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Tensions rise as Somali Region as Illey dispatches delegation to the US

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Deeq A.   



Jigjiga — Thousands of Jidwaq people—one of the largest Somali clans in the Somali Regional State (SRS) of Ethiopia— have taken to the social media, with many calling for the removal of Somali-Ogaden regional President, Abdi Mohamoud Omar (Abdi Iley). In mid-December, Jidwaq community held an anti-Abdi Iley meeting in Minneapolis in which they stated on Facebook live video that they are “demanding justice”, without elaborating. Khadar Abdi, a local minister for Trade and Transportation among other officials are touring in the United States of America to put down Jidwaq uprising against Abdi Iley. Meanwhile, the local regional administration stage-managed a pro-Abdi Iley Jidwaq people meeting in the regional capital of Jigjiga, drastically escalating tensions between the local government and Jidwaq clan.


The local government warned that their families back home would suffer severe consequences if cooperating with Oromo people continued and have already forced Jidwaq elders to defend President Abdi Iley against their sons in the diaspora on air. Jidwaq, also pronounced Jidwaaq, says that they are not cooperating with anyone against Abdi Iley and called on the Federal Government to intervene in. “We would pursue our interests in the region, like any other clan and nobody can stop us holding an event like this,” said one of the organizers. Abdi Iley administration waged a propaganda war against Jidwaq clan expats in the U.S by calling anti-Abdi Iley meeting organizers as ‘Magafayaal’, the name for insatiable traffickers, from whom there is no escaping. Abdi Iley’s mother hails from Jidwaq but his main concern is that Jidwaq remains the most Pro-Ethiopian clan in the country since TPLF took over the central government in 1991, therefore he can’t Persuade the Federal government by labelling his opponents as “Anti-Peace elements”. Somali region commentators say, Abdi Iley will likely ignite conflict between his clan and Jidwaq to gain their support.


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What ever the grievances, the small ones and the big issues, I think this is absolutely wrong timing. If some of you think this is the right time to get at Illey since he is facing challenging situation as everyone is in Ethiopia, and this is the right time to get rid of him for reconciliation with Oromos, I do not think the desired result will be achieved, without creating bigger wounds.

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Listen Wayaane Boy,


How dare you tell us what is good for us.


You and your WAyaane buddies have murdered our people in Mogadishu, Gedo, Bay,  Hiiraan and between. After Somalis finally woke up to your plots, you switched  planns by using Cabdi Illey to murder us in Gaashaamo, Mudug, Gedo  and Harowo. 


Just as the Wayaane planned , they isolated the Somali region with oppression and tyranny  which the world have even seen. In 2017, no place in this earth was worse than Somali Zone. If a nursing mother brings a small can of powder milk and travels with a bus, the evil Wayaane controlled LIyu police will open and put their hands in the powder and the innocent mother will just throw away. This men might have been picked from the street , and probably never raised by mothers when you see how they treat  Somali mothers. In every region of  EThiopia , their leaders represent the well being of the people except the Tigray lab dog Illey.


In order for the WAyaane to survive few more months, they created a civil war among brothers. Illey will tell you that his friends are Tigray, but we Somalis know who our enemies are. We have no business of cozying up backward and ruthless Tigray highlanders who have no business in Oromo or Somali countryside. We are with the Oromo people and their aspiration. While the Somali man was destroyed through tyranny and tribal loyalty, the ORomo are nationalist and their aspirations are higher than Somalis today. THey are what  we were in 1960, 


The Oromo are our brothers and they have always been our neighbors regardless of what problem we might have. They are Ali, omar, and Yusuf , and we should never fight them. 


We Somalis in the diaspora must organize and meet our Oromo brothers whether they are in MInnesota, LOndon, Washington, Toronto or Alberta. WE must unite for the enemies of our people the Wayaane led EThiopian system. THis Tigray highlanders are just four million people or less than 5% of the Ethiopian population. THey do not have the population strength, the education or bureaucratic knowledge to run Ethiopia other than the gun. Their time is over soon, and we should not be the victims of their evil plans.


Mr. Wayaane, if you think these Somalis in this forum will buy your half truths and Wayaane propaganda, you are mistaken. THey might have tribal sympathy to their regions or towns, but deep down they care about their country and well being than  you might think. ESpecially those in diaspora. 


