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We Need Your Help: Dadaab Trip

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After a many requests from our friends & Family we have decided to put our heads together. A brainstorming session was held today together with Ahmed Farah (Co-founder RIYO Films and the Director of HCTV Africa), Abdisalaan Aato (Founder of Bartamaha and Wargelin) and Deeq. M. Afrika (Co-Founder of Global Somali Youth Agenda and Founder of and decided to make a short trip to ‘Dadaab Refugee Camp’ & inside Somalia to report on the current crises (from Friday 15th of July until Monday 19th of July).



1.) Conduct a Need Assessment: By reporting from the frontline on the crises and also try to find a way for people in the Diaspora to help their people.




a.) Our plan is to have a daily updates (images, blogs & video blogs) of the trip.


b.) After this short trip we will produce a short 30-minute documentary that will be available for all of you to spread the word and also do your own fundraising events in your area.


2.) Allocate the Global Somali Funds where it matters the most by identifying possible way or trusted candidate/organisation that can execute or bridge over the funds/materials to those in most need in these camps and also further inside Somalia.


To be able to execute this short project, we will be putting some of our own money in to the project and we would also greatly appreciate donations or funds to help us report on this crisis. Many international news agencies have been reporting on ‘Dadaab Refugee camp’ but our plan is to go further inside Somalia and report back to our people in the Diaspora.


$20 APPEAL: 1400 Somalis arrive each day at the camps and roughly around 200 are processed per day. Thus around 1300 Somali people are left without adequate attention or response. Consequently we APPEAL to you to Donate a Rucksack containing- Blanket, Dacas and Water Flask.


Rucksack: To carry whatever they’re left with


Blanket- They can use for shelter while they wait to be processed.


Dacas- It’s hot and people are without shoes


Water Flask- Sustainably carry their water with


If you are able to assist us please send us the money to (to execute this project) DahabShiil/Qaran Express or any hawalah under names ‘Mohamed Hassan’ (+254 739584875) or Ahmed Farah (+254 700119251) or Abdisalaan Aato (+254 722979239).


Please don’t forget to message us when you have send money to us, so we can put your name on the list of sponsors.


Thank you


Abdisalaan Aato

Ahmed Farah

Deeq M. Afrika

Global Somali Youth Agenda.

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tonight theres also a very big gathering at the masjid 6ka in eastleigh nairobi for the same agenda. there will be a massive funds collection meant for the new arrivals at the refugee camps. may allah almighty bless any effort to that end.


p.s. people are mean even with words when it comes to giving cash- money.

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