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Xaaji Xunjuf

8 year old south African boy weds 61 year old lady , is this true Jacayl

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Alpha Blondy;925828 wrote:
inaar, are you saying to a 61 year old wrinkly ayeeyo?..........


but i suppose you could be right dee...... there are all sorts of depraved social conditions these days. like the time i was watching a documentary about
baby adults
who like to act like babies and stuff. they would go about their normal lives as usual but when they come home, they'd dress up as babies and wear baby gear like XXXXL diapers and pretend they like they were a baby. it was a little odd seeing the perversity of these people and how they justified their existence...ruunti. i also watched this documentary about an underground society called
in the UK, once. it was about these men, who have a perverted fetish for feeding women to the extent where they are mobidly obese and...... dangerously on the verge of death. the women were also happy to be fed....... in fact, one guy went down for manslaughter. LOL.......caadi istidhi.

LOL :D sxb caadi ma'aha , wax lalayaaba awaleeysan jirin waqtigan lajoogo.



Back home xiligii aan yaraa, waxaan indhaheeyga ku arkay dad Shimbirka Guumeeyska dili jiray markii uu kusoo dagto geedka eey leeyihiin ama mid u dhow. Sabata oo ah haddii eeynan sidaas sameeyn waxeey aaminsanyihiin in uu qof/shaqsi kamid ah qooyska ka dhiman doono. :mad:



Waa serious thing oo "baala yiri' ah oo eey dadka qaarkood iska dhaxlaan. Marka wuxu waa yaab :(

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Ducaysane;926216 wrote:
8 jir waa nin weyn. barigii aan asaga le'ekaa hadii naag la ii guurrin lahaa salkaan ka ridi lahaa

Waar maahee shuuntaad u tidci lahayd:p

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