In one of my threads you posted total lies and misinformation by equating Eritrea with Somaliland. The Wayaane and the Amhara were the ones who served  the European colonies in the nineteenth and twentieth century. in 1950, the United Nation, had made Eritrea to be under the trusteeship of emperor Haile Selassie who was a colonial lab dog, and they have been fighting since for fifty years.  Southern Somalia were given for the Italiaans to administer the land until independence in 1960.


the Italians were only able to subdue and control Southern regions as late as 1926, and by 1941, they were defeated by the British. After 1941, all the Somali speaking regions from Wajeer to Jijiga were controlled by the British.Until the UN transfer Somalis mingled from South to NOrth and the land between, Even the SYL was in JIjiga and Diredawa.  When the British left HArgeisa, the flag that was raised was the blue flag with the white star, not a flag of another country. The  union of the regions who were not physically separated, was not in June 1960, but in April 30, 1960. ONly those with sinister agenda will speak of different Somalia. There was none. The people in GAroowe, Boosaaso or even Gaashaamo never crossed a border when they traveled to TAleex or Ceergaabo. Our camels and livestock has grassed without borders. In fact the colonials were just administrating few towns, while the somali countryside was one. 


You have the nerve to push the disintegration of Somalia after what have you done in our republic. Only fools like you would think that the forged history of Wikipedia is the truth. Eritrea might have something  in common with Tigray, but they have nothing to do with the Oromo or Somalis.


We do not give a damn if Eritrea joins or stays independent. I am not even preoccupied by Somaliland who will join the republic as soon as things were sorted out in MOgadishu. WE can not let go our " Somali Galbeed" who you referred as Zone five and Cabdi Illey and company called Ogadenia. It has been given to the king without our permission, and our property must be either with us or depart legally. We want our land back and will not rest until we gain. Neither CAli Geedi nor Muuse Biixi will help you to disintegrate Somalia. Of course C/laahi Yusuf was pinned down in MOgadishu , but that does not mean he will let the land go the land.


THis Wayaane run entity of Ethiopia is doomed. It must either become a plural democracy of multi ethnic and religion society based on rule of law and majority rule or must disintegrate like former Yugoslavia. The third option of keeping the status quo and pitting people against one another is over.


The Wayaane  game of pitting Oromo and Somali brothers is over. Soon we will depose your lap dog Illey, and the next leader must work hard to rebuild the harmony again.


The new map of Ethiopia will be different soon, The Somalis will join the republic, the Oromo will have their country, so does the Afar, Mashenguli and others. I do not care if the Amhara joins the Tigray or the Tigray joins Eritrea. These people must be expelled from Jijiga, Dirdawa, Hawaas, and  Oromo country side. 



Here in September 2016, Illey attacks Oromo and Amhara who were demonstrating against the Wayaane. He said these gathering are illegal. No other regional leader came out

 Then , at the same month he send millions to Tigray capital.

Somali State civil society delegation arrived in Mekelle, Tigrai State


Somali State civil cociety delegation arrived in Mekelle the capital city of Tigrai State to show their support and extend a helping hand to the Tigraian civilians deported from some Amhara region towns and cities.

The delegation from Somali State presented the Tigrai emergency coordinating committee 10 million Birr to help the recently uprooted innocent Tigraians from Amhara region.

The Somali State delegation traveled all the way to the city of Mekelle to show their solidarity with the people of Tigrai and to express their profound support to the displaced women, children, farmers, brassiness people, government workers, civil servants, professors, and other professionals. These people were forced to leave their houses and entire livelihood in their own country just because they were Tigraians.

We are grateful to the Somali State people and government for their generosity and brave stand at this critical point of our people.

The Somali delegation didn’t come to just deliver the financial support, that could have been done in much easier and faster ways.  There is much crucial message to the people of Tigrai, to the perpetrators of the ethnic cleansing, and the rest of Ethiopia they wanted to send and it is very clear to all of us. Thank you!



Somalis were starving, yet Cabdi Illey sent 10 million Bir to Wayaane people who left Amhara area. 


No wonder , we became the target.  With friends like the Wayaane , you will get more enemies than you think.



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On Issue of Somaliland:

1. I said the population in Somaliland is same as rest of Somali, but had different colonizer separately and the population in Eritrea Afar, Tigrenya, Kunama, Saho, Agew are same as in Ethiopia, but had been colonized by Ital separately. T/F

2. Somaliland got independence from British empire winding down, and Eritrea was given to UN as Allied liberated territory, which the British plan of splitting Eritrea half to Sudan and half to Ethiopia failed and UN placed it a federated state with Ethiopia. T/F

3. Somaliland joined the rest of the Somali that were under Italy 1960s and Eritrea was forced to join the unitary rule in Ethiopia 1960s. T/F

4. Eritrea wanted to be a country of its own, and achieved it with so much bloodshed and destruction, separate from Ethiopia and Somaliland is trying to achieve same with no or least bloodshed. T/F

5. Colonial borders did not apply to both Eritrea and Somaliland, so AOU could not recognize Eritrea and AU cannot recognize Somaliland since both Eritrea and Somaliland were in their respective countries when Africans agreed to keep countries based on Colonial borders. T/F


These are facts no matter stated by anyone.


