Cooldoon losing supporters fast over his stupid post on Naima Qorane

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Coldoon seems to be overwhelmed with fear and anxiety about his own future. He gained a huge media following, mostly the young and educated who are not loyal to tribal enclaves.

What does not make sense is why is he trying to upstage this girl or justifying her unlawful imprisonments on the issues he himself defended or rationalized it differently.  

  For example, at the Hight of Qalbi-Dhagax saga, he explained at the time as an Ethiopian trappings setup to pin Somali government against its people. Oddly he is raising the same issue now in order to delegitimize this girl’s stances in the eyes of many.  People should give this guy a chance he has done lots of good, and no one knows what personal stuff is going through.

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Coldoon said his life is in danger. He ran away to Qatar.  He wants to come home. Mogadishu is not what its cracked up to be.  His eyes has been opened and it seems he finally sees things for what they really are.  I welcome this new found maturity from his part.  He should get back to what he does best and that is help those less fortunate.  

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