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Mintid Farayar

The need to separate 2 different debates

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Johnny B   

So, by asking me this question you approved my earlier protest ?


Well, to answer your "question", I'd say it is/was not only OK but necessary to ask the AU/IGAD for help to save our whole country from total anarchy/chaos/destruction and get luckily that help..

Despite your "question" relying on some less true inferences , like " foreign troops controlling all of Southern Somalia, setting up bases, putting up their own local administrations in each ‘gobal" , i'll approve it.

South Somalia is where the nations capital is situated , the seat of the last functioning government of the country, so placing the few AU troops available at the few relatively peaceful spots in an anarchic country was not an option.

Those foreign troops in the south of the country are there on an AU/UN mandate that gets evaluated by the UN/AU every now and then.

I find asking me why is it unacceptable to have a UAE base in Berbera a rhetoric frippery, because it portrays you as a man who is for the integrity and unity of Somalia, but wants another foreigner in his backyard, just like his brothers in the south, and we both know is not the case.


Lastly, the whole idea of the "questioning game" seems to relay on the flimsy comparison of the presence of the UN sanctioned AU troops in the south to the not so popular , not so UN suctioned instalment of a UAE military base in the north, and that is bot supported by the criteria.

The danger that military base would pose if given a green light is out my scope as i luck knowledge in military strategies and since south Somalia is not under a complete foreign military control’ chalk and cheese there.

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