Just to give you an example to this problem of having different colonizers please see this article about Libya, where the British, French and Italians are not allowing negotiations by various means among different entities.‘former-occupiers’-seeking-role-libya-66-years-after-its-independence


" As Libya marked on Sunday its 66th Independence Day, its officials lamented that their country is still the focus of the old colonialists, represented by France, Italy and Britain.

Benghazi MP Issam Jihani stated that Libya is now being divided between French, Italian and British interests.

Our country is now an open ground to them and others. It is clear to all that each side wants to empower one Libyan side against the other. As soon as Libyan forces come close to national reconciliation, they meddle to make sure that it fails,” he stressed.

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As per different regions of the somali people having different interests related to their status in different countries or regions, I don't think anyone can deny that the Somali in Djibouti has different interests than the Somali in NFD. Some times these regional interests may even be so different as to be close to opposite. If one can not recognize this and try to minimize the effects and negative impact of the differences, one will have a difficult and even impossible to keep one region together orderly and at peace let alone to bring different regions together.


There is a book written on the death of two brothers, both colonels one on Ethiopia side and another on Eritrea side in 2000.


After seeing the Scottish voting wanting to separate from the home of one of the greatest empires, which the Scottish participated, and more than 300 years of united government, almost lost their Gailic language and for the most part speaking English....It gives one to look at things calmly and less emotions.


As for you being so convinced that I am Tigray, can't help, sometimes what looks apparent is far stronger than truth. Its not useful to try to explain someone who has made up their mind and trying to fit everything into that box.

To add to your conviction or misconception, Weyannie means revolutionary and was name of the rebellion in northern Ethiopia (led and mostly Tigray) in 1942. It was defeated by British planes and fire bombing, same as German cities like Dresden, planes from Yemen since the ones from Eritrea were not enough. The Weyannie captured 4 Generals of King Haileslassie in 2 weeks and the British empire could not allow the toppling of King Hailesslaslassie who they were trying to restore after defeat of Italy in 1941. That rebellion was called Weyannie I.  And the next Rebellion that started in 70s (led and mostly Tigray) is called Weyannie II. Hope this helps confirm what you already believe to be a fact.

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OO, there is nothing wrong with the Somalis having an alliance with one of the powerful groups in Ethiopia (TPLF) for the sake of safeguarding own survival, but you have to understand that, in Somali street, Illey doesn't have the legitimacy or the moral authority to make a decision on behalf of our people.  Illey is seen as a despot forced upon us by the Ethiopian powerbrokers for their own survival at the expense of vulnerable Somalis. If the Oromos and the Amharas gain power, it is the Somalis who will suffer the most.

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15 hours ago, Holac said:

OO, there is nothing wrong with the Somalis having an alliance with one of the powerful groups in Ethiopia (TPLF) for the sake of safeguarding own survival, but you have to understand that, in Somali street, Illey doesn't have the legitimacy or the moral authority to make a decision on behalf of our people.  Illey is seen as a despot forced upon us by the Ethiopian powerbrokers for their own survival at the expense of vulnerable Somalis. If the Oromos and the Amharas gain power, it is the Somalis who will suffer the most.



I agree of the concern, of not having a local dictator, but it also helps to look at issues from the opposite side:

Example one of the top members from Derg Mengistu committee has written:


"The Weyannie Tigray are allowing only the Og (his writing) and nobody else in Ethiopia, to have so much regional independence. All other regions are not allowed to have forces. What do we do if one day the Tigray and Somali are not happy and want to separate?" He has gathered from media statements given by ONLF and others given at different times. His name is Captain Dawit Weldegiorgis. He was governor of Eritrea, deputy foreign minister and Executive member of ESAP the Mengistu socialist party.

The most important issue to consider at all times is the condition and interests of peoples. Somali and Tigray are not same ethnic, they do not speak same language, ancestrally I am not an anthropologist to say they have or not have kinship, but in recent history they both have suffered same oppression and wanted self government at all times. Both were also rebellious. Don't you think this creates more closeness than individuals from Tigray or Somali can create? Common conditions, common interests are always far stronger than anything else even blood kinship. Somali region has changed leaders, Tigray region has changed leaders, but the relationship has not changed. Same with Afar.

