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oba hiloowlow

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waryaa Cambuulo, waan kula kaftamayaa see camal, ciyowba waaba ka boodey, see waaye duqa, virus maa ku galeyna aka gooryaan ama ambeebo ehehe


Daqane, sxb, interestyga is too much nowadayz, what i meant was lett Jabuuti build hospitals and schools in Hiiraan.

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Hotel Profile


Aran Guest house







In the Somali language, “aran” refers to the first rainfall that ends a long period of drought and brings bountiful harvests. Somalis commonly use the word to describe any situation or event that instills hope and optimism.


That concept is behind the ARAN GUEST HOUSE, an exciting full-service accommodation/facilitation center now open in Mogadishu, Somalia.


AGH is a boutique guesthouse for international diplomats, journalists, humanitarians, and business people, seeking a safe sanctuary in Mogadishu with all of the modern comforts of home. Conveniently located just two minutes from Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle Adde International Airport, the guesthouse offers six well-appointed, air-conditioned suites and rooms, free wi-fi throughout the compound, three meals prepared daily by a professional chef, a large conference room (which can be rented on hourly/daily basis), and a business center equipped with iMacs and printer. An emergency medical evacuation plan is also offered to our clients.



Journalist Support

For TV crews, AGH is equipped with uplink infrastructure allowing live shots can to be done from various locations around the compound, depending on background requirements.


Our registered security escorts will provide safe movement within Mogadishu. Once at your selected location, our security team will provide a secure environment to conduct interviews or to shoot video and/or still photos.


Our experienced, in-house facilitators (fixers) will help arrange meetings, interviews, and schedule site visits as your needs require.


Frontline Cafe

AGH is also home to “Frontline Cafe,” serving Dormans espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and freshly baked pastries. Open from 1000 to 1600 daily.



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^^ Not bad, i like the name and the concept. the interior decor could do with a lil bit more professionalism but hey the will get there slowly.

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Oba :confused:


Why in the Not Cool List? Never expected that from him. I guess he was high that day or maybe brainwashed :P


The Admin should reconsider the decision.

:mad: Feel so high now :mad::mad:!


RIP Oba :( .. Alpha is next :o

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