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Save the children_Would any Of you Sponsor a child in third world Countries?

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Would any Of you Sponsor a child in third world Countries?


Where by the money You send….depending on ur resident country could be US$20.00 ( or around 15 pounds, close to 20.00 euros/ CAD $25.00 or may be A$30.00)……..Come to thing of it this is same amount of money U could literally spend on a few latte’s on your way to work or may be a few days out of the month as take away option while at work or at University………


Where as on the same note You could be literally saving a child’s life. This is some of the things ur donation of that amount could do for the unfortunate child born in to poor neighborhood or country in civil war or may be of a Corrupted regime in this matter:


World Vision's HopeChild or even Safe the children Appeal sponsorship program changes lives! Sponsor a Child today.


For just $ certain amount a month you can sponsor a Child in African countries and other countries around the world and help turn the tide of the HIV/AIDS pandemic! You can provide things such as:


Clean Water

Nutritious Food

Health Care

Health Care, including AIDS Prevention

Care for Sick or Dying Parents

Educational Opportunities

Spiritual Nurture (regardless of religion)

HIV/AIDS Counseling

And yes some of the responses might be…..but all somalis at home are also facing starvation, what makes it realistic or more humane than to sponsor other countries while we could it give it to our own kind?

Well as humans we should discriminate on the needy, besides places in somali and somaliland always or some how would have relatives out there sending some sort of dahab shiil xawilaad….lolz…I am just kiddin…..

The moral of the story is donate what ever U can afford without discrimination on the basis of country, religion or colour

And Yes its all tax detectable for all of You’s that claim back your taxes during the financial year, whether it be business related expenses or charity related…..



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We don't need UN or a picture of a skinny kid to sponsor anyone.WE are,i mean i'm already doing that on daily basis and i will continue to do that till die.However, i do not intend to help the world,i'm too busy with my own folks.I firmly believe charity begins at home and when my war with poverty is over,i guess that will be the day i will try to help the world,but until then i concentrate on my family.

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Somerican is right.We Muslims "sponsor" miskiin children in Africa by paying our zakaah.There is no way I would send money through these christian aid organizations because,beside the obvious that they are preaching their religion to these children while they are over there,but also all of the money sent does not go to who needs it.A lot of that money goes to administration costs,and obviously salaries of those who work for them.

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