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Az-har student

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salaamu alaikum wr wb,


A couple of students entering Al-Azhar University met up with a professor.

He asked the first student, "What is your name?". The student replied, "My name is Mohamed." The professor said, "Very well. Please recite Surah Muhammad". And the student did.

The next student said, "My name is Tariq." The professor said, "Ok, please recite Surah Al-Tariq. And the student did. This went on with other students saying their names and reciting their namesake surahs --Ibrahim,Yusef, etc. Finally, the professor noticed this one student looking down at his shoes and mumbling something. The professor asked "What's wrong and what is your name?" The student looked at the professor and said, "I cannot lie. My name is Taha, but everyone calls me Kauthar!"


(For all of those who don't get the joke Surah Ta-Ha is a long surah with 135 ayats Whereas, Surah Al-Kauthar has only 3 ayats!)

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loved it!..


below is favorite islamic jokes...still lovin it..



..3 guys standing outside the masjid after friday jumah watching out for sisters going by....then this beautiful sister wearing matching hijab and abaya walks by...


guy 1 says: subhan allah

guy 2 says: masha allah

guy 3 says: insha allah.. :D ...

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