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shaking hands with the opposite sex

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mahadcaday;905855 wrote:
In highschool I used to hug girls but after I got more into islam and learned it wrong i weened of it.

I started by giving high fives instead of hugs

Then fist pounds instead of high fives

Then head bonds instead of fist pounds


Truthfully women above the age of 60 I have no problem shaking hand with or even kissing out of respect.

I try my best to not shake hands with girls 15 59 but when I'm in front of many people I will shake their hand and later explain how I am not supposed to.

Your better off putting your hands back, and give them a big smile and just make them focus on something else. This is how I deal with those stubborn men who keep trying to shake my hands.


Blessed lol I don't shake hands with women either, I might be a lil ocd.

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This has happened to me, very embarrasing. She cowered away from me, from my hand-shake - the fear on her face - the experience still haunts me. You would have thought I was attacking her, but on reflection it was her right to do so, though at the time I didnt quite know what to make of it.


Cawaale;906196 wrote:

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