-terror" gravey train.

It is not first time the Eritreans try to use Islam. They even forget that Moslems are the most in Eritrea. But forget that Eritreans should have followed their ancestor's way and not go with temporary politics.


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Eritrea continues to provides support to Darfur armed groups: former rebel

March 25, 2018 (KHARTOUM) - A former rebel official who is now part of the Sudanese government accused Eritrea of continuing to support two armed groups from Darfur region: Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdel Wahid al-Nur (SLM-AW).

JPEG - 23.8 kb
Map of the secretive Red Sea nation, bordering Sudan and Ethiopia, (Map HRW)

Mohamed Abdallah Herio the political secretary of JEM-Dabajo, a former rebel faction signatory of a peace agreement with the government, told the semi-official SMC that JEM of Gibril Ibrahim has a military camp in Eritrea led Abdallah Ogas who is Ibrahim’s nephew, adding that the SLM-AW has also a similar camp.

He further said that Asmara provided Eritrean passports to the two factions.

Following their rejection of Abuja peace agreement in May 2006, JEM and SLM-AW leaders were hosted by the Eritrean government. JEM formed an alliance with other factions called the National Redemption Front and established a training camp in Eritrea.

The SLM-AW refused to join the coalition of Darfur groups but established its own camp in Eritrea.

Since that time rebel elements have remained in Eritrea even after the normalisation of bilateral relations between the two governments. Also, Asmara proposed to mediate between them and Khartoum but, the latter rejected the offer.

The former rebel official urged Eritrea to stop supporting and harbouring Sudanese rebel movements and to observe the principles of good neighbourliness in international law.

The publication of the report comes amid strained relations between the two capitals which trade accusations of support to armed groups from both sides.

On Friday, Eritrean information ministry accused Sudan and Qatar of backing an opposition group led by a radical Islamist called Mohammed Jumma. The statement further said that Qatar provided Sudan with three Mig fighters and funds a joint Sudanese Ethiopian force deployed along the border.


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10 hours ago, maakhiri1 said:

Eritrea, 100% arms Shabaab too. 

No doubt.

When a dictator has no body close or around him to tell him he is doing wrong, he treats a country like a retaurant and the army like a gang. Then its the end. That is where he is. His supporters would tell you he can walk on water, he is great military commander, he is health expert and talks about how much calories is enough (he did this on TV too), stands around building water catchments as an engineer tells the engineers what to do (recorded and broadcast on TV).....


The people of Sudan were most generous, most humaine had about a million Ethiopian and Eritreans in 1984 height of war and famine. The Ethiopians immediately after victory gathered elders from all regions and provinces went to Khartoum and thanked the people and government of Sudan, the Eritrean has been nothing but trouble as tool of Gaddafi, America, Mubarek/Sisi and now UAE against Sudan.

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100% false.

We know who provides weapons with Al-shbaab. It is Ethiopia.

Eritrea can not pass the international navy that controlled the Somali sea. They do not have any border access to the Somali territory. It is a fictional scheme to divert the attention.

By the way the Eritrean struggle were always led and fought mostly by the eritrean Muslims. Until his suspicious death in Egypt Osman Saleh Sabbe was the most prominent leader  who advocated and fought for independence.

If you look ethiopian slogans against Eritrea during the King and the rule of Mengistu Hailemariam,  they used to say, " We will not give Eritrea to the Arabs".

More than 50% of the population is Muslim. From  Assab, Massawa, and coastal area is dominated by Afar, in the north and west bordering Sudan are different tribes that are different from the Tigre highlanders bordering Ethiopia.

On 3/26/2018 at 2:39 PM, Ducale said:

Ethiopia can withstand anything, and it did in the past. But ethiopians were always united in their identity of country.

According to separatist kids , Yes, Ethiopia is always united and could keep it's identity of different ethnic groups despite the tens of thousands who are killed by Mengistu or the TPLF, but the Somalis who are 100% the same,  must be dismembers. 

Inkaari kugu dhacday. I have seen in the news Kurds in cooperation with the european racists and and right wing nuts firebombing Mosques in Germany and Holand. I am afraid that some these dranged kids might do so many things to learn from the Kurds including crying to keep Ethiopia oppressing others.


"Midnimada Ethiopia waa Muqadas, ta Soomaaliduna Ha duntu"  warkaagu waakaa.

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It would be shocking and extremely suprising if I see a galbeedi post that does not blame Ethiopia, sometimes for everything under the sun.

Al Ithad..ICU...Shabab is a chain linked. In between there are names that come and go like Ahlu Al Suna etc..One thing you know well is these incarnations have never been friends with Ethiopia. Ethiopia gives credit to the Somali as to why these organizations have not had big success of terrorism in Ethiopia.


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6 hours ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:

Alcarabiya??? Imaaraad and Sacuudi-created propaganda arm dalal isku direyso. False news.

Thank you.

You understand that this could be one fake news that is equally well recieved by both sides. Sudanese do not mind it, Ethiopians do not mind it, Eritrea/Egyptians/UAE do not mind it. If fake that is the kind of fake news that hits the originator harder than the supposed victim.


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