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Puntland signs Education deal with EU

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Somalia: EU announces new education program in Puntland


13 Dec 13, 2012 - 1:43:01 AM


GAROWE, Somalia Dec 13 2012 (Garowe Online) - A delegation from the European Union (EU) visited Garowe, Puntland and met with Education Minister and Minister of Planning and International Cooperation on Thursday to announce a new program for 2013, Garowe Online reports.


The delegation arrived in Garowe capital of Puntland state of Somalia on Wednesday and met with Puntland Minister of Planning Daud Omar and Minister of Education Abdi Farah Saeed Juha.


The visit was to announce a new project targeting education in Puntland, entitled 'Education is Light' which was put into affect after Puntland government officials and dignitaries signed the agreement.


The project is set to last for three years in which 7.5 million euros will be given to international organizations that work in Puntland to enhance the education sector in Puntland.


The project according to officials will assist 21,000 students and teachers in Puntland for until 2015.


Minister Juha stated that the program which will begin this month could benefit many Puntland residents.


The EU has taken a more closer approach with Somalia investing its highest ever aid donation to the country reaching $200 million dollars for 2013.



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