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I like swahili song

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^^^^^ Sasa wewe tamer mbona hivo bwana aah! Shilole a tuumiza sana. :D Lakini this song is unbelievable Q-chila ananza na '' Hata kama sina....'' Siombi kwa mtu '' .. Halafu baadaye shilole kasema '' Ukipewa utataka tena na tena'' mwishowe yule kasema '' hamuwezi ku hama bila notice'' hahahahahahahaha... :D




Ahmada na pombe aah wacha tu, bi kidude naye baado ana move zake...:D


PS: wyre we na ali kiba nima ndugu!

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Swahili songs are full of sarbeeb - what you hear is not what they are actually saying.


Take this song for instance "Hilo Dege" - that bird...


walimwengu wanasema/maneno yaso maana

wanasema kuna dege/lenye kifua cha zege

umbile lake ni zuri/lenye haiba ya mke

lakini linavofanya/ni aibu kwa waume

waweza jua shababi/kumbe joka la kibisa


Human beings say/meaningless things

they say there is a bird/with a tough[concete-like] chest

beautiful of bearing/beautiful to men's eyes

but what the bird does/is shameful to men [to fathom]

you might think it is a youthful [shabaab]/but it is wide open like a giant snake


Translation thanks to sister-in-law!



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