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Landers, Hawdians conference

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Haatu;988347 wrote:
So basically all the Landers on this site barring the Arap DOC and the Monkeys Alpha and Carafaat are Garxaajis?

I sure hope so, no one has time for those other clans, certainly not HA :mad: My grandpa was killed in one of their raids in Haud in the late 50s, I actually found an elderly sand dweller woman named Gardaran (lol!) who composes buraanbur when I was in the area over the summer and she remembered the details perfectly... she even had one poem about it to share with me where my dad was mentioned by name.


But seriously I don't hate HA, how could I when Alpha is the love of my life dee.

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Kaluun welcome again and this is SOL where clan talk is not appreciated how ever Somali political quarrels are based on clan Allegiances and sub clans and all of that and since the sol people are very creative.


The HAG people are the people of predominately the southern Somalia , oday oodweyne calls them the metal scrap looters or the pashtuns of Somalia dhowr magac bay leeyihin.

Than there are the May may people they live mostly in bay bakool

Than there are the Afro hashimiates or the SNM tribe

Than there are the Pirates = Puntlanders

A sub clan of the Pirates are also known as the Kings coined by our resident Detoore

Than there are Habar gangster from southern mudug and galguduud a sub clan of the metal scrap looters or the pashtuns of Somalia

We also have the Big foot community they know who they are

The Maakhir clan of eastern Sanaag of Somaliland

The Garaad clan aka the Khatumites

The Big beards of Erigavo

The Camel lovers are some clans in the lower Jubba

The watermaaliyans the clan in lower shabelle,

The jesus mozes Clan of Berbera also known as the Apes.

The Gedo clan or reer tawrada

The awdal clan

Than there is Unuka a sub clan, the elites of Mogadishu of The Pashtuns of Somalia or the metal scrap looters

The Sandwellers or the Sultans of Somaliland


If you keep these codes you will be fine and not be banned




Good luck adeer

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Thanks boys. Appreciated for the update and warm welcome.


I don't get SOL. They have political section but they are lying to themselves and banned Somali tribes. It's like Ford saying they will build new cars but no steering wheels :cool:


I don't think it paid off.

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