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Alpha Blondy

It must suck to be an atheist and a few other critiques!

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''It must suck to be an atheist'' - Jacpher on atheists being banned from celebrating christmas and other religious festivals, earlier today.


this thread is NOT intended for atheist bashing!!!!


in the porous virtual world, which is perhaps one of their last remaining sanctuaries, atheists have the freedom to express themselves unrestricted!..... and without control and limitations.....unperturbed. laakin, i've also heard atheists organise symposium where they dress up in his/her favourite Jehovah witness characters from various publications like the Watch Tower.


atheists, contrary to popular perceptions, are normal people and do not feed on the umbilical cords of babies born out of wedlock, as is often circulated by the bearded islamo-fascists thugs from remote mountainous area in some fascist Islamic dictatorship where the 'emir' scores 102% in the elections. they breath, shit, eat and fart in the most unethical ways, off course..... and they pretty much experience the same everyday realities that face normal people. Apo, Ramasade VII and black-widow have proven to many cynics, including myself, they're not paranormal creatures from outer space but actual and normal people, albeit being anti-religion. they have shown some recognisable human traits and values. off course, they would claim its derived from reason..... and its the logic developed by reclusive scientists in labs behind closed doors in Area 54.... along with a million other fallacies like claiming to have produced prototypes of designer DNA and stem cell research driven and produced 5th generation Nokia sim-cards, which react to the index finger of the owner or ACCESS DENIED...... ridiculous or what???!:D


below is listed some of the disadvantages of being an atheist: its somali-specific.


1. somali or pseudo-somalis atheists are like the magical Negros in Hollywood movies. their purpose is serve the establishment of white supermacist atheists in repeating empty rhetoric...which, if they bothered to look closely - has no relevance to them and is clearly ideas developed by others. the sadness part is; they engage with these fallacies as though an 'active' agents in the process. why not develop your own cults and bizarre beliefs instead of working within the framework of white peoples idea's? when was the last time an ethnic or coloured person took part in these atheists conference and get-togethers. its always fronted by white middle class racist thugs. this is very similar to the white feminists who've hijacked the feminism movement worldwide. the most famous ethnic atheists usually garner attention from some pathetic controversial publicity stunt in a random gay masjid, or men and women praying together (shock horror!!!) or even some outrageous video soliciting a reaction from the bearded islamo-fascist thugs but when 'BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM' placards come out, they're nowhere to be seen! :D


2. atheists are more likely to contract HIV/AIDS and other deadly STDs because they deny the scientifically proven advantages of circumcision and FGM no. 3.


3. atheists are more likely to be in unstable open relationships producing many illegitimate heir-less child-******* because they have the freedom to do as they please! this is also because of their opposition to the sanctimony of mehr and valid marriage.


4. atheists are more likely to be drunks and addicted to horse tranquilisers because sometimes its uses are reasonable and other times just plain silly and dangerous. constantly changing mood swings are informed by the latest findings in the Lancet. LOL


5. atheists are generally people with poor hygiene because they lack belief in the mantra 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness'. female atheists are even more dirtier! :P


6. atheists miss out on religious festivals because of their lack of belief in anything but also because their sterile-one-dimensional-logical views DO NOT permit outward expressions. its must be annoying to be an atheist in multicultural societies or in a mono-cultural societies.


7. atheists are more likely, within the general population, to have larger teeth as they're on the final stages of evolving into......:D



add to this list please.

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^^ Waryee dhagaha gabadha maxaa ka rabtaa adoo cod dhurwaa leh, orod gabdhaha atheistyga raadso oo dhagaha kaga qeyli nuune.gif

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xabad;902104 wrote:
Do you use your hands to wipe your *** after shitting or you use toilet paper?? Answer that honestly first.



its difficult to decipher who exactly this question is meant for? i'll give you the answers.....if it means you'll sleep well tonight, safe in the knowledge that you're of some value.


islamo-fascist thug species in pakistan's SWAT valley use small palm sized rocks or natural sand, depending on its availability. they also use cholera-ridden water to clean the 'entire' soiled area to avoid the potential for bacteria to build-up. rarely do these people NOT find something to wipe with!


Somali born but reverted atheists use soft PH neutral baby wipes from the supermarkets. thats all! no water, no rocks, no natural sand....nothing else! you see these individuals are not worried about the build up of bacteria because they know and understand 'better', that if you look after what's on the inside (obsessions with atheism), what's on the outside or is that on the inside, LOOOOL will, 'bio-logically' take care of itself. failing that a visit to the doctor for colonic-irrigation will suffice. :D



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nuune;902129 wrote:
^^ Waryee dhagaha gabadha maxaa ka rabtaa adoo cod dhurwaa leh, orod gabdhaha atheistyga raadso oo dhagaha kaga qeyli



naga daa qarxiska dee sxb! Chubacky the Wacky is finally coming around to liking me!

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Carafaat;902107 wrote:
Atheist have no one to turn to in times of difficulties.

I have a large family to whom I turn to in times of difficulty, as well as close friends. What exactly did you mean?

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