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Alpha Blondy

It must suck to be an atheist and a few other critiques!

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talldude;907370 wrote:
Leaving the cult of Arabia was the best thing to have happened to me in entire life. I am no longer engaged in a celestial war of good vs evil, no longer burdened with imaginary gods of any kind, no invisible angels spying on me, no big bearded loser dictating to me what to say or think, no longer kneel to a black stone in Arabia five times a day like a mental defect, no longer consider Arabs my kin.


I don't think gods are real but in the event that they are I'd thank them for making me leave the mental prison of religiosity.


Best wishes to all.

Good to see more of us coming out of the woodwork :) Although I think you're focusing a bit too much on the issue of Islam being Arab-centric. None the less, our ranks are flowering quite nicely.

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