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Mad_Mullah;964782 wrote:
Little Istanbul. They wouldn't even clean their own city if it wasn't for the Turks telling them to.



Its a war torn country, cleaning the city was not high on priority list.

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MashaAllah this is beautiful, I hope this provides a great deal of opportunity for all of those who are unemployed.

My dad was a port official back in the 80s:D

Daqane;964147 wrote:
SImatech [Dubai] to invest $70 million dollars into new container terminal in the Mogadishu Port




Simatech plans to expand Mogadishu port with an investment of US$ 70 Million


“Simatech is fully registered in UAE and in Singapore, with partners being a Singaporean and a UAE national. It is one of the largest feedering players in Asia with more than 1.5 million TEU lifted in 2012.


With its head office based in Dubai since 1992 and key regional offices in Singapore and Mumbai, Simatech focuses on the East-West trade, providing feeder services to ports in the Middle East, India Subcontinent, Asia and East Africa. Company’s fleet under operation grew from 17 vessels in 2008 to 36 vessels today.


After a concession contract with Mogadishu port, Simatech launched a first container service toMogadishu through Jebel Ali in January 2013, which links Mogadishu and Somalia through the regional gateway with the entire world. This new container service of Simatech has come as a great relief to the importers and exporters of Somalia as they are able to transport their cargo safely and speedily. It is a significant step that will support the further development of the Somalian economy, which in the longer term will address the problem of piracy by providing a livelihood for Somalians.


Sima Marine is a local entity registered in Mogadishu with partnership of Somali nationals. The set up provides professional liner agency and logistics services to top shipping lines, NGOs and aid agencies. This office hires, trains and promote local talent through experienced and skilled trainers from overseas with the help of local partners. It is the first shipping agency in Mogadishu with dedicated liner agency software integrated with terminal and shipping lines software to meet all needs of fast paced shipping.


Mogadishu Port Container Terminal (MPCT) is a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the Somalian Government engaged in port operations and at present operating the Mogadishu Port. It has been only six months since the contract to exclusively handle containers in the Mogadishu Port was awarded to MPCT, but in this short period MPCT has grown into a productive and praised port operator in the region. Thanks to the Somalian Government and its people the Mogadishu Port is once again recognized as the key center for international trade in the country.


With its well established reputation of efficiency, reliability and professionalism in dealing with its customers, MPCT has a bright future ahead and will continue to participate at the forefront of the regional growth.


Future plans of Simatech at port of Mogadishu include port expansion with an investment of US$ 70 Million and it will be initiated on the approval of Somali Government. Simatech also plans to set up a merchant marine academy in Mogadishu to train local youth as skilled seafarers through qualified trainers from abroad in order to create employment opportunity in worldwide shipping companies.

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Dekeda Muqdisho ayaa waxaa lagu soo kordhiyay qalab cusub oo casri ah, kaasoo fududeynaya sidii maraakiibta waa weyn ee dekeda ku soo xeranaya in alaabaha waa weyn looga dejiyo, gaar ahaan Konteenarada.


Xilligan oo lagu jiro bad-xiranka ayaa waxaa qalabkan cusub ee la soo bandhigay uu noqonaya mid qeyb weyn ka qaadanaya adeega guud ee Dekeda magaalada Muqdisho.


Adeega cusub ee lagu soo kordhiyey dekada muqdisho ayaa ah in badeecada keenitaankeedi loo isticmaalo kunteenaro ay wadaan maraakiibta waa weyn.


Shirkada Taksim oo laga leeyahay dalka Turkiga ayaa adeegan cusub ka hirgelisay, iyadoo balan qaaday inay sii balaarin doono howlaha lagu hormarinayo Dekeda Muqdisho.


Maareeyaha Dekeda Muqdisho ayaa sheegay in adeegan cusub uu ka qeyb qaadanayo fududeynta maraakiibta ku soo xiranaya dekeda sidii alaabaha saaran looga dejin lahaa.


Wiishash waa weyn oo maraakiibta alaabaha ka soo dejiya iyo kuwa Konteenarada xambaara ayaa ka muuqda gudaha dekeda.


Dekeda magaalada muqdisho ayaa waxaa ka muuqanaya gaadiidka badda oo noocyo kala duwan leh oo ku howlan daabulidda waxyaabaha kala gadisan ee laga soo dajinayo dekada, waxaana xiligan dekada fadhiya maraakiib waaweyn kuwaasi oo inta badan la adeegsado xiliyada badxiranka ah.









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