The close relationship between Tigray and Somali is in fact more than leaders that come and go. ONLF leaders had same close relations with TPLF.

Illey may have enhanced what was there, but did not create it. Late president Abdullahi Yusuf and late prime minister Meles may have enhanced it, but did not create it.

Its easy to blame Illey for his opponents, but those same opponents were actually the closest to Tigray when the federal system was set up in Ethiopia.


What is the way to make sure that the Somali region does not become victim of others hegemony in Ethiopia. The prevention is only and only one. Strong Somali region in education, health, economy and governance security and if  need be elite forces. There is no other guarantee. Friendships even brotherhood is not guarantee. Self reliance and self confidence is most important guarantee. In that regard Illey is not part of the problem, he is part of the solution.


Why did late president Siad Barre and Mengistu agreed to disband WSLF the moment the two regimes met after the war. The reason is simple. WSLF most in the leadership had decided to stay in Ethiopia with strong and guaranteed self government, contacted Tigray, Afar and others and obtained complete agreement and support. That was the day Mengistu decided to compromise on anything with Somalia and both of them to dismantle WSLF and SSDF.


Why did ONLF and OLF in 20 years never done any thing co-ordinated, except forming so many names and declarations from Eritrea, north america or europe? This is not Tigray or Afar. Its something else.


Fighting or competing to control the door for a house should not destroy the house. One can criticize Illey, can oppose Illey, but not destroy the region. Build more and better than Illey, but not destroy what he has lead building. Its the only regional state in Ethiopia that built an international Airport from its own, because Ethiopia will have built it, but after 5 or 6 years, which would have been too late for investment and business.


That is how I see it.

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Waar Tigreegan aad nagu soo dayseen propagabdhadiisa maxaan ka yeelaa.


For the last time stop your Tigray propaganda in this Somali forum.


3 hours ago, Old_Observer said:

why did late president Siad Barre and Mengistu agreed to disband WSLF the moment the two regimes met after the war. The reason is simple. WSLF most in the leadership had decided to stay in Ethiopia with strong and guaranteed self government, contacted Tigray,


Siyaad Barre and Mengistu never met after the war, and WSLF was not disbanded because of Tigray or any thing you guys have done. WSLF was ordered to halt it's attacks because Siyaad Barre wanted to cripple the support Mengistu gave to Somali tribal groups, especially SNM and SSDF. The agreement did happen in Djibouti after Siyaad Barre joined other IGAD members. The main issue was to stop the rebels from launching their attacks from Ethiopia. As soon as that happen, in May 1988, SNM left Ethiopia and started it's war inside SOmalia.


The so called TPLF was nothing in the eighties. THe biggest and toughest army was the EPLF of Eritrea. There were never any agreement between ONLF and Meles. He played games in the early years while he was consolidating power, and as soon as he was in full control he crashed ONLF and others. THe TPLF has murdered not only ONLF members but killed their families , burned their towns and annihilated them systematically. Just like Natenyahu delivering his love to the Iraninans, the Wayaane are sending flowers to their victims. Give me a break.


The Somalis were waging war in EThiopia before any of you guys took the gun. The Oromo National Liberation and ONLF could not do much because there were no bases to launch the war. If like minded Somalis come to power in Somalia, liberation movements could be launched in minutes , and just like Ethiopia took the war inside Somalia, we would take the war in side that huge land and the Wayaane and company could be defeated easily. 


Ethiopia was formed by the barrel of the gun and independent movements of Oromo and Somalis need a gun to get back their freedom, if Wayaane refuses to give power back to the people. 27 years of oppression is enough.

3 hours ago, Old_Observer said:

"The Weyannie Tigray are allowing only the Og (his writing) and nobody else in Ethiopia, to have so much regional independence. All other regions are not allowed to have forces. What do we do if one day the Tigray and Somali are not happy and want to separate?"


The Somali region was under emergency rule since 1991. No trade between Somalis are allowed. You could not even bring an extra shirt in your bag without been taken away. It is a war zone as we speak. 


The Somali region were never allowed to have paramilitary or police. This strategy of arming Somalis were implemented in 2009,  to contract out the killing and the oppression, but also to use the Liyu police to raid Somali proper and the puppet regional governments they themselves created. We have seen leaders from Hargeisa, Garoowe and Gakmudug go to Jijiga to resolve border issues. Illey became the de facto leader.


