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HAG battles new warriors in lower shabelle

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Guys we don't need clan wars in Shabeelaha Hoose. Let the two brotherly communities reconcile and share this huge land. The Water Maal were wronged by the Italian colonial rule, the civil government of nineteen sixties and the Kacaan. They never allowed to rule Shabeelaha.


Remember the land is huge. In The siyaad regime every corrupt politician bought a land in Shabeelaha Hoose not Hiiraan or Shabeelaha Dhexe. IN Jawhar and Balacad, the government mostly used the commercial farms set up to feed the big industrial factories that produced clothes, alcohol, rice and many other things. Almost every cronie of that era bought land in Shabeelaha Hoose.


even the those who are brought from the Togdheer and Sool during the drought of 1974, were settled in Sablaale and Kunitiwaarey. Now for the first time , the water Maal are the mayor of Marka and the Governor of Shabeelaha Hoose. Which is fair and good. I believe there are two issues here.


1- the marauding militia of H.G should stop burning villages and pushing civilians from their land. I am talking about Illegal Mooryaan that are just armed and want to subjugate people.

2- THe Water Maal must not unilaterally decide that every H.G is a foreigner and should be forced to leave. If a Somali citizen have a farm, land or property in that region , he should have the right to be part of that community. I keep hearing politicians and others saying H.G must leave Shabeelaha Hoose. THat is wrong. Not every H.G is a Mooryaan, there are

legitimate civilians who have land and property.


The Water maal should deal with those who live with them and build bridges. They are already the governor of the region and must work with other communities. THe region is big and can accommodate a lot of people.


Reduce the rhetoric and the tension , sit down and resolve the dispute. I do not think SomaliLanders or Puntland's will help to resolve this.


OOdi Ab ka dhow. those who leave close by must find common ground.

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Mahiigan what is worse did u see that HAG guy at hotel plaza in mogadishu bragging about how he has hotel, how many hotels do PL/SL have and businesses and properties still occupied in mogadishu. Have u ever seen one of their businessmen get on public tv and say 'we have hotels'? dadkan xeer malaha, odayaal malaha, xitaa base malaha, malin walbo macalin dugsi iyo ngo president bay somalida la horyimadayan to be president, indhacade general, maybe next dameer donkey rider as minister of technology and science. Their pool is just horrendous, forget one or two good ones that were halalized with SYL and Siyad, what do you think 91 generation in 50 years will produce when they start roaming around in politics? what can u recruit from there except moryans, dameer donkey riders, and gaari gacan folks. Lets talk facts for once in our lives, dadkan dhibaato ba hayso, nin dhan hadu tv hor imanayo ku faanayo hotel baan haysta, what does this tell u. Notice how Puntland always says shidaalka somali ba leh or airportka bosaso marku dhamaado somali ba leh, ninkas hamar joggo bal eeg adigu wuxu oranayo. Dadkan af kale malaha except violence, I am telling u the truth, dad masaakin bay dilayan this is not normal. They killed two elderly somaliland men in their 90s all because they view him as close to bimaals. They did the same thing sxb in 91. I wish sometimes PL would've done aarsi on them in galkayo and never allowed them to return and looted their properties. They dont even fight with soldiers sxb, when they soldiers calacaalka ka soo yeerayso waad aragtay, waxay dilan wa maskinta shacabka iyo dadka aan waxba galabsan, they cant fight soldier if they see them sxb, they scared as hell.



sxb wallahi since my mother is from your beesha (from beesha garowe) i wont retaliate in your kind, but i shall only say to you to look at Xamar, Xamar and its people are the only and again THE ONLY SOMALI PEOPLE, that pay and give their tax money to support all other Somali people including your desert people in puntland.


Xamar's seaport tax money it generates gets equally partioned to all somalis including again your Cuqdad filled people, just because Puntland says always shidaalka somali ba leh or airportka bosaso marku dhamaado somali ba leh IS NOT ENOUGH, YOUR PEOPLE ARE KNOWN ONLY TO TALK and nothing else, while beesha Xamar dont talk but do action's we support beesha sahal from maamulka Juba, to gedo to all the way to Puntland from the back of Xamar people and its Airport and Seaport money!


wasnt Faroole and abduweli just only 2 months ago begging for financial help, and we helped them more than your sahal people did.


But alhamdulillahi we (HAG) are the Richest in Somalia peninsula, to prove you that Look at the new Xamar (rebuilt within the span of 1-2 years), and the government is under our reign s alhamdulillahi.

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