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The day Garowe got blind.

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Alshahiid Sheekh C/Qaadir Faarax Nuur.


They killed him while..

He was in the middle of Asir prayer (after he made the Rukuuc)

In the Mosque.

In the Jamaacah.

on a friday.


that is the best ending a muslim can wish.


R.I.P yaa sheekh, Terror can never defeat us.


he was a piller of peace in Puntland and all Somalia.

he was a restless lion whos house was open 24 hours to mediate tribes, families, couples, and a pillar of Dacwah in Puntland.


this is the day Garowe was intentionally blinded.



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Inaa Lilaahi Wainaa Ileeyhi Raajicuun Allah yar xamu, Ilaaheey janatu fardoowso ha ugu badalo Shiikha Insha Allah

, gacan ka xaq daran baa dishey

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