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Game of Thrones is based on Somalia

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I'm sure. I'm watching the show so please put SPOILERS if you're spoiling anything from the books.


Starks are from Somaliland. They're from the North and want their own country.


Targaryens. D-Block of Somalia, they used to rule but then got kicked out. They've been trying to get back since.


Dorthraki, they're the HAG, warriors..but why/who are they fighting?

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As ridiculous as it is, lets compare. :D Starks are too honourable to be from the secessionist region, nobody can be Starks. The secessionist Somalilanders are most likely Greyjoys, if we are speaking of great houses. They also declared independence from King's Landing. They are similar due to the fact that the secessionist region raids Sool, Sanaag and Haud villages just like the Ironborn raid across the Stony Shore. Their land is meaningless and doesn't produce anything worthwhile.


I'd go with


Greyjoys = Secessionists

Targaryens = Kacaanists

Lannisters = Puntis

Baratheons = Mogadishu HAG

Dothraki = Wisil HAG

Unsullied = SPM faction

Second Sons = Khaatumo

Warrior Sons = Ceel Buur HAG Islamists



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I was thinking this as I watched season two of the show. It is sophisticated Somalis just with too much sex, brothels and sister-brother marriages- eeew. I was even thinking the dragon fire could be the MiG jets of Siyaad! Hahaha lol


The white walkers- whoever they maybe- The Ethiopians?

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