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What these stooges do not get is that people should not be forced to the formation of this state. The temporary constitution says , " two ore more states would make a federal state, at the same time people should not be forced in to joining one ".


Regardless, the consent of the people is paramount. people are free to reject this state. The people of Hiiraan seem to be the last proud Somalis who are trying to get back their freedom from IGAD.


Neither Hassan Culusow nor his stooge Gabre, can force these Hiiraan people who seem to know their position well.


Soomaalida xorta ahi sidaan ayaey u hadli jireen.


" Beled Weyn Allahayow ka dhig Xero Barwaaqo ah"

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Seriously. Hiiraan has got nothing in the way of governance or administration or much of anything else. As we learned in Mogadishu the hard way - any government/administration is better than none. This Ugaas is a moron no different than the courts in 2006.

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