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Price of Land in Garowe

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Gheele is right buy it outside the city, the services will reach there or u can commute. These towns are incredibly small and dense, even Mogadishu.

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Tolow how is land size measured in Garowe? it's important to establish that first before making any decision. similarly it's worth knowing how the local municipality Dowlada Hoose ee Garowe works, there's probably all sorts of laws to comply with. it's a small but very built up city with restrictions. so i wouldnt be surprised if its expensive. this is a great way to increase govt power and to control the land market but one ought to be wary of speculation too. there's an entire industry for get-rich-quick-schemers and speculators. my Puntlander mate was telling me that Amal Bank facilitates the purchase of land, look into that too.


these sorts of investments are really the first steps towards development. go for it Che. 👍

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42 minutes ago, Dahireeto said:

If you buy outside, you can't get electricity and water right? So what is the point?


cities in the Somali territories are growing at a very fast rate, i can understand your concerns.

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