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who is this clown? Houseslave exposed!

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Explains why he was bowing if it is the Italian president.




Heeeeeey Mario you wanta a have to boooow or I use you as a human bridge

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Well he has a different mentality then most.


He is not ignorant. Most people equate doing what he does with anti Somali sentiment just due to personal reasons and what not. You had Bush kiss Arab leaders or hold hands out of respect in accordance to their culture and out of politeness. However, no one really wanted to go after him right? It helps getting educated and out of your own backyard once in a while. That is what helps achieve tolerance and respect for others.


Thicker passports help, there are hundreds of traditions and cultures that may seem too taboo to certain folk since they have been in their own backyard and ignorant to learn about others (or they just fear everything and anyone that do not look like them), to see what is out there in this world. Those are the same people that have the most amount of fear of other people and become the war mongers, ignorant, and what not.


It's out of respect, blowing things out of proportion in such a way shows the worrisome mentality of certain folk. As some people suggest, " If you cant blame the guy on one thing, you try to blame him on others". USA is a melting pot, it has so many different cultures, it isnt a nation for one color, one faith, etc, but multi-mixed. You have people of faith and no faith, various groups from various ethnic backgrounds that call themselves American.


So, what he did was a polite gesture. As in calling queen Elizabeth her highness, and etc., it is a polite gesture. It wasn't meant in any other way. I would not have taken it in a negative way either.



He made mockery of Somalis
by bowing down for disbeliever.

Gaaloraac aan xishood laheen.

Where is the dignity and honor of muslims?


Look, every president gets protocol lessons before they leave for a foreign trip. There is an Office of Protocol that briefs them about every country, every leader, every practice. They even choose the gifts for the foreign dignitaries. So your beef seems to be with that office, if in fact Obama did not behave correctly in your view.


Source: see link above (5th answer)





PS: Awoowe, can we put the Soomaali fadhi ku dirir to end and educate ourselves a little bit? the answer is "yes". So go a head and start today ;)



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Maqane long refutation for something that cannot be defended kkkkk

I blast it with one sentence:

In Islam only Allah swt we bow to, bowing to humans is forbidden.

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And I might add to your statement...screw protocol and the nonsense you are trying to sell to us Mr. Maqane : We only bow to God, and that son of a gun has brought embarrassment on all Somalis. Period!

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