You are correct on the idea of the Wayaane  eventually separating  from Ethiopia, because , in plural Ethiopia,  led by Ahmara or Oromo ,were the size of population will translate power , the Tigray would be better of joining their cousins in Eritrea. Even the more sinister issue is that the Wayaane  want to  destroy the Liyu police and the Somali paramilitary before the total collapse of Ethiopia, or the separation of the ethnic nations. One way to destroy the Somali paramilitary force will be to pit them Against the Oromo. I hope Illey and others would understand.


The Somali region is much bigger and more important than the landlocked Tigray province. We Somalis should play bigger role and sit down with other players like Oromo and Amhara. That can happen if we get a good leader like Lemma Magrasa of the Oromia who is fighting for his people. 





The Wayaane -Somali alliance is a false and opportunistic ploy to use and crash the Oromo with the Liyu police and in return create a murder mayhem that we haven't seen for decades. The Wayaane  are not pushing Amhara to stop the Oromo, yet heir all efforts are targeted to use the Somalis. 


Somalis, like any other ethnic group should mind their own business and should not agitate whether Oromo or Amhara takes power. THeir primary concern should be to be able to protect their land and people , and should not target politically to hinder the aspirations of others whether they are Oromo, Amhara or Afar.


The change of government and the huge demonstrations are taking place in Oromia, Amhara and Addis. Somehow the Wayaane want to dispatch that issue in our region.


By the way the J.W community are some of the finest Somalis both in Jijiga area and JUbb land countryside. THey are not among those who openly say , " Haddanu reer hebel nahay' laakiin inkaar qabahan Illey ayaa dadkii wada kiciyey. Jubbada , Af madow ka billow illaa iyo Bu'ale ayey degaan. Wax badan ka ma yara Ahmed Madoobe iyo reerkiisa. Hase Ahaatee halka uu shan wasiir iyo shan ku xigeen ka qaatay, hal buu u tuuray. Maamulada Soomaalidu waxay noqdeen meelo Soomaalida wanaagsan lagu dulmo.


In th end we Somalis must stop the bloodshed among the brothers.

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Stopping or if possible eliminating any violence among any people let alone neighbors, brothers is always a human as well as best way to achieve victory (Tzan Tsu).


As for Illey being the go to man for everything Somali, I would be happy if I were you. I would not want Ethiopia to deal with Mogadishu with out consulting and consent of the Somali region in Ethiopia. Everything Ethiopia does with Somaliland also needs to be not skipping Somali region. At the end of the day these are territories that are neighbors, brothers.


I would not like it a bit if Ethiopia starts dealing with Somaliland that is detrimental or disadvantageous to Somali region. Same with Djibouti. Ethiopia and Djibouti have shared populations, there fore the shared population must be considered in as much activities as possible.


With all his power and influence PM Netanyahoo always has a meeting with Ethiopian Israeli Jewish a day or two before his trip to Ethiopia. He also includes an Ethiopian/Israeli jewish among his delegation. USA has chinese and Japanese origin Americans officials at state department. Canada consults and invites her Somali community before making policy change or supporting or opposing a cetain action at UN or other mechanisms.


Its so natural for any country and in this case Ethiopia to take advantage of 6-7 million population who is the same with population in many countries and territories. You do not think the Netherlands Dutch consider the Dutch population in Belguim (half popultion of belguim that is Dutch), when there are policies in Bruxelles that will affect them?


The Somali case is even much greater than that. Its critically important for Mogadishu as well to consider Somali Region, Puntland interests and situations when dealing with Ethiopia. No matter how great of an idea or policy it will never materialize or succeed if not supported or at least accepted by Somali region.


Don't set policy or principles based on individuals. Today you have Illey, tomorrow different person. No matter how difficult it looks now, if one follows principles it will outlast individuals.


Its extremely rare for two societies to be friends or enemies based on individual leaders. Let alone now where people are aware of economic, political and social aspects, even middle ages where the issues of life were limited. Ethiopia was expected to be one of the powers for the crusades. It did not crusade. The memory of that is the Ethiopian Monastery in Jerusalem is called Dier Sultan. It had full protection for centuries. With all the changes happening everybody including the Ottomans, no body touched Dier Sultan or christian monks there. The common interest was peace and security with all.


What do you prefer instead that Illey a Somali is ignored when Ethiopia is dealing with Somalis in other countries?

How would you have reacted if you were in Illey's place and you and your region interest is ignored and Ethiopia is dealing with Somaliland?




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